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Sunday, June 9, 2013

County Longest Yard Sale!

No......not that one!  Our little County of less than 10,000 started hosting
 it's own longest yard sale a few years ago.  Though small, our County has 200 miles
 of shoreline,  so during summer our population really swells.
This year's sale was knocked backed by that troublemaker tropical storm, Andrea,
but a good many sellers still joined in to sell.  A few of them scaled down and
moved their sale indoors, not a bad idea since it did rain again.
Sales are held by many groups ~ local churches, the Rescue Squad, the YMCA,
 the Women's Club, the Art School, etc.  Individuals also join in, so it's really a fun sale!
I didn't come home with tons of stuff, but love what I did find, and the prices I paid!!!
I found an unused journal, Fire King relish dish (which I already have,
but how could I leave this one priced a dollar?), and some fun costume jewelry.
Rose quartz and Adventurine beads, sweet rhinestone studded tulip, tiny
enameled purse pendant, rhinestone studded bee...I paid 50 cents per item ~ yay!

Not many linens this year (which probably means I should have been selling),
but found a sweet apron unused with paper label - Riegel textiles, SC.
Love finding linen items manufactured in the USA, well worth a dollar.
Also, a  pretty set of pillowcases and a sweet embroidered runner too.
Loving baskets I spent a dollar for this one with the removable/washable liner.

Bag of sweet handmade Christmas ornaments for 50 cents.
The table-topper underneath has a small flaw, but it was 10 cents!

Found the vintage sewing basket at one of the church sales, so didn't
want to haggle on the price, more than fair $5 price tag, as it's in great
condition and still has the organizing insert.  I don't sew :(
but will use it to hold some of my crafting supplies. 
The Samsonite bag is in excellent condition priced $1 at the Art School sale!
I recently saw a photo of one of these train/travel cases that was crafted
with colorful paper and/or fabric that was so precious!  Of course,
now I don't remember where I saw it.....if any of you saw the photo,
please let me know where to find it!
Last, but not least............
Comedy-Tragedy wall hanging masks
handmade from heavy copper, a believe-it-or-not price of $2! 
Mr. Retro has already hung them on the wall next to our wood stove. 
Have to be choosy about what decor can safely hang near a wood stove!
Do you like any of my finds?  What did you find this week-end?
Thanks for visiting!
Doyle's enjoying his snack stick on the porch.
Dog chillin' on a Sunday!
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  1. Great finds! I love the train case. It's a great color.

  2. Yeah - you found a sewing basket! And, it's a pretty one, too. It's a hexagon! Sounds like so much fun to drive around to yard sales for miles. I would just love that!

  3. Wow, you did great!!
    Next week is our area wide and I would like to go to a couple but am really hoping to sell a ton at mine.

  4. Lots of fun treasures. I can't wait to see your train case makeover. Have fun creating!!

  5. Awesome finds! Thanks for sharing...:) I just love a good deal!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  6. You found some cute treasures, it's getting harder and harder to find anything at yard sales around here, there's a lot of junk!

  7. The sale sounds like a lot of fun!! I always enjoy getting out and finding bargains. Love the train case!!

  8. That sale sounds like a lot of fun and long! Lol. Looks like you got some fun treasures! Happy new week! xo Holly
    ps. I got my vintage paper dolls in the mail!! :) Thank you so much for sending those! So sweet of you!!

  9. Wonderful Finds!I love the apron!

  10. I've always wanted to go to one of these yard sales ~ how fun! And really great that your town is doing it. You scored some wonderful treasures!

  11. Ohhh, I love that samsonite case, you got a steal!! Doyle looks like he just wants to be petted! :-)

  12. You always find some fab stuff my friend!

    I'm so intrigued by those miles-long-yard-sales. Never been, but think I need to!

    :) xo0 P

  13. Love the Samsonite case! That makes me want one! :)
    You found some great things. Don't you love it when things are .50?
    Hope you're having a great week! Erica :)

  14. Wow, what great finds! I have the same relish dish, but I'm with you--for a dollar I would have taken it home, too! I can't believe that Samsonite case was only $1--what a deal, and it looks like it's in fabulous condition. Hope you are enjoying some nice weather after the storm! :) --Fran

  15. Love thre red case- I have a dark blue one like that. I've seen several train case do overs with paint, fabric and decals! ♥

  16. Love the train case and the rhinestone studded bee!
    Great finds!

    Stopping by from Rednesday!

  17. Hi Pam!
    You lucky, that sounds like so much fun! I really need to get in the swing of it and find out about all the sales here.
    Your apron made me smile - I found a vintage one of my mom's from the early 70's (or possibly late 60's) - earth colors with toadstools and I've been wearing it. Makes me think of my mom and toadstools have sure been making the rounds on blogs for awhile. Love your beads and handmade ornaments too!
    What's your weather like today? I keep hearing really ugly forecasts on the news. Hope you and Doyle aren't bothered with thunderstorms.

    Happy Rednesday!

  18. Hi Pam!
    I received my package last night - and I just LOVE what you made for me. I put the cute tag ornament on my 4th of July tree. It's just adorable - thank you so much. I forgot to take pictures of what I sent you! Can you believe that? You can tell - it's the end of the year - and I am going crazy. Tomorrow is the last day of school. Yeah!

    1. Glad you like it Patti! I'll post both the ornament I made and the one you made me after I receive I, okay? Hope it arrives soon!

  19. Happy belated Rednesday! I love garage sales and what a steal on those copper masks! I don't know how near the wood stove they are, but watch that they don't heat up and scorch the wall.


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