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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tablescape? No, but thrift finds!

I can't remember the last time I did a tablescape!
& I don't have one ready now, BUT I do have a tablecloth
and more thrifted goodies to show.
Love this geometric modish design.  It was
identified for me on as a Harmony House.
I've had a few Harmony House (Sears brand) vintage tablecloths
with sewn in labels, this one has no tag or label, so I was glad
to get the information. 

I did go to a church-school sale and a consignment shop
this week-end, and found a few goodies.
Love this mid-century dish!  Marked Taylorton, designed by John Gilkes
for Taylor, Smith & Taylor Co. USA.  I found a vintage ad for the china
online dating it to 1959.  It's very cool!
The candlestick holders are contemporary Fiesta Ware.
Here's a close up of this tablescape deserving cloth!
Here are my other finds.  The pitcher-vase is Haeger, Pyrex double dish,
4 iridescent looking glasses, cute pig honey-jam jar, and
sweet woman 2-piece figurine.  
The Pyrex was marked 50 cents!  Sometimes I wonder who does the
pricing at these sales.  Fifty cent Pyrex and next to it a chipped & cheap made in China
bowl for $3...go figure! 

The sweet little pig has a blue bow and is proudly holding her
ears of corn!  Made by Otigari.  I'm familiar with them, but under
that it says copyright Mary Ann Baker, and I am not familiar with her. 
Are you? Please let me know if you are. 
I think the ruffled dress girl may be English, but not sure. 
On the bottom an S is inscribed with a crown type design over it,
and a number over that.  Whoever made her, she's so sweet! 
Her top half lifts off,  so the bottom makes a nice little
 ceramic holder for jewelry or whatever.

  Lastly, a few vintage linens.  Love the sweet
hand embroidered pieces.
Nothing to take to the Antiques Roadshow this week,
but I sure had a fun day of treasure hunting! 
What did you find???

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  1. How pretty! I love the orange dish, and the Fiesta candlesticks are fabulous--one of my favorite Fiesta designs. Great tablecloth, too!

  2. I'm so impressed with how much you know about vintage tablecloths.....I don't know a darn thing except that they're pretty! Love the new addition to your collection, and that orange dish is fantastic!
    Have a great week!

  3. Oh, Pam! Your finds are spectacular, as usual. Those candlesticks! Your comment regarding the pricing made me laugh, as I've often wondered the same thing. Enjoy your day! :) --Fran

  4. Wow, that looks so good together, your tablescape! You sure found a lot of really nice stuff. I love that orange dish! I would probably want it on my coffee table!

  5. Really nice items, especially the linens. I'm going to share my finds in a future post. Got some neat finds last week.

  6. OOh love the little blue lady. You certainly got a nice haul of goodies. Yes the pricing can be strange,I find that too. Lucky for you though.
    I got a lovely shopping wicker basket for #3.95. I'm going to put my dear daughters birthday gifts into it. She loves baskets,as do I,can't have too many.

  7. I'm absolutely in love with the tablecloth and the orange dish. Great pieces!

  8. Nice finds, Pam. I love your tablecloth AND that pitcher!


  9. Hi Pam, I did not go thrifting at all this week and I think I am having withdrawals. lol! Yes, the Pyrex for 50 cents, go figure? Good for you though. Love how you always know so much about your finds. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  10. Church and school sales are the best! I'm so glad that you found some good things. We need you to keep showing us how to set a beautiful tablescape!
    Hope you're having a great week,
    Erica :)

  11. Great finds. I just purchased the same Fiesta candlestick holders. Love the cloth and the bowl too.


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