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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Vintage Jewelry ~ Pins!

Vintage costume jewelry makes my heart sing!
Due to a nickel allergy, I can't wear the earrings, and
sometimes the necklaces leave itchy red spots on my neck
.....but I love, buy and wear vintage brooches/pins!
Sharing a few of my vintage jewelry treasures today,
and have more I will share later.
I find them so many places, estate sales, thrifts,
consignments, church sales, etc.
I buy what I like, sometimes they are signed,
sometimes not, and unless you're at an antique shop/show,
they can be had for a few dollars.
Notice they all have something in common? 
They all share some RED, one of my favorite colors,
and Mr. Retro's favorite. 
Did I ever tell you I wore a red dress when we got
married, many moons ago?   Truth~LOL!
Love the big cherry pin and wear it a lot, signed
Original by Robert.
The fruit bowl is enameled.
The 3 jelly-belly flowers pin is marked Joan Rivers,
probably a QVC offering.
Red rhinestone bling brooch? It's large, looks great on a coat. 
I don't think I've ever seen a flower pin I didn't like!
My fav in this group is the filigree with red crystal stones.
The gold with center pearl & red rhinestones is
marked Boucher & numbered.
The sweet rose is enamel, the large rose filled with red rhinestones.

How could I resist buying the second leaf pin with the ladybug
even though it is so similar?  Too cute to leave behind!

Little turtle guy is a cutie too.  All three of these are enameled.
Do you like, own & wear vintage jewelry? 
The obsessed enjoy sharing their obsessions, so don't be shy! 
My patient Doy-Boy (one of his many nicknames), waiting
for me to finish this post!
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  1. What a fun collection. Thank you for sharing one of your beloved pins with me during our exchange.

  2. I do have a few pieces of vintage jewelry. I used to think I had to have so much, but now, seldom wear my jewelry. You have a very nice collection of pins.

  3. Hi Pam!
    What a great collection you have! I think my favorite is the bowl of fruit, so much fun.

    I don't wear any jewelry, at all, anymore --- when I was a flower child hippie bohemian love child hahahha, I wore a turquoise or turquoise and coral ring on each finger, EIGHT RINGS, for years! I also wore a turquoise bracelet and I had a necklace and a choker too.

    Later on, I wore a watch and a necklace but I don't even wear those now, only my wedding band. I guess when you go to one extreme and tire of it, you go to the other.

    Hope Doyle is having a fun day! I keep trying to play ball with the dogs but after three or four go-rounds, Gracie runs back in the house. Too funny.

    Happy Rednesday!

  4. That's such a cheery collection. I have a pin with gold stones that is similar to your filigree one. It belonged to my great-grandmother.

  5. Lovely collection...:) I love the ladybug on leaves! I do have a couple brooches but I typically wear mine on a long chain necklace. I also thing they look great on a scarf...:) Thanks for sharing your collection!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  6. What a great collection! I like the bowl of fruit and the rhinestone rose best. And as usual, love the pic of Doyle!! :) --Fran

  7. Such a lovely collection. I love the turtle pin and his lovely lady bug friends.
    I have a small collection of enameled flower pins. I don't wear them though because they are so heavy. Sometimes I put them on my purse or back pack though. Anything to add a bit of sparkle and personality right? :)

  8. I love love LOVe wearing funky costume jewelry too! More than the real-deal. I dunno, it suits me more I think. I'm a bracelet gal though, but I do love a pretty pin for every season.

    A RED DRESS???!! OHhhhh my, sounds spicy! DO TELL??? PHOTOS???

    heh heh! xo P

  9. What lovely and fun pieces Pam!! I love love vintage jewelry and especially pretty brooches! I pick them up here and there when the price is right! :) I have an old type writing drawer that I hung up on the wall and I put my pretty pieces in the little slots. I'm like you, I like wearing them on my jacket as well! For my wedding I wore a vintage bracelet and earrings. OOOOh your red dress sounds lovely, you should show us!!! :) xo Holly

  10. What a great collection! I love vintage jewlery and will have to start a collection of my own!


  11. Oh YES! I just love vintage pins. I wear one every day to work! Today i have two pink rhinestone tulip pins on the upper part of my white eyelet top. I think everyone expects me to wear a pin now! LOL! But, I have to say -you have some of the BEST pins I have ever seen. Mine are pretty common, I think - but those ladybug pins! OH YEAH! This is a fun post!!!

  12. You have a great collection,the little turtle one is so cute!! My daughter is crazy for,pins, it's not odd for her to wear two or three at a time!

  13. i love vintage jewelry, especially pins! I even bought some in London and Paris. When I use to wear a suit to work, I always had one on. I see several in your collection I love! You wore red? I wanna hear that story!!

  14. Vintage jewelry is a favorite find for me the red rhinestone brooch is lovely it reminds me of a Sherman brooch. The flower ones are something I would like to find when out and looking. You have a great collection.

  15. Love your collection really nice, my fav is the leaf w the lady bug on it.
    I too break out from plated jewlery. "cheaper" earings. Since who can afford gold anymore? I have for years used clear nail polish on the backs of anything that gives me a rash. like earrings, the back of a watch/ bracelet.

  16. I absolutely adore you vintage pin collection! Do you display it along with wearing them? I must say the lady bug with the small pearl is my favorite! Thanks for linking with TTF this week!


  17. Such a beautiful collection!! I do love brooches, just haven't collected any yet, maybe I should!! But, I do have a couple from my great-grandma. Happy weekend to you!! xo Heather

  18. I WISH I had some of my Grandma's old pins! She had so MANY!!! Love the ladybug ones and the turtle!
    I almost have your tin filled! It's been FUN finding goodies for you!
    Went to a couple estate sales today and found more! Christmas is everywhere around here!

    p.s. Would love to see your red wedding dress!

  19. You have so many pretty broches! I'm obsessed with vintage broches too and wear one almost every day! Went to a fancy gala last week and pinned one in my up do:)

  20. What fun! The brooches are lovely - sparkly, too. I think I am most fond of the cherry brooch. Love it.

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  21. So pretty! I've joined your followers and reposted this post to my blogs' tiny party...The Blog POST OFFICE. Take care, Victoria Lavender

  22. I love those ladybugs!! No way could you have left the second one behind.

    I have a very large collection of vintage jewelry. My aunt owned a vintage clothing store for over 30 years and I would spend hours going through the jewelry cases. She always gave me a really good "family discount".

    Have a lovely week,



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