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Monday, June 24, 2013

"Christmas in July" Swap!

Look what Santa sent!  Santa Deb of Garage Sale Gal, that is!


Erica's July Swap!Erica at Golden Egg Vintage is hosting another swap! 
CHRISTMAS IN JULY.  Of course I signed up.  Erica is definitely the "hostess with the most-est", having already hosted a terrific Valentine's Day swap this year! 

I was paired with Deb at GARAGE SALE GAL as my swap partner.  Lucky me!  Deb is such a sweetie.  It was fun getting to know her, and I did learn a couple things about her.  She is generous and she is prompt (some envy here, lol).  My swap package arrived Friday! 

 Woo Hoo!   A cute snowman box to start!
She made me such a cute bird tag.
Doyle was excited too, so I let him help.
Look at that wonderful  and very vintage Santa tin.
Time to shoo Doyle out of the way so I can get to the goods!
A whole tin full of goodies.  Sweet round crochet doily, and a pretty Christmas pin.
You know how much I love pins!
Are you trying to peek at all of it?  Don't worry, I'll show you.
Remember the green wrapped package at the top of the box?
Vintage tags, vintage greeting cards, vintage post cards,
vintage swap/playing cards, vintage get the idea!
I love ephemera!  Here is a closer look.
(See the little reindeer on the right, he is a honeycomb!)
and another
Be still my heart!  I would have been happy with just the cards.
But......look at this!  My endorphins were in high gear!
Hankies, for a vintage linen lover. 
Look how cute she dressed up the spools?
Tiny treasures,
more goodness,
and even more.
(YES, they are holiday milk bottle caps!)
I have so much Christmas spirit now I'm ready to put up the tree.
Oh dang...reality's summer, but what a perfect time for this fun swap.
Want to see what I sent to Deb?
Of course it's blurry, she's probably peeking.
I can't thank Deb enough for being such a fun and generous swap partner.
Blogger friends are the best! 
Thanks for coming along to see! 
Can't wait to visit all the other swappers blogs to enjoy
their Christmas in July packages too! 
What a perfect post to link with   REDNESDAY @ Cottage Sweet Cottage


  1. Ahhhh! I'm totally smiling over here! I love it all! My favorite thing I think is the x-mas tin itself! That's a great one. But I love the little Santa mug, and all the paper...uh It's all great! Way to go Deb!
    Poor Doyle thought he was going to get some Christmas Cookies! lol
    Hope you had fun Pam.
    Erica :)

  2. What a fabulous stash of Christmas. I spy several things that are sitting at home in my special Christmas cupboard in my craft room. Merry Christmas!!

  3. Awesome lot of loot! You lucky girlie!

    PS: You are a super-sleuth extraordinaire! Thanks for the tip on the Martex Cutlery cloth! :) xo P

  4. I should have sent Doyle a gift!! Sorry!
    Glad you are enjoying the goodies!
    Swapping is such fun!

  5. OMG Deb, you must be kidding! You know I always try and stick Doyle in there to be funny, he was being a typical nosy dog and I took advantage of the photo op. xo, Pam

  6. Looks like so much fun! That thing was packed to the brim!

  7. What fabulous treats. It cools me down on this 95 degree day to look at these Christmas goodies!

  8. hit the jackpot!!! Deb is such a sweetie, and she knows what we love! Doyle looks like a beautiful Springer he in training mood, I saw the E

    1. Sandy, He's a Brittany. Guess he's in perpetual training mode, LOL! Actually, it was evening and he was about to be let out for his final run. We live rurally but on a busy road, so he wears it for safety(along with his light up collar), because he responds to it, birding or not. He hears the beep, and that's all we ever have to do, thankfully. Otherwise, he is on a leash.

      Hope your sweet Maya is still doing okay. Hugs, Pam

  9. Deb sent you a box full of Christmas sweetness. What wonderful vintage awesomeness! It must of been so much fun digging through everything. What a fun swap. Looks like your pup was curious to see what you got too.

    xo Danielle

  10. I love Deb and she is such a generous blogger! Love your tin full of goodies! Deb has the best vintage items. Can't wait to see what you sent her! Great swap!


  11. What a great Christmas tin Deb sent! I love it all! I'm loving this swap, I'm ready to ship mine off! Give Doyle a hug,
    from Dorothy and Ms.Wilma

  12. Wow, what a great swap! She showered you with a box of Christmas goodness for sure!!

  13. Oh Pam, what fun to open that box of goodies! Doyle is so cute peeking into the box. I love it!

  14. Ohhh how fun!! You got a whole lot of goodies!!! Poor Doyle thought he might get a Christmas cookie or two! :) Love all the minis! Hugs! xo Holly


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