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Monday, July 8, 2013

Finds, Flea & Flora!

Sold at the Flea Market myself on Sunday, and at a friend's
yard sale on Saturday.  I'll be doing a post on that real soon.
Just sharing a few recent finds from the flea and my friend,
and some flora from my yard.
Let's start with the Crape Myrtle tree in our front yard
If you don't live where Crape Myrtle's grow, you are missing out. 
This gorgeous tree blooms from July into September.
I stood under the tree for this shot. 
The flowers remind me of the lilac bushes
I grew up with in the Northeast.
Now for the finds ~
Flea market find ~
When I went to pay for this gorgeous old bowl priced a dollar,
the woman said "they really cleaned me out earlier this morning." 
 Guess I shouldn't lament what I never even saw! :(
I found these great old tins at the flea market last week.
Schrafft's Chocolates
New York Boston
(bottom unmarked)
Linette bottom marked:
 James P. Linette Inc., Reading, PA USA
(not sure what they sold, & the tin was made in West Germany)
the  smaller blue round one:
Daher Hand Decorated Ware
Designed by Daher Long Island N.Y.
Made In England
I know nothing about tins, but I'm a sucker for all vintage,
and they were too cute and cheap to leave behind!
Any tin collectors out there?  Fill me in! 

Purchased from my friend.  Her MIL had a linen
shop in NY many years ago.
I'm always enamored when I see these gorgeous
hand crocheted and tatted pieces.
Imagine the patience it took?  & the good eyesight! 
 Some of these pieces are tiny and so beautifully intricate. 
Yesterday I had 4-5 butterflies at a time on this
butterfly bush, today when I wanted a photo, I
only saw insects.  Such is life. 
Thanks for visiting!  
What did you find this week-end?
Oh, I found this too...

If you read my blog, this should look very familiar! 
Doyle says have a great week!
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  1. Your Crape Myrtle is impressive We definitely don't have that gorgeous bloom in MI. My grandmother used to make hand crocheted and tatted pieces. Such amazing patience. Such talent. I'm glad you rescued them.

  2. I am crazy for crochet and tatted items, too. All that work and then sold for 25 cents. LOVE your Crape Myrtle. I wonder if it is too cold her in the winter. We are planting our bare 3 acres now.

  3. I drove by my previous house the other day, and the crape myrtle looked like yours. Unfortunately, there are too many huge trees in my yard now. I have one lone crape myrtle in the back corner of my yard, and it has to be at least 30 feet all and spindly as it can be, stretching up as high as it can to get a little sun. Yours is so beautiful.

  4. I have never seen, nor heard of a Crape Myrtle--oh my GOSH!! I wish they could grow here in New England! I love your little seating area under the tree, I would sit there all day and just read and relax. And I'd cuddle with Doyle! :) --Fran

  5. Beautiful tree!! Wow, such a gorgeous pink!! Love all your sweet finds, especially the crocheted pieces! They are a work of art!! Have a lovely week! xo Heather

  6. The Cape Myrtle is so pretty! Wow!
    I cringed when you said that the lady said "they really cleaned me out early this morning"! lol That's always hard to hear! But just tell yourself that it was all junk, and probably nothing that you would have wanted! I love the tins!!! That's a good thing to collect because you can actually USE them!
    Great finds,
    Erica :)

  7. I love the pictures of Doyle. I can see why those tins got your attention. They look fabulous.

  8. That is one beautiful tree!!

    I love old tins for decorating, I don't see many around here!

  9. That tree is absolutely stunning! It almost distracted me from the amazing junk you found too! Notice I said almost?



  10. What a beautiful tree!!! I bet you love sitting under it! Love all your finds! The tins are beautiful, you can always use those for something! :) And look at all those pretty crocheted and tatted pieces! What a good rescue for them! So pretty, I love collecting pieces like those too! Have a lovely week! xo Holly ...Sending hugs to Doyle too!

  11. Your tree is beautiful. We live where crape myrtle's grow and I love them.
    We used to have some lavender ones. Look's like you had a great time at the flea. I love the crocheted dollies. It is amazing at all the beautiful work out there. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog.

  12. I don't know what is the prettiest, the crepe myrtle, the pretty tins, or the crochet!
    One thing is for sure, Doyle is mighty handsome looking up at the camera! :-)

  13. Your crepe myrtle is just gorgeous! I've never seen one so lush and full! I believe I'd like to plant one here in Florida. Happy Rednesday!

  14. Yup, Doyle is in his favorite chair. First of all, that tree is gorgeous! I saw them blooming when we visited the Carolinas a few years ago. They were breathtaking. You don't see them here. I saw one in a magazine and it said it was o.k. for our zone 5. I would love to try one. I love tins but know nothing about the ones you found. They are wonderful and yes, you could not leave them behind. The crochet and tatting is an awesome find. You will be able to create so many things with them. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  15. How I miss our crepe myrtles at our farm in Florida! Yours is stunning! Great vintage finds too, especially the doilies:)

  16. What great finds! Just love a good yard/garage/estate/barn sale!! And crepe myrtles are indeed fabulous. I have 6 in my own yard! The crochet work in your photos is just to die for...I'm such a crochet freak. Use it in all sorts of projects. Lovely to connect with you. Catherine (new follower)

  17. The crepe myrtle is so gorgeous! It's bloomed and gone already here. Love all the amazing crochet pieces! So many beautiful pieces! Thanks for joining TTF this week.



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