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Monday, December 23, 2013

Hot Air Balloon Santa & Angels~Vintage Linens!

Merry Christmas All!
Couldn't let Christmas come without a few more photos of Christmas linens!
You can see they make Mr. snowman happy too!
One of my favorite vintage Christmas tablecloths is what is known as the
"Hot Air Balloon Santa".  How cute is this?
 Too cute for words and sought after by collectors!
This view shows wonderful graphics ~ sleigh and reindeer,
and what looks like sweet gift tags in the center.

Proof that Santa travels by whatever means possible to get those gifts under our trees!
Can't forget the angels at Christmas!
Sweet vintage angel tea towel ~ by designer Chuck Gruen.
(Look how cute even her little feet are. )
Last but not least, angel towel by designer Tammis Keefe.
This one still has the little foil label attached, 100% Belgian linen.
Signed by Tammis Keefe in the corner.  Both towels were scores at the
"Big Flea Antique Show" a couple years ago and are in mint condition.
I'll be putting my Christmas linens away soon, so thank you for
visiting for one last peek. 
Wishing you all a healthy, peaceful and merry holiday season!
You know how much I love to share...especially my vintage linens!


  1. That hot air balloon tablecloth is always one of my favorites to see. Can't wait to find my own!

    Happy Holidays, Pam~


  2. You have the best stuff Pam, so darling!

    Merry merry Christmas!

  3. Pam, you have an amazing collection of vintage tablecloths!
    Merry Christmas...

  4. The hot air balloon one is dreamy!! Your collection is wonderful to see!
    Very Merry Christmas to you!!

  5. You have so many beautiful linens, and they're always a treat to see! Merry Christmas, Pam, to you, your husband and Doyle. :)

  6. The Christmas tea towel/tablecloth collection is truly epic. Gorgeous!

  7. Wonderful collection! These are all so darling! I really didn't even know they existed! Thanks for sharing your knowledge along with the gorgeous images! Merry Christmas!

  8. oh those are simply the sweetest christmas linens!

  9. Pam- It's been so much fun getting to see your collection of holiday linens this season. I know you have inspired many of us to hunt for our own!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!
    Hugs-Erica :)

  10. That hot air balloon Christmas tablecloth is so unique. I love it. I've never seen one like it. What a treasure you have.

  11. You do have a sweet collection of linens :)

  12. Lovely tablecloth! You have a fantastic collection!!

  13. That is the most adorable tablecloth and those tea towels are just precious. I just love how neat your li e s look stacked in the pretty! Blessings tor a beautiful Christmas my friend.....Vicky

  14. I'm not ready for you to put away your Christmas linens. It's gone by much too quickly. Love the hot air balloon graphics on this latest table cloth. So festive and fun! Have a blessed Christmas.

  15. It is always fun to see what you are going to share next! I was so happy to get a vintage Christmas table cloth this year and two beautiful and cute tea towels. I also happened to come across two vintage Christmas aprons! How excited I was! I don't know anything about them other that I love them. Have a very Merry Christmas!

  16. Gorgeous, all of them! Merry Christmas!

  17. I think that is the most beautiful Christmas tablecloth I have ever seen! Your vintage linen collection is amazing. Merry Christmas!


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