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Friday, April 19, 2013

Camper Fund, Swap Cards & Sugar-Creamer

How do these go ask?
Well, they don't, but I'm showing them together anyway!
Mr. Retro recently had a Birthday.  A few weeks ago we attended an
RV Show where he fell in love with a little towable camper.
No, we didn't sign up for the "Show Special" in the heat of the moment,
but I decided to start a "Camper Fund" as one of his Birthday gifts.
No white or pastel paint here, left it natural so it wouldn't look "girlie".

Just scrapbook paper squares on the front & back, and lots of retro theme stickers.

Well, of course I had to get the FUND started!  He loved it, and
now will begin to obsess~looking for campers in dealer lots,
online, on Craig's List, in follow me, right? 

Found this sweet & very vintage MIJ Creamer & Sugar
at the local consignment shop. 
They mark down items 20% after 30 days, 40% after 60 days,
and 60% after 90 days.  They do a brisk business, so usually
you're lucky to get a 20% discount.  I spied this cute set hiding
on a shelf in the corner and it was dated January.
 Originally $10 at a 60% discount~how could I leave these
 lonely & overlooked cuties?  For $4.00 I couldn't. 
They look great on my kitchen windowsill.
Vintage "swap" cards, that I'll be using for crafting.
So cute, don't know which are my favorites. 
Are they too precious to cut/craft?
I Found a complete deck at my local thrift~which look
to be from the mod-flower-power era.
Sweet women & girls

& fun cats and dogs
& lastly.........
WARNING: Adult Content follows!  :)
VA VA VA up girls!
(Don't think I'll be crafting with these.)
Have a good week-end.  We continue to pray for Boston, 
and for protection from cowardly terrorists for all of us.
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  1. Love your new finds Pam! The sugar and creamer are just lovely and I love all those vintage cards! How fun!! Your camper fund is so cute too! My parents use to have a camper almost the whole ten years I was in 4-h. We would occasionally go camping at a camp ground and we'd always camp during fair week...I loved it so much! Sometime in the future I hope to own another...they are so much fun! :) Hope you have a wonderful and happy Friday & weekend too! xo Holly

    1. Holly, You need to start a camper fund too! Doyle loves camping, Jerry will too!

  2. A camper fund! What a fun thing to dream about. Love all your vintage cards. Enjoy your weekend. What a week it has been!

    1. What a week it has been for sure, but we can all breathe now.

  3. Love those swap cards! I have never seen anything like them. Love your creative Camper Fund box. What a fun idea!


    1. Thanks, now I need to sell some things so I can start filling that box! :)

  4. HOLY SMOKES BATMAN! The 'camper fund' idea is great! Just got back from a little ride on the Mother Road (Rt 66) myself and I am jealous of the embellishments! Where did you find them??

    The playing cards are really really fun! I think I might have to do a little swap and get folks to do that trade too! What I do when I make paper tags is use the entire card on the side or somewhere where it could be removed and reused when I or someone else grows tired of the tag or paper craft I used it on. SUPER DUPER CUTE!


    1. Tammy, I'm almost positive I got them at Hobby Lobby. There is no Hobby Lobby near my home (boo hoo), we were traveling.

      Thanks for the card tips! Happy to use them if I can leave them intact, so I will. Oh yes, do a swap, what fun!!!

  5. Oh good grief - I accidentally hit some key and my unfinished comment went POOF.

    Hi Pam! Thanks so much for your comment re the gobbledy gook on my blog. Sheesh, what's that all about?!

    Love your idea for the camper fund for hubby. Now I'm thinking an adorable little tear drop or an awesome Air Stream - what does hubby have his eye on? Current or vintage?

    Oh! I love the little black and white card with the two toned doggie on skates, so cute! My parents had some va va voom pin up playing cards and I found them again after my father passed away.

    Happy weekend! xo

    1. Sally, A retro Air Stream would be the dream camper~if we win the Lottery, LOL! Love the idea of a vintage redo, but he has too many projects going on already, so we'll probably be thinking new, if we realize that dream. :)

      Hope your blog gets well soon...or that you can get some help from Google!

  6. Awesome Loot, as usual!

    I was thinking aboutcha at the outlet the other day :) were your ears ringing??!!!

    xox Happy Weekend to you, The Mister and Doyle!

    xo P

    1. I know why my ears were ringing! ;-)

  7. The cards are so neat - what are you going to make with them??

    1. I wish I knew, LOL! They are just so cute. My initial thought is to make tags or add to cards/note cards, but my brain is still working on that. So glad your package arrived and that you like the book! :)

  8. I have a thing for little cream pitchers. That set is really cute!

    1. I have a pitcher thing too, but large pitchers as well as small. Cute is hard to pass up. :)

  9. Love all those cute cards!!! The camper fund is so sweet!! Happy weekend to you! xo Heather

  10. Your cards are adorable, so many possiblities to craft with them and the pin up girls cards are lovely - they would be great in a journal or even framed nicely an put in your bathroom/powder room!

    1. Like the pin-ups in the bathroom my wheels are turning.

  11. Enjoyed your blog and all the swap cards. That was a clever idea for the camper fund.

  12. I already see my favorite card... the girl with the white wide brim hat... with the flower cart! Love her!

    The MIJ sugar and creamer, are wonderful too.

  13. I'm a paper lover so your swap cards captured my heart!


  14. just beautiful cards!

    happy pink saturday!

  15. Cute idea for stashing your RV fund!

    Love the vintage cards, especially the Scottie and the doggie on skates. Cuties!!

  16. Adorable creamer and sugar.

    Wonderful to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  17. What a great idea for your RV fund! I love the swap cards, they would be hard to cut up but you'll do something fabulous with them so it will be worth it.
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. :) --Fran

  18. Cute idea for your RV fund! Woo hoo!! I love seeing all your vintage finds.

  19. Oh, I hope you find the camper of your dreams! I've always wanted one of those very little ones that you could tow behind a car!
    You asked me if I had seen "The Hour", I haven't but will be on the lookout for it, thanks!
    Dorothy and Wilma

  20. I've been looking around at your blog, decided to subscribe. Great blog. I really like your table settings, makes me realize I need to be on the lookout for more vintage tablecloths! Blessings-Dawn


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