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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Church Sale Thrifty Finds!

Time for the small local church to have it's annual sale.
It's a small church, but always has a big sale!

The sale continues today with an auction included,
but before I go to the auction, here are some
cuties I picked up yesterday.

I'm supposed to be downsizing.
Does this look like I'm downsizing???

Gorgeous antique handmade tablecloth or bed cover.
The woman I paid said it belonged to her mother,
who owned an antique store for years.
 I love hearing some history on finds. 

Fun stuff!

Few pieces of vintage jewelry, cards for crafting, think I could use
the little blue cup for Easter crafting next year, lovely dogwood hankie.

The rooster kitschy S & P's look very much like  Danish or Polish ceramics to me,
 but are unmarked.  Sweet  antique pig S & P was a single but too cute to leave.
He's unmarked but I'm thinking maybe American Bisque maybe.
Erwin, "Clinchfield Artware", Erwin, TN little violet pitcher, and
hand painted, but unmarked, dish.
Quarter wreath for crafting, can't go wrong there!
I seem to be finding lots of designer purses lately ~
the blue one is Tommy Hilfigger, and coral one is Talbots.
I paid a dollar each.
I was going to leave the sweet elf Christmas napkins, until I saw the small ME logo. 
Seriously, would you leave anything Mary Engelbreit?
Got this antique leather cased tape measure for Mr. Retro.
Marked:  "Cruiser
Keuffel & Esser Co.
New York"
Very cool & he loves it! 
I left without this bentwood rocker priced $5.
What was I thinking?  Well, thinking...nowhere to put it, Mr. Retro will kill me...
Came home with my other goodies, gave hubby a call and went
back to get the rocker (tee hee).  Yup, it was there waiting for me. 
It's not perfect, a little scarred up, but nothing a little liquid gold won't fix. 
Perfect for our recently redone porch!
Well, I had to go inside to pay, so couldn't resist grabbing
a few more goodies.  The fish platter is  vintage Glasbake and
the bowl is 2 /12 qt. vintage Federal.
Just had to share this...grabbed this rolling pin for a buck.
Marked "Thorpe Rolling Pin Co., Cheshire, Conn.
Cheshire is next to my hometown! 
Will have to research that company. Not familiar with them
This must be somewhat retro since they used "Conn"
as opposed to "CT".   Cool!  
Thanks for visiting and hope you enjoyed my thrifty finds. I spent about $20 total! 
What's your favorite item?  Are you hitting any sales this week-end?


  1. What a haul! Church sales can be such a hit and miss around here but when I hit a good one, I smile about it for days!

    I would have to say that my favorites would have to be that sweet little pig orphan shaker. I have a really hard time leaving behind lone shakers. It's my goal to match them up with their partners. And although I don't generally collect hankies, I would have definitely bought that dogwood one. It is gorgeous!

    Have a great weekend!


  2. My favorite is the leather cased tape measure. Very cool indeed. I'm trying to downsize a bit by decreasing my collections. It's really hard when everything is so pretty. Also love the background.

  3. I love everything but the cool tape measure and those adorable ME Christmas napkins really caught my eye! Fun sale!!

  4. So much great stuff I can't decide what I like best! Top three: the small floral dish, the dogwood hankie and the Mary Engelbreit napkins. And the tape measure! You did very, very well. Enjoy the rest of the weekend! :)

  5. Such great finds! My favorite is the adorable little violet pattern pitcher...:) I love violets and have several pieces. You sure got a lot for your money...:) Enjoy the new treasures!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  6. Hi Pam!
    Seems I haven't talked to you in quite awhile. I hope your Mom is feeling better.
    Church sales are the best! You found so many great things, but I really love the dogwood hankie and that little .25 dish.
    I have to scroll up and look at it all again!
    Hope you, Mr. Retro, and Doyle are having a great weekend!
    Erica :)

  7. So many wonderful finds at such wonderful prices. I'm glad you rescued that rocker. Love how you are thinking ahead of crafting projects with some of your purchases. Sounds just like me (smile). As much as I love vintage treasures, I'm a sucker for purses too. Those are fantastic.

  8. You got all that for under $20 ??? Wow!! I love it all, but really a great deal on the crochet table clothes!! And I also love that cool tape measure. I have passed up three rockers just like yours this summer. All priced from $20 to $29 used and I would definitely grabbed that one for $5!! My other favorites are the rolling pin and the Federal glass.. the pig, roosters, etc.. lol

  9. Church sales around here are wild. You'll be trampled if you're not careful! Such a great haul for amazing price - love prices at church sales when I feel up to fighting the crowds.

  10. Great finds! Church sales in my area are never that good.
    That tape measure is so freaking cool! I've never seen one like that. I bet your hubby is actually happy that you didn't cut back! : )

  11. Such great finds, and I love the crocheted cover! I can only imagine the time that went into it! Happy new week and autumn! xo Heather

  12. Wow, you found some good things, I love anything with violets! That dogwood hankie is gorgeous too!

  13. Such great finds Pam!! Love everything! Those cards you got are so super sweet!! Love the dogwood hankie and very pretty dish too! Church sales are always so good! Hubby and I went to two over the weekend, I'll have to share my finds! Always such fun treasure hunting!! Happy new week! xo Holly

  14. The dogwood hankie is definitely my fave, and those ME napkins are a close second! The sales have been really awful here, so I'm glad to see that others are finding some fantastic goodies!

  15. Church rummage sales are some of the best type of sales. You can still find loads of good vintage stuff for affordable prices. The hanky and pig are my favorites.

    xo Danielle


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