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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fall Festival Finds & The Mountains!

It's been a busy week plus.  We finally got a well needed weeks vacation. 
We combined a Field Trial (all about Doyle) trip to the mountains with camping,
and had a wonderful week.  We also had our annual county
Fall Festival to look forward to on our return.
First, we visited the Charlottesville, VA area for the "Field Trial".
Here are a bunch of Doyle's Brittany cousins who also attended.
Here is what they call the bunkhouse at the farm.
It was so nice, I could happily live in it!

A gorgeous pastoral view, even though it rain and drizzled
for 3 days straight.  From here, we went to the Farmville, VA
area and spent a couple days camping at Twin Lakes State Park.
Okay...what you really came to haul from the Fall Festival.
Of course we were home in time to attend this annual sale.
All items for sale are donated, and proceeds benefit the needy of the County
by helping pay for heating oil, electric bills, etc.  So the more you buy, the better!
We did our share!
Are the "Hoarders" producers coming to my living room?
Please warn me if you see them coming!
You name it, we got it!
You knew there would be vintage linens!
The doilies were free. Four vintage tablecloths for $2.00!  Also a
few runners and napkins. 
Lots of yellow stains on the tablecloths, but for that price, really! 
 I've already given them their first soak for the stains.
Some new handcrafted goodies, pot holders and apple pin cushions.

Aren't they lovely draped on the sofa?  :)

Blue bowl is MMA, Lucite ice bucket, Westmoreland milk glass with couple vintage pins,
owl and other cards for crafting, vintage coffee pot and Christmas ornaments,
and a travel Scrabble game for our camper!

Vintage painted S & P's, covered MIJ bowl, and Christmas & Easter
 tins and goodies for crafting ~ of course!
A few packages of tiny Ganz Christmas candles & boxed ornament,
 and some crafting baskets and assorted stuff.

A real score here!  This photo was taken before the first "soak", and 
it looks better already.  This vintage Christmas tablecloth is not easy to find....
my first sighting in the wild, so of course I had to have it. 

Got of a group of boxes to either craft with or hold craft supplies.
Love this old cigar box and of course, it will remain intact.
A vintage Regal Coffee urn/pot.  Paid $3 for it, an expensive purchase
at this sale.  I'll be using it soon to see if it still works.

How could I leave this Lucite ice retro cool, & some books ~ always. 
Disclaimer: "Ghosts" is Mr. Retro's book, not mine!
Thanks for stopping by, hope you saw something you liked
and will leave a comment.  Happy Fall ~ it finally feels like it here!


  1. That is a great haul. Love the tablecloths.

    I have seen maybe 3 legit vintage tablecloths all Summer. And I brought home 2 of them. They have been so scarce in my adventures.

    1. I really just did get lucky, and hope you have some good luck finding some soon.

  2. Wonderful finds! Spotted the tins you found-- the red one- is from a company called Collins Street Bakery and they sell their wonderful fruit cakes in them! My parents used to buy them for the holidays every year!!!

    1. Thanks Tanya, the name is embossed on the bottom. I just loved the ropin' guy in the middle. Wonder if they're still in business?

  3. The strawberry tablecloth is pretty much exactly what I hope to find someday. You need to open a shop so I can buy from you. :) Doyle is so cute. My grandparents raised Brittanys when I was a kid and I really liked those dogs.

    1. I'm actually planning on opening a shop...soon, I hope!

  4. Holy Shmoly! What a wonderful batch of fun! I'm so happy for you that you found the rare
    x-mas table cloth too. And now I can look forward to a holiday table scape featuring that cloth right? Can't wait to see!
    I bet Doyle had a blast! How cute they look all lined up like that!
    Erica :)

  5. So many wonderful vintage finds, wow, you gotta be in heaven just looking over all these beautiful things.

  6. You definitely beat my record for cheapest vintage tablecloth finds ever! You should get an award :-) I would have been happy finding just one of those beauties, especially the sweet Christmas one. I have lots of Christmas tablecloths but have never seen anything as cute as that one. Great job!


  7. Definitely saw lots of things I liked! The vintage Christmas tablecloth is my favorite though....too cool! I hardly ever see vintage tablecloths anywhere here. I try to snatch them up when I do though! Have a blessed Sunday evening. Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  8. I love your sofa draped in tablecloths. That Christmas tablecloth is fantastic. Good luck with your future "shop" plans!

  9. WOW!!! What wonderful treasures!! I'm drooling........:)

  10. WOW!!! What wonderful treasures!! I'm drooling........:)

  11. Oh. My. Goodness! That is an incredible haul. How on Earth will you ever top that? I could stare at your pictures for an hour (I think I just did)! That tablecloth is a GREAT find. And seeing all of Doyle's cousins must have been a cuteness overload for you!
    Have a wonderful week :) --Fran

  12. What a pile of great things - I'm noticing the owl cards - too cute - the Christmas tablecloth is really nice, I didn't have a vintage one, this summer I found two! Yay!!

  13. I could you afford to pass up a sale like this!!! I'm not even sure what my favorite find is they all are just lovely!!!

  14. Oh, really brought home a spate of good stuff! So many beautiful tablecloths...and I love the Regal coffee pot.

  15. Oh my goodness!!! Love all your found treasures!! Our living rooms are starting to look alike! haha. Hopefully those "Hoarders" don't see us! I can't believe you got free doilies, and two dollar table clothes!! And of course love all the pretty Christmas things too!! :) Great haul!! Your vacation sounded so lovely! I love the pasture picture, so relaxing! :) Happy new week! xo Holly

  16. What an amazing haul! You really cleaned up! I'm glad you had fun in Charlottesville...I get nostalgic for C'ville in autumn...the best time of year there!

  17. Are you kidding me! Wow, what great buys you got! I think that sure looks like a lot of amazing finds. Free doilies and 2 dollars for the table cloths :)
    Doyle and his friends look like they were having a good time. The place looks awesome that you stayed at. We are enjoying some fall weather after our snow melted from last week. Last night it tried to snow again, but sunny today. Thanks for sharing all the pretty vintage stuff.

  18. The dogs are so cute! They look so happy running around out there in the country.
    I'm so jealous!!! That Christmas table cloth is a treasure for sure. Nice haul!
    It seems like your county does a lot for it's residents. I wish all counties were like that!

  19. The hoarders might not be coming, but I surely will. Would love to snag a few of those treasures! You have found some beauties to add to your collections. Can't believe the prices!! Glad you got to get away and the dogs look like they are happy to see each other!

  20. Oh my you found some lovely things, I especially love the Christmas tablecloth, so cute! If you feel like sharing with a link party, We Call It Olde Link-Up would love to have you:) New one started this morning. -Dawn @ We Call It

  21. You are amazing, those tablecloths are gorgeous!!! Great job!!!

    Mary in Richmond

  22. Wow, what a haul! You found some fantastic things! I bet it was a lot of fun, too.

  23. Oh, my love all that you brought home, especially the Christmas tablecloth!! So lucky! Glad you had a lovely time! xo Heather


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