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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Our Mid-Century Eclectic Home!

I love our little mid-century eclectic home!
 Some stuff is fun junk, some stuff is better quality, and some 
great stuff was made by talented Mr. Retro.
Thought I would share an "olio" of photos for this post.
I love this vintage glass lamp!  I spied it at an antique mall
in Florida and had to have it.  It wasn't in my budget at the time, but I was selling
there too, and when I made enough to buy it, luckily for me it was still there!
 The shade is a reproduction, and the corner table is Heywood Wakefield blonde.
Doyle, an excellent napper, sleeping on the banana palm covered 50's bamboo chair. 
Well, you can see it around him, right? LOL!
Dining Room Buffet -
Started as this, yellow-spotted painted & shellacked ugliness.
I found it in an antique mall, marked down 2X already.
I took this photo with my phone and sent it to Mr. Retro,
asking if he could "save" it?  Of course he could!
I made my rock bottom offer, and it was accepted.
Mr. Retro worked his magic......ta da!

 But that was after this..................
and this............


After many, many hours of work, we now we have a gorgeous Heywood Wakefield buffet.
I posted about it when I was first blogging, but it's worth a repeat.

Do you love posters?  I sure do!
Calder, need I say more?
Scored this at a church sale this past summer for $7, fair deal!

Mr. Retro found this one at a yard sale for $2!
 An old poster for the traveling circus which came to town.
They inserted extra information, ticket prices and purchase locations,
some of the businesses are long gone. 
It's not perfect, but so quaint and nostalgic.
Poster by Friedensreich Hundertwasser, Austrian artist and architect.
 I was not aware of him or his art, but did some research, a fascinating character!

Another church sale, $2!  We have many churches in our "country" locale,
and they have the BEST sales ever.

Moving on, a George Nelson 1950's sunburst clock.
HA!  I wish, but we're not Beyonce or the Kardashians!
Mr. Retro made it!   Yes, he's talented.  You'll see more of that next.
Oh, I helped, I painted the spindles.

Okay, let me show his amazing woodworking talent. 

  He designed and made this modern wall mirror, a work of art!
 It's made from Royal Poinciana, wood he got when we lived in Florida.

He describes this wood as "spalted", which is wood in the
stage of pre-decay, which gives it the wonderful color changes on the edges.
He designed it from one piece wood, which he then split and book matched.

The mirror is framed in Mahogany and the shelf made from Curly Cuban Mahogany.

I can't end without showing one of my totally non-modern "girlie" things,
especially something fabric.  I happened upon a sweet 85 year old woman at the flea market,  sewing button flowers for the pillows she makes and sells. 
We chatted awhile, she even asked my advice on a pillow she was making
in different shades of purple.  It was a special order and she
wanted to make sure she got it right. 

She was a very "special order" herself!  Of course I didn't walk
away empty handed.   Do you like mine?  $10, bless her heart!
Yeah, this was my fault - not Doyle's, because
I know he'll sneak in to sleep on the bed in the guest room any
chance he gets.  I forgot to close the door. 
I'm lucky all the pillows are still intact, especially my
FAVORITE on the left, that I won in Fran's giveaway at
 Unfortunately, he sometimes still loves to munch the corner of a pillow,
an urge still hanging on from his puppy days.  You can't walk through
our house without tripping over his chew toys.  Whatever! 
Took this sleepy dog cuteness photo before I rousted him!
Whew, are you tired? 
Sorry this post is so long and wordy, thanks for hanging in.
Would love to read your comments about any of it!
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  1. Love the Heywood Wakefield buffet. Didn't know you could get the fiberglass looking reproduction shades.

    1. Carlene, we purchased it from a shop in FL, but I bet if you looked online you'd find them.

  2. I can't believe the before and after of the buffet! Thank goodness you rescued it!
    Hope you had a great weekend Pam!
    Erica :)

  3. The restoration of the buffet was wonderful. I'm really impressed with the Mister's woodworking talent. That mirror is beautiful. You've found some great posters too.

    1. Thanks Dana, he is one talented guy. Lucky me!

  4. Wow! Mr. Retro did an amazing job restoring your buffet! I never get tired of looking at pictures of Doyle, whether he's awake or displaying his sleepy dog cuteness. The retro lampshade reminds me of one that my grandparents used to have. And the colors in the Hundertwasser poster are fabulous! Thank you for sharing! :) --Fran

  5. Thanks Fran, I wish I could have gotten a clearer picture of that poster, but it hangs by the door and it was difficult with the light and glare on the glass. Love the colors too!

  6. I'm going to echo everyone and say that buffet is unfreakinbelievable! Your husband is super talented!

  7. Oh, the Mr. did a fabulous redo on that old buffet! It looks wonderful!

  8. The buffet is fabulous! What an unbelievable makeover. Love your retro house!

  9. I love that clock.

    I keep looking at the fun ones in the antique malls, knowing I will never pay for one of them. (they are grossly overpriced and faded...) And this is a wonderful custom made one! And with no fading of the vibrant colors either!

    1. Thanks! You're right, expensive wherever we see them, and if the color fades, we'll re-paint! :)

  10. You have a lot of interesting things. I really like that lamp.

    1. Thanks LV, the lamp has been a favorite for years now.

  11. Hi Pam,
    When I saw that lamp I was immediately back in time, growning up in the suburbs in the 60's!! My aunt still has her blonde furniture (all of it)! Your buffet turned out gorgeous, your hubby is very talented! And we had a big, gold spiked clock like that the whole time I was growing up, it hung right over mom's sofa. I don't know what happened to it, my mom is not a keeper (hoarder) like me! :-)

  12. Such sweet pillows! And what a neat looking lamp! Your dog is so cute curled up taking a nap! :) Happy Friday! xx Holly

    1. Thanks Holly! I'm crafting this week-end!

    2. Oh wonderful! I'm trying to craft too! :) May I have your address? You can email me at { } I'm hoping I'll be finishing up next week and will ship by the end of the week :)

  13. What a wonderfully HAPPY home!

    Have a winter wonderland weekend!

  14. I love seeing all the unique things in our home. I love the pillow made by that special lady. I used to make yo yo flowers. Maybe I'll take that up again.

  15. Enjoyed the look Pam. Your hubby is such a talented guy. Now that is one happy dog. He sure knows good places to catch a few zee's. I have made yo-yo pillows and they are alot of work. You got it for a steal! Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.

  16. I love, love that lamp - and the Heywood Wakefield blonde furniture is fabulous. Your husband worked wonders with the buffet! And by the way - thank for letting me know my word verification was on. I had no idea - it's off now.

  17. Oh my goodness, Pam! That buffet turned out amazing. Major props to Mr. VR! Hanna and I were at an antique mall this last weekend and were looking at a pillow exactly like the one that you came home with. We have been feeling quite crafty lately and are going to try to figure out how to make some for ourselves.

    Have a great week!



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