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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Vintage Christmas Linens + Surprise!

So glad it's time to get out my vintage Christmas linens!
I love the view of gorgeous linens stacked up.

Sweet Christmas aprons!  The one on the right is for a child.
Some of my prized vintage tea towels.  The two angel towels on the left
are Tammis Keefe designs.  The Christmas tree is by designed Marion Dorn,
and the sweet red-cheeked angel by designer Chuck Gruen.

I so love the vintage graphics on these towels and tablecloths.

The gold & silver on this vintage tablecloth is pristine, never used
 and never washed.  A SS gift from a good friend, I treasure it! 
How do you like the spun vintage tree topper?

The hot air balloon Santa is a favorite with collectors, and was a Christmas
present to myself a couple years ago.  I had coveted wanted it for a long time.

Who doesn't like aqua anytime?
The snowy trees tablecloth is a favorite Wilendur.
California Hand Prints, also with gold intact!

How cute is this Christmas Card design tablecloth?
The poinsettia runner & the Santa runner belonged to my Mom.
She gave them to me a long time ago. I cherish them!
Pretty German vintage topper on the right.
Snowy Village....another favorite for collectors!

The piece de resistance....Luther Travis designed tablecloth,
very mid-century, highly valued & sought after.
I happened upon it at a thrift store many years ago.  A lucky break!

Love his cool graphics and the colors used.  
More of the popular gold was used in the snowflakes.
If you're still with me, you must enjoy vintage linens or fabrics, and
are ready for the surprise.  I want to give my blogging friends a chance
 to win a vintage Christmas tablecloth.  After all, it is the "giving season".
I've chosen this beautiful & unused "Tastemaker by Stevens" tablecloth below.
All I ask is that you enjoy vintage linens and will keep this.  
{Meaning you are not hoping to win it for resale purposes. :) }
A close-up of the beautiful pattern. 
I even have the original package label for you!
I would date it between 1960-1970. 

No hoops to jump through, just leave a linen oriented comment on this post
through December 8th.
The winner will be chosen December 9th.
Good Luck Friends!
I think I need another ladder!
Enjoy your week & your holiday decorating!
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  1. Wow! What a fun fun post! I love the ladder showing your linens!!! This beauty would be so welcome in my home. I wish I would have started collecting Christmas linens years ago- as I really love them. Thanks for the wonderful post and more than generous giveaway.

  2. How how I wish I could rummage through your linen cabinet. I love linens, but Christmas linens are the best. I have Snowy Village and just love it. I love how you have displayed your beauties. How generous to give a never used treasure away!

  3. Such beautiful colors and designs... they just do not make things like they used to.....I love old linens....I have many hand crocheted and some with wonderful needlework....My Mother-n-law still uses her lines daily...cloth napkins and table clothes at each meal....Love your give away. Blessings!

  4. Your collection is AWESOME! I have 3 tableclothes which are fun to use and I better get them pressed and out to enjoy! Since I have some, please don't enter my name :)

  5. What a beautiful give-away! All of your tablecloths are amazing and so pretty! I don't have a vintage Christmas tablecloth but do have a couple cute runners (including your Santa one), I'd love to see your poinsettias on my holiday table:@)

  6. Wow, what an amazing collection of vintage Christmas linens, Pam! I love the ones with chartreuse in them. The aqua with the snow covered trees is gorgeous. The graphics in the vintage linens was so much sharper than anything on today's market. Thanks for sharing one of your loves with us.

  7. Gorgeous Pam!!! You really have a lovely collection of beauties there!! Love all the pretty bright colors, all so darling! I would love a chance to win such a pretty table clothe!! :) Happy December! xo Holly

  8. I try to find vintage tablecloths, but nothing as nice as yours. Do you wash them or will they fade? Will the colors (like the gold) crack?

  9. Oh, what a wonderful collection you have!! I especially love those angle tea towels in the third photo. I love vintage linens and would love to have a chance to win this tablecloth giveaway.

  10. I always enjoy looking at your linens, but Christmas ones are my favorites. I hadn't planned to decorate much this season, but I had to unpack my vintage Christmas tablecloths. I have regular vintage ones hanging on a rack in my laundry room. I took those down so I could hang my seasonal ones. Now my laundry room - where I seem to spend too much time - is bright and cheerful. Thank you for the chance to win this lovely one. That is very generous of you.

  11. Lovely collection of holiday linens!! I'm glad you posted the Prints Charming Pine Cone pattern because I have that one in pink and now, thanks to you, I know the manufacturer!! Have a great week!

  12. Love all mcm linens and really enjoy your blog. Libby

  13. I have an l have a round table that becomes an oval with leaves and none of my vintage tablecloths fit it. I lhave about 4 Christmas ones. I love yours, Pam!

  14. So many wonderful Christmas linens the Aqua one with snowy trees I could not leave behind if I found it.

  15. Wow Pam! I bet you about died when you found that Luther Travis one at the thrift store! It's so wonderful!! I also love the aqua Wilendur one. I only have two Christmas tablecloths. One that my sister gave to me for my birthday last year, and one that I found at an estate sale this summer. What a fun collection you have...and yes, I think you might need another ladder!
    Happy Holidays!
    Erica :)

  16. You really have a fabulous linen collection. I especially love the idea of using a ladder to display your favorite pieces. I recently found a Christmas tablecloth at an estate sale. It has lots of fringe around the edges. Emma's says its quite gaudy. I love it.

  17. And I thought I had a lot of vintage Christmas linens! My favorite would have to be the aqua. How often do you find an amazing vintage tablecloth that isn't the typical red and green? I need to go through my aprons today. I have got to have at least one Christmas one! Last weekend, I found a holly printed tablecloth at the flea market that is big enough to fit my giant farmhouse table. I put it on yesterday then got nervous about it getting dirty so I ironed it into a table runner size! Now people don't have to eat right on it. Smart thinking, huh?

    Thanks for the giveaway, Pam!


  18. Did you ever tell me where you are in VA? I'm in Richmond (Henrico actually).


  19. Wow! Your collection is really beautiful and I am just a little jealous. ;) And, displaying them on a ladder is perfect! Thank you for a chance to win such a beautiful one! Happy week to you! xo Heather

  20. I love your tablecloths especially the hot air balloons with Santa. I have never seen that one before! I would love a chance to win that beautiful pointsettia tablecloth. It is lovely! You know I love my vintage table cloths. In fact, I just put one on my dining room table today.

    xo Danielle

  21. All so gorgeous...but that Luther Travis...WOW!

  22. Wow Pam! Your linens are so do you find so many beautiful ones? I love the way you have yours displayed on the pretty! The colors of the vintage linens are so crisp and the designs so clean...I love them! If I won this beauty, I would absolutely not resell it. It would become part of a lovely Christmas tablescape this year and for the years to come...:) Thanks for hosting such a sweet giveaway!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  23. I'm drooling over your Christmas linen stash, wow! I don't have any yet in my collection. Loved looking at this post!! Thank you for offering such a treasured gift!

  24. I *know* I commented on this post. It must not have gone through!

    I love your collection! I only have a Christmas vinyl table cloth, an apron, hanky, and a tea towel so I would love to win!!

  25. Your Christmas linen collection is gorgeous! Love all those poinsettias! Pretty, pretty.
    Have a great week, Dorothy <3

  26. Hi Pam!
    Well now you've gone and done it bwhahahhahahahha! I can't resist a darling holiday table cloth! Please toss my name into your Santa hat :) So sweet and oh so very generous of you and you must have gone off your rocker to give away that cutie teehee.
    What a wonderful collection you have Pam, so much fun. Must make you smile looking at all of those.
    Hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving,

  27. Wow, Pam. You put my vintage Christmas linen collection to shame. Would love to add the tablecloth that you are so generously giving away.

  28. Love the designs on these linens! Gorgeous!

  29. Just found your blog and was delighted to see all your gorgeous linens. Love them! I know I'll be stopping by often.Great blog.!! Have a great December and a Merry Christmas!

  30. Leslie:
    I began looking for vintage tablecloths for my sister, but now the "bug" has bitten me too. Luckily, we like different colors and have different size/shaped tables.

  31. Pam your collection of linens is just amazing! I love vintage lines but the Christmas ones are my favorite. I must say though that your angel dish towels are too cute! I've never seen them before! Such a generous giveaway!

  32. Not only are your linens amazing, but so is your knowledge of them! I have maybe a half dozen...more before I sold them (oops!) but I know nothing about them. Very generous of you to do a giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win...oh, I promise no selling if I win. I think I've learned my lesson about selling linens!

  33. Christmas collection things are awesome. looks very beautiful!!

  34. I absolutely adore vintage Christmas tablecloths. I keep getting outbid on ebay but I have a few lovelies that I enjoy every year. What a generous giveaway! So glad I found your blog.

  35. Enjoyed seeing all your great linens.

  36. lovely!!! I am shamefully entering!!! Because linens are just fabulous!!!!

  37. You have the most amazing collection of vintage Christmas linens! Love them all but the poinsettia cloth you are giving away is amazing. PLEASE throw my name in the hat! This is gorgeous and I would be proud to use it at Christmas. Thanks for sharing this at TTF!

  38. My mom just found a Christmas cloth at a Thrift Store and brought it to me. Think I will laundry and set my table. I have several tablecloths and use them often. I have friends that are shocked that I use mine, guess they think that there are to be just stacked on a shelf.
    It would be a thrill to choose one from your collection.

  39. Oh, Pam! Thank you for sharing these pictures of your collection. I don't think I could tell you which one I like best--probably the aqua one with the snowy trees or your Luther Travis thrift shop find. The only one that I have myself is the one with the carolers. No need to enter me into your giveaway--just ogling your collection is enough for me! :) --Fran

  40. Oh my Pam, I am absolutely amazed! Your collection is Fabulous! You know I am loving that aqua one. I also love the ladder display! So many fun designs and colors! How sweet of you to offer one as a give away. I would love to have the chance to be a winner, winner, chicken dinner. lol! I hate to admit that I don't have a vintage Christmas one. Thanks for sharing this with SYC. Also, I would love if you hopped over to Organized Clutter and linked this to our 'Creating Christmas' party. Her theme is Vintage and this would be perfect! Her link is on my blog.

  41. Love the Christmas linens.I have that middle Santa apron hanging in my kitchen and am displaying the same California hand prints candle tablecloth(also have matching sets of red and green napkins).I love the way the fabric feels in my hands.

  42. I'm in love with all your wonderful linens. A few years ago I started selling from a rented space in an antique co-op. I took a tote bin full of my best tablecloths I'd collected over years, all washed and ironed, and probably didn't charge enough - they were all grabbed up by someone I later learned was selling them on ebay. How naive I was - the scenario playing in my mind was that they'd go to homes where they'd be cherished and cared for. Now I realize they probably did, eventually!!! I grew up in the 40's and 50's when everyone used these lovely table and kitchen linens - when families ate home-cooked meals together!
    Ruth from Pennsylvania

  43. Oh so pretty! I love all vintage! My mother had a blonde wood buffet table that had a pull out dining table inside! I am so sad I do not know what happened to it after she passed away! ;-( My youngest daughter is so much like me she even likes the Retro Las Vegas downtown haha! Like mother like daughter!
    This linen tablecloth is gorgeous. My mother had so many pretty linens. I have a few especially some crocheted around the edges by my grandmother or aunties. But I wish I had my mothers apron collection. I bought a vintage look hostess apron for Christmas a few years ago. Made me think of the wonderful childhood I had. I also love all the old school ornaments for Christmas too! Sigh! Thank you and I am new following you! Hugs Anne

  44. Oh, I LOVE vintage Christmas linens!! Your collection looks like mine! Only I think your's is bigger :) Loved seeing them all!! ~Lorraine ♥♥♥

  45. Pam, your linens are wonderful! I love vintage linens, I guess because they remind me of my childhood and growing up with those fabulous designs and colors. My mother's kitchen was actually painted agua! I don't have a 'collection' per se, only a few items of treasured vintage linens. Your giveaway table cloth is perfect for a Christmas table setting, and I certainly would be honored, and promise it a good home if I won it.

    Blessings for a wonderful Christmas,


  46. --Happy sigh--I loved seeing ALL of these and I am coveting a few of them! What IS it about vintage linens, especially the holiday ones?! You make me want to get all mine out and photograph them! Thank you for the chance to win!


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