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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

God Bless Us!

I always feel especially patriotic after exercising my right and privilege
to vote in an election.  Don't you?  I wanted to luxuriate in it a little longer,  but
had the misfortune to read an ugly blog.
I really had no intention of posting today, especially something political. 
I also didn't expect to read hateful comments, most of which invoked 
"God" along with their negativism and disrespect.
(Don't think that is very God like.  Just sayin'.)
So here I am ....I just couldn't stop myself!
It is so important for us to all work together in the best interest of our beloved country,
 for the next four difficult years,  leaving hate and spitefulness behind.  
Respect our country and respect the Office of President.

 With pride I say, 
PS/ Please know, if you disagree, I can take it!  :-)


  1. I agree. I've decided to pray for Pres Obama and his leadership. Let's leave the hate behind! Jean

  2. It is simply amazing to me how some will invoke God's name in the same sentence as hatred and vitriol. Also, some who profess to be Christians and attend church regularly who can have such hate in their hearts for others (including, on occasion, family members). We need to pray for each other, our and OUR president, for no matter how you voted, he IS our president. Thanks for this post.

  3. I agree with what you wrote. I especially have a dislike for people who "hide behind the Bible". Going to church doesn't necessarily make you a better Christian, just as standing in a garage won't make you a car. (I'd love to read the blog you mentioned :-o) God makes kings.................and Presidents. We are one nation, under God. Let's act like it. xo

  4. I couldn't have said it better, Pam! No matter who won, they need God's blessings in these trying times for our nation, and we ALL need to pull together. And I get crazy patriotic on Election Day!

  5. I agree completely. This nation doesn't need more hatred and division. It's time to come together and work for the good of us all, not to work against an opposing political party.

  6. Blessings to you for your positive outlook, Pam. More than ever we as Americans need to pull together putting aside bitterness and division.
    I pray that God will continue to bless our great land!

  7. I'm so sorry you happened upon an ugly blog Pam! Did the mean trolls say something to you? Perhaps I shouldn't even mention that I wanted to post a mere sentence of my joy and gratitude in the outcome of the election on my blog today? Just a word "Yippie". I ultimately decided against it, knowing that some take offense in the briefest of mentions and worse, others write arrogant nasty trollish comments. I am a nice decent caring human being and I hate that I cannot blog with "authenticity", hate that I have to tip toe around on my own blog. How did we get to this place of small mindedness and thinking everyone must be like us?! And if they are not like us, then they are an object of ridicule?!

    Sending you lots of hugs and hoping you can return to luxuriating in the process of exercising your right to vote and the peaceful transition of our government :)

  8. Thanks everyone....your comments are more appreciated than I can say, as I was more than upset. Promise I won't be posting any more blogs on "politics" in the future. On a happier note,I stopped following that blog as fast as I could find the screen to do so, whew!

  9. Pam, I am your newest follower. I followed you from the ugly blog to your beautiful loving and kind blog. Thank you for trying to tone down the haters out there. P.S., I never actually followed that other blog, I just happened upon it!

  10. I meant to come back yesterday and "say" :)

    Thank you!

  11. Sorry, I'm like the thing that won't go away! & I'm so sorry, I neglected to say how much I admire you Pam for having said anything on that blog post to begin with (only a couple or few people did and I applaud them too!) and secondly for doing a post about it. I have always suspected that I am the Lone Liberal ;) in certain quarters of blog land and that's been okay. But the lack of civility, sensitivity, generosity of spirit and utter and complete disregard for those of a different stripe than themselves, just a litany of meanness and ugliness, makes me want to yell to the rooftops who I am. SHEESH. Made me cranky. ;) Sending you lots of hugs AND pats on the back!

    1. Sally, Comment as much as you'd and please don't go away, LOL!

      Yup, made me feel cranky too...but doing the blog helped, even though I stifled myself in order to remain civil.

      Thanks for the hugs...and the pats! Pam

    2. Hi Pam! You're very welcome! I won't be going anywhere, you'll have to close your blog door on me LOL - and I just did my own blog post re the ugliness.

      Happy Friday!

      Sally xo


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