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Monday, January 27, 2014

Finds, Elves, Daffodils & Dogs!

How did we get to Monday already? 
Weekends sure fly by.  Sharing away today.
Thrift store figurines by Enesco ~
Birthday bunnies marked 1994 & sweet bear 1982.
Too cute to leave!
How pretty is this crocheted piece to line a bread basket or bowl?
While I was finding tiny treasures, Mr. Retro came across this solid wood double bed frame;
well made, most likely 50's.  Stamped on the back is: Stardust & either 315, 515, or 815. 
Have no idea who the maker is, but it will go well with our blonde 50's furniture. It
photographed darker than it really is. Oh, there is a footboard too, didn't get a photo.
A refinishing spring project for Mr. Retro!
The little tag says $10, so guess he wins on the thrifty front.

Vintage modern vase by Savoy China, produced by Deena Products.
There must have been a lot of this produced, because it is not difficult to find.
 Maybe a little garish but cool, and a great thrift store find, half price for $3!
I paired it with this $1 thrift store tile dish.  Nice duo. 

I was so lucky to win these 2 handcrafted elves from the Elf Challenge
Giveaway hosted by Vivian at  Viv's Whimsy . 
She sculpted these amazing guys and then felted their outfits. 
OMG, they are so cute I almost hyperventilated when I opened the package!!! 
Just too cute to put away yet, so I thought....hey, why can't elves
help with Valentines as well as Christmas???  & worked them into this
Valentine vignette!  Aren't they great? Viv is one talented and super
generous lady!  You are missing out if you don't follow her blog.
The kitten is another thrifty find, by Lefton, dated 1985, & I made the kitschy spoolie. 

These two elves are just so Stinkin' Cute! 
using one of Viv's expressions ;)

Saw this yesterday when I stepped outside.
 Dang...WHY are my daffodils coming up? It's below freezing...what's going on?  :(
They've poked their heads up late February before, but what
the heck, don't they know it's January?  Yeah, they're gonna die.

Dog fun! 
 We don't get much snow, but you can see here why I always WISH for snow at least
once a year.  Doyle loves it, he is definitely a cold weather loving dog. 
That's all for today....Have a great week!  All of you in the severe
weather and snow....stay safe & warm friends! 

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  1. Your flowers must know something we don't. Maybe spring is going to come early for you guys. Wouldn't that be nice?
    Love your Valentine's display! And those elves...ADORABLE!!!

  2. Hope your daffs pop back down!

    I mailed your package today!

  3. More great finds. Can't wait to see the headboard when it's up, and the Valentine's Day things made me smile. So strange about your daffodils. I haven't even seen any peeking out here, and it's was 75 degrees yesterday.

  4. Monday did come fast! Doyle looks cute and like he's having a great time out there! Maybe spring is just around the corner for you!?! Such cute Valentine's too!! And lucky to win!! :) Have a wonderful week Pam!! xo Holly

  5. That Doyle! He always makes me smile. Made my Monday for sure :-)


  6. OMG! Those bunnies are painfully cute! Can see why you couldn't leave them! I see bulbs poking through the ground here and it seems to cold for that. They must know something we don't perhaps?

  7. That bed is swoonworthy, Pam! I love the bread doily, too - so unique. Your puppy is adorable...I wish mine liked snow even half that much! ;)

  8. Im glad you like the little elves! they make great valentine elves too! lots of cute stuff going on there! have a great week... and stay warm.. we will be facing windchills of close to -30 in the morning here... BRRRRRR!!!!!

  9. Your poor flowers are so confused. Isn't that wild. You found lots of fun treasures. Viv's elves are the perfect Valentine helpers too. The girls are home again on Tuesday. Another day of wild snow and -30 degrees predicted. Fingers crossed my University decides it's ok to close too. I think my craft room is calling me.

  10. Sweet finds and those little elves are precious! They look right at home with the valentine's decor! Your poor flowers are confused. That happens a lot here in Florida with all the warm sunny days and then a freeze out of nowhere! Lately though it's just been cold...not many warm and sunny days. So ready for spring! Blessings, VIcky

  11. Great finds. The elves look great in your Valentine display. Doyle looks like he was having a lot of fun. Have a great week and stay warm!!!

  12. Great finds! I can't believe your daffodils are popping up already. Doyle looks so happy and full of joy, rolling around in the snow! Hope you are having a great weekend! :) --Fran


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