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Monday, May 13, 2013

AMAZING (don't miss this) Estate Sale!

Mr. Retro and I went to an amazing Estate Sale on Saturday!
(You are forewarned...lots of photos here!)
One of the water views from the home
Our view as we approached the mini-mansion.
(Would love to know what these folks paid for the floor lamp.)
I wanted a photo of the Estate Sale sign, but  this woman  suddenly appeared
with her Corgi.  Actually, fitting because ALL the profits of this sale
were for the benefit of our local county Humane Society.
Thank you philanthropists!
More gorgeous views and manicured grounds.
Wouldn't you like to sit on this portico with a glass of wine~enjoying the view?
Or on this patio overlooking the fountain, gorgeous even though
there is  no water circulating through it now.

Or how about a night in this amazing  guest house?
It was so lovely, with a gorgeous bath and mini gourmet kitchen. 
or even in the garage...yes, this is the side of the garage!
Look at all the wonderful stone and brick work everywhere. the other half lives.

It wasn't easy to be able to take "inside" photos, but I did get a few.
This piece was in the guest house.  A Cherry wood cabinet (used as an end table)
 from circa 1860, for $260.  Probably a good price for the piece, but out of my league.


We headed back up the hill to the main house.

The marble topped table and sweet daybed were also for sale.

Loved the bed, $500.
Some Wedgewood china, Hathaway Rose, for $125. 
A bargain compared to most of the prices.
Many lovely items, unfortunately none came home with us,
but just getting to visit was such a fun experience.  
On the way home we passed a thrift we had never seen before, for the benefit
the local volunteer firefighters.  A great cause and cheap prices ~ Woo Hoo!
Vintage cards and lace for crafting (10 cents each lace, hem facing, and deck of cards),
Delta airline cards (also 10 cents) for Mr. Retro, lovely vintage linen runner (25 cents) 
 and hand towel (10 cents).
No kidding!  Who sells anything for 10 cents anymore? 
unmarked yellow-ware mixing bowl

Well worn bottom.  Anyone recognize it?  My big purchase of the day, $1, LOL!
Thanks so much for stopping by.......and putting up with so many photos,
but I couldn't leave any of those Estate Sale shots out!
What goodies did you find on Saturday?

Doyle was just exhausted after all that shopping!
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  1. Can I just live in the guest house? I wouldn't bother anyone! Great post!

  2. Wow! Fun just to visit that place! I love cheap thrift shops! I went to one last week and got two baskets for 10 cents each!!!


  3. What a fun sale!! I love that bed!
    Poor baby Doyle, shopping wears Wilma out too! :-)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Wow, what a sale, and Mr. Doyle looks pooped out!

    What fun just to see, I probably wouldn't have bought anything either, but your thrifty finds are lotsa fun!

    xo P

  6. Wow, you lucky! Everything looks so lovely estate sale, a feast for the eyes. Adore your yellow bowl - I found a pastel set at my parents but they didn't have ridges. Happy week to you!

  7. Wow that place looks gorgeous! There were some sighs from me while looking at the pictures! Lol. From the little thrift store you got some great deals!! :) Neat yellow bowl too....and only $1!!! :) Doyle is so cute curled up there. Have a great day Pam! xo Holly

  8. What a beautiful home, but those prices would be out of my price range too! I do love the items you found at the thrift store though....and such great deals! Thanks for sharing....:)

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  9. What a fabulous home! Too bad the prices were so high...but I think you made up for it with all those finds at the thrift store! :) --Fran

  10. Wow, amazing place! Even if you hadn't found anything, it would have been worth it to visit just to see that place. Even the guest house is drool-worthy!

  11. Oh my word this was the sale to end all sales! It would have been fun just to be a lookie lou! :)

  12. Yes, you had lots of wonderful pictures to enjoy. So glad you were able to buy some great items, and share them here. I adore that yellow bowl, but don't recognize it. Isn't it wonderful that someone would sell something like that to you for a dime? Yay, Pam!!
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving such kind comments on my blog.

  13. What fun!! I always love just looking at the houses. Love that sweet dresser!! xo Heather


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