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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Need advice pls blogging friends!

I've really been having too many internet problems this week
to be able to blog.  :-(

But, I have some decisions to make regarding photo hosting
and would like your sage advice.

What do you use?
Picasa web through blogger for a fee?

Photo Bucket, which I'm told is free, but due to privacy
concerns I'm wondering how much access I have to let them have.

Keep in mind, I have a small & simple blog compared to some folks.
My internet is up for internet renewal next month and I'm hoping to find better access.

I love my rural country life, except for the poor internet service.

Any advice would be immensely appreciated.

((hugs)), Pam


  1. I could never find my way through Picasa, I just store them via Kodak easy Share, which is my camera and the software that came with it. I have a small blog too and don't get into photo overload so for the past year and half haven't had problems with them. I have never tried Photobucket.

  2. I have only ever used Photobucket.You can make any/ all of your albums private. Yes it is free, up to a point. Once you reach a point of so much storage (and I have forgotten what that point is) then they will start charging like $2.00 a month. I just purchased a year's worth so as to not have to think of it. For me, it has worked great! I hope that helps Pam.

  3. I use a combination of options. Most of my pictures are stored directly on my blog through Picassa. However, I use Photobucket for some of my sponsored posts. As Kathe said, you can make your albums private. Flickr is another "free to a certain" point option too. I still have an account there, but haven't used it in a very long time.

  4. Hi Pam, I have the same problems, living in the country, with internet service. I use Photobucket, too. It's easy to work with for me.

  5. Ugh. Don'tcha just despise these techy issues??!!

    I use Inkfrog to store my photos because I use them for other things, but I've used photo bucket and it's a great service :)

  6. Hi Pam: I use Picasa and I have a lot of photos and it doesn't cost me anything (yet!?) I set it up all by myself so it couldn't be too hard to do!. I download from my camera to my computer but the photos go automatically on to Picasa also, so I have them in both places. I look at them on my computer first so if they are blurry or no good, I just delete them, then I do the 'fancy' work on Picasa. Pretty simple and have had no problems..Hope this might help..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  7. Ditto what Judy said. I don't do much editing in Picasa however. My SIL is notorious for taking photos of furniture for our website with a ton of cords and plugs in the background, so I use Gimp to take them out. I don't edit the actual furniture, but I sure have "repainted" the lower half of the walls and the baseboards a lot. :)

  8. I don't have either. I also use the software that came from my camera. Sorry, not sure.

  9. Both Picassa and Photobucket. I downloaded both myself (free) and find them easy to use!

  10. I download my photos to my hard drive and upload from the computer if posting on my blog. I tried Picasa after Picnik closed. I hated Picasa. It was slowing my computer down, way down. I check my photos like Judy stated(on my computer) and if any need to be lighten up, then I am now using PicMonkey. It is free or you can upgrade for a fee. Only thing I may use is the resize, crop or photo lighting and that is all free. My old HP computer had a photo program on it, but this new does not. I have also been playing around with Paint and finding out I can do some things there.

    Hope that helps.
    blessings, jill

  11. I can't thank you all enough for your input! I'm going to make a decision and try to do it this week-end, if my online cooperates. Sometimes at 6:00 a.m. on a Saturday, it's pretty good...LOL!

    (Hugs)) to all!

  12. I agree with what Judy said...I use Picasa and I downloaded it for free (it was very easy) I'm still learning all this technical stuff too but I love using picasa!

    Hope you find what helps you!! Have a blessed night!

  13. Hi Pam, I am so NOT computer savvy. All I do is use blogger and then I just use Windows Live Writer to do my post and add pics. I do use photoshop to watermark and pic monkey for adding phonts and making mosaics. I know there's alot out there, but I just am old school.

  14. I imagine your gorgeous tablecloths are always flying in the breeze. Day and night. The Eternal Clothesline.

    I'm so low-tech I keep my photos on my hard drive(s) and just use PicMonkey for cropping, etc.

    And it's nice to know there are places in VA that are still rural.


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