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Monday, November 11, 2013

I Love Estate Sales!

Do you? 
I usually find a treasure or two to bring home, but even if I don't,
estate sales are so unique.  I find it very interesting to wander
around the house and peek into that person's life through their
possessions.  It also saddens me to know someone has passed
away or had to give up their home due to health or other reasons,
but such is life.......for all of us.
On the other hand, it makes me happy to believe that
if we buy something, we are giving their special or
everyday possession another go-around. 
I think that would make the person smile.
on to the Estate Sale.........
 Vintage Made in Japan honeycomb turkey centerpiece, a 2nd day find
so he was 75 cents.  How did I miss him the first day?
Vintage threads and thread box with "Tidee Maids Thread Box" on the lid.
Who can resist vintage buttons, especially when they're black and glittery.
Couldn't resist the shamrock pin either.
Remember those cotton gloves your Mom or Grandmother wore to church?
Well, mine wore boring white, no cool green! 

Christmas runners.  The elves runner is untagged, made of Jute.
 Likely made in Sweden.
The sweet angel runner is also made of Jute, tagged
Walterscheid, Made in West Germany.
Pashmina type scarf, nice doilies for a dollar each, and check out those pink gloves!
What am I going to do with the 2 pairs of 60 year old cotton gloves?
I have no idea!
 Maybe I'll wear them when I walk Doyle since it's not too cold yet. 
Give the neighbors something to talk about, LOL!
Ah, some mid-century mod!
Ernest Sohn Creations ~ enamel on copper.  $3 for the set, what???

Tis the season to find Christmas.  Love these vintage napkin rings. 
Labels still inside, Made in Hong Kong by REED.  Just a dollar.
A holiday vintage apron, and a newer embellished one also.
Love ephemera, so picked up a few of these Christmas Carol booklets.
Probably the "Piece de resistance", (is that how you spell it?)
 a very vintage squirrel cookie jar, by Brush!!!
Can you believe $3.00???   He is so stinkin' cute!
His head (the lid) is damaged, but I bought him to sit atop
kitchen cabinets, and you can't see the damage. 
I know I've kept you too long, but this is too funny not to share. 
As we shopped and gathered, they took our goods to package up and made piles
 by the check out desk.  There was already a shopper named "Pam" who had started
a pile, so they used "Pam Marie" for me.  It wasn't until I got home
that I found a stack of calendar towels with cat decor that I hadn't chosen, but
certainly paid for!  Guess that first "Pam" was disappointed when she got  home
and couldn't find her cat towels!  Most aren't even vintage, but newer.  
Lucky for me they were cheap. 
Well, that's it for today.  Have a good week! 
Did you find anything fun this past week-end?
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  1. You really scored at the estate sale. I remember on hubby's first assignment as a 2nd Lt. In the Air Force, we went to a home party and a Captain's wife pulled me aside and told me I needed to wear gloves to the reception on the following Friday. I bought some pretty black embroidered gloves---------I still have them and many others of the era. Those were the days!

  2. OOps, I guess next time you go, you'll have to change your name to something unusual. I bet the cat lady was sad. I love your Swedish tablecloth find!

  3. Wow, what wonderful finds! I love all of them, especially the linens. You made me laugh about giving the neighbors something to talk about; that's what I always say when I go walking in a head-scarf or a big hat. :)

  4. Thanks for stopping by! Nice estate finds. A "digger's" sale is when there is SO MUCH STUFF that it's in boxes on the floor that you have to dig in to see the stuff. Like a "horder" sale too!

  5. Great finds. I haven't been to an Estate Sale in awhile. I've been downsizing and then I'll go shopping again!

  6. I really must start going to estate sales! You find the best stuff...:) Enjoy all your "new" things! I say wear the pink gloves to walk Doyle...:)

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  7. How fun is that honeycomb turkey and I love your antique button collection. Those green gloves are magical! I had a great Aunt who coordinated her gloves with her outfits. Her purses were divine! So many fun treasures in this post.

  8. Oh my gosh! LOL What are you going to do with like 10 cat towels??? haha
    That's cute! I hope she didn't think she struck gold when she found them.
    The squirrel cookie jar is so amazing! I have to tell the other Erica to come and see it. She's obsessed with them! Squirrels that is. I really love the shamrock pin!
    Great stuff Pam!
    Erica :)

  9. Those jute runners are great! But the squirrel cookie jar is the best! I would love to find something like that for my sister. Fingers cross that I will someday :-)


  10. That's funny about the gloves, sometimes we just have to buy things but we don't have a clue why or what we're going to do with them!!!

    You found some great things, love all the vintage Christmas!!

  11. I love that quirky little cookie jar! Great find! And the table runners and napkin rings are awesome. You scored big time!

  12. Love the turkey! He's fun! Oh my....lots of cat towels!! :) And the cookie jar is cute too! Great finds! :) xo Holly

  13. I love sewing notions and buttons! I have hard letting go of them, hence jars and jars full of buttons! The story of the cat towels is too funny!

  14. Those cat towels are creepy but your stuff is cool. I love that enamelware.

  15. I have never been to an estate sale. If I knew that I'd find old sewing notions, I'd certainly give it a go! I say wear those gloves the next time you take Doyle for a walk and start a trend. Everyone will want their own cool pink dog-walking gloves! :) --Fran

  16. Hi Pam, I love that cookie jar, so cute! And those cat towels must have wanted to go home with you! Wilma says "hey" to Doyle... Have a good weekend, Dorothy

  17. Oh yes, I also love them! You're right that Squirrel is adorable, I would have snatched him up too! Great finds!

  18. You found some wonderful things, I really love the runners and well, all the linens. Even the cat stuff you got stuck with, ha ha. That cookie jar might be worth big money, some of them are... Thanks for sharing this at the We Call It Olde Link-Up, hope you join us again. -Dawn @ We Call It


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