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Friday, August 9, 2013

Want to come with me to the ANTIQUE MALL? OK!

With Antique Malls and Shops closing everyday,
I'm always happy to see one thriving.
Not that I don't love my online purchasing,
but there is nothing like seeing the goods
 close-up and personal.  Right?
I hope you have some time because there is a lot of
eye candy displayed.
I'm pretty much going to let the photos do the "talking".

  There was a big summer sale, this dealer had 50% mark downs.
  mid-century lamps!

This dealer has incredible amount of collectible glass and ceramics.


Ah, that illusive Jadeite, plentiful here with plenty high prices.

Just the cutest corner booth & scads of jewelry.
Whew, after all this shopping I think I need a rest.
Then I can hop in the old Dodge and drive home.

Now really, how often do you see an antique car inside? 
Let me know when you want to go again and I'm there.
Looking forward to hear what you saw that made
your heart beat faster!
Doyle is a little jealous for not being the center of attention,
and reminded me that he is the "star", so let's humor him.
Have a terrific weekend!


  1. I spied a little strawberry shaped covered jar exactly like one my grandmother had when I was a kid!

  2. I love wandering antique malls except I am always afraid I'm going to break something LOL! Your tour was much safer Pam ;-) Thanks for taking us along!!

  3. What a fabulous place to shop or window shop for hours! I love jadeite....wish it wasn't so expensive though! Thanks for taking us on a tour...:)
    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  4. Oh my, I just LOVE these places. I went to one back in the spring that I needed several days to get through! Thanks for the lovely tour. :)

  5. 50% markdowns! How fantastic. My favorite antique malls need to have some deep discounts. I've gotten too used to estate sale prices. Happy Friday!

  6. Ohhhhhh ... I love that car and the jadeite!

    Happy weekend!

  7. Looks like they had everything! I'm loving the Fireking display, I'm always on the look out for that.

  8. Thanks for the virtual tour, Pam! Oh how I wish the Jadite wasn't so dang expensive. I've been lucky and the few pieces I have found have been at yard sales and the flea market for dirt cheap. The antique malls? You know that is a whole different story:-)

    Have a great weekend,


  9. How fun to go shopping with you! I have not been myself in a LONG time. Did you buy anything?

  10. What a wonderful place to go shop! I will come take a look with you!! I just love going on hunts for treasures! You are right soo much eye candy there! I love those pretty green dishes! And would love to sift threw that vintage jewelry! :) Wishing you a lovely weekend! xo Holly

  11. The display case full of silver crest Fenton was calling my name! I'm ready for your return trip.

  12. This looks like a great spot!! I think I could spend a while in there!

  13. Wow, definitely eye candy!! Thanks for taking us along!! Have a great week!! xo Heather

  14. Yeah, I could for sure spend a ton of time in there. Great store!

  15. Oooh, I see lots of good stuff in this shop that I would want to bring home! Wish I could go with you. I visit 3- 4 antique/vintage shops in my area fairly regularly, but I probably don't spend enough to keep them in business. (So many things are way over my budget). It is sad when one closes. Doyle sure is a cutie! Always the star! :-)

  16. woo hoo! That looks like a fun mall! I seen plenty I would doing a dance about! Love you, Doyle :)


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