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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Big Flea Antique Show Finds!

We make a day trip to the annual "BIG Flea & Antique Show"
each February.  It's a long day for us, a 2 hour drive each way, and then
spending hours and hours walking around the show, but always
fun and always bring home a few treasures.
Starting with the tablecloths. (Really, would you expect anything different?)
Sweet teapots is most likely a Broderie.  Polka dots and teapots,
yup...had to come home with me.

Yup, I know we are so over Christmas as this point, but
couldn't resist this sweet design, even hearts! 
 This will be tucked away for next year. 
Sweet lace and crochet trims, something else I can't seem to resist.
The round one's tied with the blue ribbon are crocheted shade pulls.  Aw!

Leather postcards.  I can't remember ever seeing them before, so a
few had to come home with me. 

Postmarks of 1906 & 1907.  I'm happy there are so many "savers"
so we get to enjoy 100+ year old treasures.  They were priced $1 each.

Love me some vintage greeting cards! :)

A better look 
The cards were 25 cents each, great prices for a show!
Mr. Retro and I always meander in our own direction, and he found
and surprised me with this wrought iron candleholder.  Sweet!
Now I need to find those skinny candles...another hunt. 

Almost forgot these aluminum ice cream/dessert bowls.
Found these last week at a local thrift shop, 50 cents apiece.
Love a good winter show while we are waiting for all the spring markets
and yard it even more when I bring home treasures!
Thanks so much for stopping by!
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  1. Love your candle holder, and the ice cream dishes remind me of when I was a kid.

  2. I'm dreaming of outdoor flea markets and antique shows. As much as I love winter, I'm in need of some good antique treasure hunts. Love all those sweet Valentines and those tablecloths were just waiting to be rescued. Enjoy some well-deserved ice cream in those bowls!

  3. Gorgeous table linens, Pam. I really like the first one! I remember the aluminum ice cream dishes and tall glasses so well from the late 50's and 60's...add a couple ice cubes and your drink was soooo cold on a hot summer day!

  4. What a steal on the cards and I love the Christmas table cloth!

    My yo yos and rag balls look happy in your side bar. :)

  5. I suspect we were at the same Big Flea. I went to the one in Fredericksburg, VA yesterday, about 90 minutes away (not counting the traffic jam on 95) looking for tablecloths. I found a couple of them, along with some vintage Fire King pieces. I'd never been to that show before, and it was a good one.

    1. Yes! Lucikly we don't have to travel 95 to get there. There always seems to be a back up in Fredericksburg on 95, sigh. Next year let's meet for coffee! :)

  6. I bet you had so much fun! We need to get back in the swing and get to our Long Beach show here. Love your Christmas cloth, so darling!

  7. The first table cloth is FUN! One of these days, soon, I'll be out treasure hunting!

  8. Oh wow. That Christmas tablecloth is AMAZING!! I would have bought that in a second. Good thing we weren't together :-)


  9. I agree with Erica, the Christmas tablecloth is a beauty! I love all the old cards too!

  10. Oh Pam, I love both of those tablecloths, you scored! I too love vintage cards and what a great price!



  11. HI Pam! totally forgot to get our mail on saturday. so last night when I remembered I was surprised to find a package from you! thank you so much! what a nice treat! I didnt do any valentine swaps this year, so I havent been receiving fun packages in a while.. so thank you for brightening my day!

    1. It was really just a thank you card/tag for the sweet elves. Glad you liked! :)

  12. Love, love, love all your finds! I swear, if we shopped together, we'd probably be fighting over stuff. : )
    All your Valentines are so cute, and I just love the leather postcards. I've never seen those before.
    Also, I'm really digging your blog background. Cute!!!

  13. Oh, wow - such wonderful finds. I have wanted to purchase old Valentine cards but they are up to $6 each! You lucked out there! And I cannot pass up lace, trims, doilies or white buttons. If I see them I'm in trouble! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Ooh, I've never seen that Christmas tablecloth before. Great find!!

  15. Some great finds those aluminum ice cream bowls reminded me of the cups my aunt had at her cabin. I've had a candleholder like yours for over a year I'm still looking for those slim candles I hope you have better luck then me.

  16. Great finds!

    I'm your newest follower... Found you on Pyrex Thrifter Sisters' page :)

  17. Wow! You really scored!! Love all those sweet Valentine's! And I can't believe they were only .25!! Such a deal!! :) And of course lovely table clothes too!! :) xo Holly

  18. Awesome stuff! I really like the leather postcards and the aluminum bowls. Thanks for posting my button. I really appreciate it.

  19. I want to shop with you! You find the best treasures!


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