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Monday, July 15, 2013

Selling at the Flea & a Yard Sale!

I love buying at thrifts, fleas, Church sales, yard sales (Yeah, how many
times have I told you that before?  Too many!)
I was feeling overwhelmed with "stuff", afraid of  becoming an episode of "Hoarders", 
so it was time to start cleaning out and recycling some of our goods. 
I took bags of clothes and assorted stuff to a charity thrift shop, but was still
feeling overwhelmed by my junk treasures.  Mr. Retro was too. 
Let's start with the YARD SALE!
Our friends were having one and invited us to come and sell with them.
Here is our table.
  (Oh yeah, you do see vintage linens, but all the tablecloths had holes,
stains and patches.  Still useful for fabric, picnics and camping.)
Anyone need a refrigerator Pyrex lid?  It is one of the old ones.  
See the ridges in it? It didn't sell, priced $1.
Lots of ceramic stuff and glass, which I love and can't resist buying.
I buy dishes here and there to use for tablescapes and then pass them on.

We have more prints/art than we have walls! 
 Something else I can't resist at sales. 
We only sold one of them at the yard sale, 2 more at the next day's flea.
It was excruciatingly HOT and we packed it in by noon,
with plans to sell at the local Flea Market the next day.
Went home and priced and packed some more goodies to fill
the gaps.  Also,  you really need a lot of stuff in order to sell well,
a full table of treasures really draws folks in to look. 

So here we are selling at the local flea market. 
Mr. Retro went really early to set-up (bless him), and after
 having a second cup of coffee, I showed up a little later.
He said customers were leaning over the bed of the pick-up to see what
we had while he was unpacking.  Just like in yard sales, the early
bird catches the "finds"!
You are also allowed to place your own table in the space in
front of the rented one, so of course we did. 
Looking now, we no longer have that muffin pan, blue goblets, clock, etc. 
It was a rewarding day, even with the heat, and we plan to sell there again. 
Even if you have an online shop, do you ever hold a yard sale? 
Or sell at a local flea?  Would love to hear your experiences!
Doyle stayed home and did this, on the new leather sofa!
(Which is why we have an old spread across it, LOL!)
Happy Monday ~ have a great week!

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  1. We have to place something on our sofa because of the dog, too. Little Buggers.

    I see a lot of great goodies on those tables of yours!

    DH and I decided no more garage sales. Our last one was horrible. We usually have good ones. We do plan to sell at the flea market to unload vintage items. I don't want to be turned into a Hoaders episode!

  2. I must admit going to sales is a LOT more fun than holding a sale but making some money is also nice too. Hope it was worth all the work and you cleared out lots. Your tables looked jammed packed with lots of goodies worth picking through.

    xo Danielle

  3. My daughter says I am an organized hoarder! I sure hope not!

  4. I too have A LOT of stuff to sell, tons of it in my attic. I need to take a day durning the week and spend the whole day boxing stuff up to sell at the "collector's sale". I sell my vintage goodies in front of my home in NYC and there is a lot of people coming on the weekends, usually have it on a Saturday, sundays are kind of slow. I also post that I am having a sale on craigs list 2 days prior.

    I do not call it a tag sale or garage sale because it doesn't sound too pleasant, I did that last summer and people were saying this is a garage sale? Meanwhile I had very nice vintage jewelry and people were wondering why are these earrings $10 when it is a garage sale!!!! So this summer I am not dealing with that and just calling it a "Collector's Sale". Nicer ring to it!

  5. I would have loved to look through all the linens!! ;) Doyle is too cute!! Happy Monday! xo Heather

  6. Doyle looks like he worked very hard too. I'm glad your flea market was successful. Over the past year, Goodwill has since a lot of us with dropoffs. The girls both think we need to have a garage sale so that they can earn some money. I've warned my Mr. Mom to get ready.

  7. I have a quilt on my couch too...for the grandkids. :) It looks like you have some great things to sell. We don't have yard sales as often as we did before we opened the store, but occasionally if we have enough of our own items to get rid of, especially kids' things and items that aren't suitable for the store, we do have them.

  8. Your dog is funny! I'm glad you found success at the flea market!

  9. I have often thought about getting a table at the local flea market but with young kids at home, I would rather spend Sunday's with them. So what I do is have a HUGE garage sale in the Summer. It consists of things I've gotten tired of around the house and items that I have been unable to sell on eBay. Whatever doesn't sell, gets donated. I always make sure to let people know in my ads that each sale has all "new" stuff so they don't think they are going to see the same stuff they saw last year:-)

    Hope you all have a lovely week!


  10. I've never tried to sell my stuff in a yard sale or a flea market, but probably should. I'm happy to hear that you guys did well enough to want to do it again!

  11. Doesn't it feel so good to get rid of some things? Not quite as good as finding/buying something...but close! haha
    I'm glad you did well at your sales. It's good to clear out stuff now and then. I laughed so hard at this pic of Doyle! I think it's my favorite one so far! lol
    Erica :)

  12. It does feel good to get rid of stuff...almost as good as finding "new" stuff to replace it...:) Seriously though, I'm glad you had success in selling some of your treasures. I need to thin out some of my own!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  13. I wish I was there. My sister is looking for exactly that Pyrex refrigerator lid!

  14. It does feel good to get rid of the things that you no longer want. I'm a collector too, but I am also very neat, and everything must have a place to go, or it can't stay in my house. We have a garage sale every year. We also donate to the high school marching band garage sale every year and also to local charity groups. My tastes have changed over the years and I'm getting rid of all the things that don't have special meaning. Eventually I will get through ALL the closets and drawers and boxes. It's a huge process though.

  15. Oh my! I would have loved to look threw all your things and came to your sale!! Looks like loving things you were selling!! :) Doyle looks nice and comfy! xo Holly

    ps. Did you get your little parcel in the mail yet? :) :)

  16. Oh my, you had such pretty things. Good thing I didn't drive by, my house is too full now. Hee hee. Take care - Dawn

  17. Oh, YES! I have my yearly garage sale (or 2) and this year we are going to sell at the flea market when it isn't so hot & humid! I have a spring and fall garage sale! What doesn't sell after the sales goes to the thrift store or local charity. Feels good when the house isn't loaded with totes of stuff!

  18. It looks like you had some great things.
    We have the annual clearing out garage sale every year I don't know if I could sell at the flea market I would more then likely come home with new items as I would have to look around.

  19. Hi Pam!
    Oh my gosh, that's a lot of work, you guys deserve a gold star!
    I'm afraid I've been living an episode for two years. WAH
    - I am feeling smothered and claustrophobic from all my parents things. People keep telling me I need to keep this that and the other and I think I'm going to go bonkers. They don't understand what it's like living in a tiny house full of boxes. :( I'm listing some stuff on eBay this week and it's going to GW next week if it doesn't sell.
    Hoping you feel a bit lighter! Tummy rubs for Doyle!

  20. I have moved 3 times in the last 18 months and I have unloaded extra stuff every time. I still have quite a bit but it's been my mission not to collect anymore. I'm doing very well. I just love your header.

  21. Thanks so much for stopping by! I used to do a yard sale a year but it was so time consuming and with working full time, I just donate the things to our church flea market instead...


  22. What fun! I would love to have been their shopping! I usually donate but sometimes I take things to a consignment shop and make a little money. I collect way more than I can keep. I get in a mood....and clean out! lol Hugs!

  23. I've been taking most of my items to the thrift shop but now I'm seeing so many things I want to try to sell first. I may try the Flea Market! Thanks for linking to TTF.


  24. Gosh Pam, you had a lot of great stuff to sell. In the second picture, I noticed some dishes that I used to have... the ones with the blue flowers and the cranberry circle in the center. What did I do with those? I'm happy you were successful with your sale. It's a lot of work! Your doggy looks happy that he could rest at home!

  25. wow all of that looks like so much fun. I am going to have a garage sale this weekend and I am so excited.

    The Joyful Thrifter

  26. Agree...need lots of goodies to make a sale worthwhile. Past weekend went to 30+ sales & churches in WNY for inventory to sell at 8-10 vintage markets in FL next winter...


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