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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas: Tag Swap & Decor!

I was lucky to see a post by Chris at Perfectly Printed, offering a chance
to join in a White Christmas Tag Swap she was hosting. 
This is the 4th year of the swap, and it has morphed to include colored tags also.
We were instructed to make one tag for each swapper in the group, and
an extra to keep for ourselves.  I had so much fun I made way too many and
shared the extras with family and friends.  :)
The tags were then mailed to Chris who  sorted and mailed our swap
package back to us.  A sweet tag from each swapper.
Okay, okay...I'll stop writing and start showing!
 I GOT ALL OF THESE GORGEOUS TAGS...I was giddy with joy!

For now, I'm displaying them in a white milk glass bowl, and they look lovely.  I keep
changing them around so different tags take turns on top.   My ultimate plan is
 to buy a tabletop tree and hang them on it.  How cute is that gonna be!
Here are a couple photos of all the tags:
Chris is so sweet and generous, she included this bag filled with vintage tags. 
Who doesn't love ephemera! I don't know why, but it makes me swoon.  :)
Can't wait to visit all of the creative bloggers who participated in this swap.
   Link to Chris' blog above to see more.  

I've shown a couple "teasers" of this tablecloth, but it deserves the full tabletop
treatment.  The graphics are just great, so retro and cute!  It's a rare one, and mine is
imperfect, with a small patch I didn't even see until the third lookover, but I got it for
 a song at a thrifty sale and I'm not afraid to use it.  I do love my imperfect tablecloths
that I can use without worry. 

How wild are these candles?  Mr. Retro found them at a thrifty sale.
I used a sweet vintage hankie in the center.  The metal tree and angel
were also thrifted.  I put her close so she could help decorate the tree. 
A few photos of the great graphics. 

I added my Christmas tea towels to my tablecloths on the ladder.
It's crowded with eye candy!

A little Christmas décor on the porch.  Greenery from our yard.
The bell pillow cover was made from a vintage Christmas tablecloth.
The Santa elf runner a recent yard sale.  Lovely crochet doily, all on
a silver tray.  The sweet paper girl is tagged "Nan's, copyright 1992". 
I'm not familiar with Nan's, are you?*
*Thanks to eBay I found out she is 1 of a series of corn husk dolls,
and is called "Miss Christmas".  She was $1 at my local thrift.
A very old and faded knee hugger on my kitchen windowsill. Still a cutie! 

Lastly, an early Christmas present.  I nagged  talked Mr. Retro into
buying this little heater for our enclosed porch.
I like to have a morning coffee there and it's Doyle's favorite
place to, a necessity, right?  :)
It makes the porch nice and toasty, and the fake fire is fun.
Just hope it won't toast up the electric bill too much, LOL!
(Sorry about the extension cord, it's plugging in our outdoor lights.)

Thanks for visiting, love it when you visit and comment!
How is your décor coming along? Have you joined in any Christmas swaps?
10 Days Til Christmas!
I'll be showing the aqua tablescape soon!
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  1. So many good things in this post! I love the idea of this swap, you got some really beautiful and distinctive tags this way. The table looks fantastic, I knew that tablecloth would be very special. Enjoy your new heater! What a nice thing to have for the colder seasons. Now it will be like having an extra room on your house.

  2. I started making custom tags last year. Not that I am exactly crafty.

    But I like a cute tag for a package. And I am not impressed with what it stocked in the stores. If you are wanting things for small children. There is all kinds of cute things to be had.

    Yet, when I looked for tags for adult presents. I was underwhelmed. And all of these custom tags are just lovely! Love them all!

  3. All the tags you got are lovely, I like your idea of the tabletop tree for them. I also love your ladder with the towels. Merry Christmas! -Dawn @ We Call It

  4. Everything is so cute! Have a very Merry Christmas!

  5. Those tags are so sweet and I bet you had so much fun making yours!

    I cannot wait to see the aqua tablescape!


  6. How fantastic is that tablecloth! The graphics are divine. Those twisted gold candles are wonderful too. Love all the tags from the swap. So many talented ladies. I'm glad you have a sweet little heater to enjoy your coffee by. It's very cute. Christmas hugs!

  7. Those tags are little works of art. So much creativity went into them. Love your Christmas decorations. All I did this year was put up a tree. I usually decorate a lot more but this year I just wasn't feeling it. :)

  8. Love all the decor and vintage goodness. :)

  9. Love all your sweet decorations Pam!! Those tea towels and table clothes are soooo beautiful! What a lovely display!! Such cute tags you got from the swap!! Somehow, I must have missed that post!! But that's ok, there's always more! :) Wishing you a most lovely week!! xo Holly

  10. What lovely tags you made and received! Those swaps are so fun. There are so many creative people on the blogs! There are those gorgeous vintage angel cloths again. I LOVE those! They look really nice with all your Christmas cloths on the ladder.

  11. Hi Pam! Merry Rednersday Christmas! Love the post..espeially that tablecloth. I have never seen one like that. Thought I'd better post today for RW in case my luck holds and I touch another computer and it keels over, LOL

  12. Such precious decorations...I am in Lex. The tags you reeived from the tag sway are out of this world. Next year I am going to have to take part in one of them. How I love my tags. I never buy cards. Happy Rednesday. genie

  13. The tags are all so precious and lovely, and will look wonderful on a tree. The tablecloth is fabulous, and full of Christmas cheer. Kudos on the heater, girl; nagging...I mean persuasion always does the trick ;)

    Blessings for a great Christmas,


  14. What a fun swap that looks like Pam! Must be so fun to see everyone's all together and admire them.
    I'm going to sneak over to your house and um, borrow that tablecloth hahahhahahaha. I LOVE IT! And you won't miss it with all those others LOL. What a wonderful collection you have and I love how you display everything.

  15. I love seeing how you've used all your vintage treasures. You house looks so lovely and Christmasy! The tags are so much fun...every ear I say I should do a swap. And every year I tell myself I don't need another project! One of these years...

  16. Wow, those are some great tags! I especially like the bingo card with the snowman. And your charming fake fire heater makes me wish I could be there on your porch enjoying your company (and Doyle's of course!). I'm soooo looking forward to the aqua tablescape! :)

    1. Fran, I already did a post, ,just go to my newest post. :)


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