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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Marimekko Table..& vintage finds!

I've been off the grid....literally!
That terrible storm with  60+ mph winds came through last Friday about
 midnight, and the power went out.  Since we live in the country and
have well water, no electricity not only means no lights or
air-conditioning, but no water.  Try living without all of these in
100 degree temps, whew....not so easy.  We drove around in the car to
cool off.  Doyle especially appreciated it.  We also spent a lot of time in our
 little blue pool, and Doyle in his" kiddie" pool, which works great for dogs!

So, that's where I been!  Power thankfully back on so I'm posting
a tablescape that is red, white and blue.  Sorry it's not patriotic, but had no time
for a new tablescape and just had to get blogging before the 4th!

This gorgeous tablecloth was a Secret Santa gift I received in our Christmas
swap at the Vintage Tablecloth Lovers Club (VTLC).

The VTLC is having an amazing contest!  Prizes include vintage linens
and some free memberships.  If you are a vintage tablecloth person,
check out the link below for all the details.  We're a great group!

Also, there is a link to the club website on my sidebar if you'd like to
visit the website first.  There are a few pages open to the public.

 OK, back to the has been identified as a probable Wilendur,
 however, I've seen it for sale with a Startex label attached, so obviously it's a Startex.

Found these precious Marimekko design plates (with their copyright on bottom
of plate) and made by Pfaltzgraf at my local thrift store, 45 cents clearance.

Did a little research and found they were first produced in 1983 and  the design
was retired in 1985.  The pattern name?  Just found out it is called 3 Flowers.
How original, LOL!

The Wilendur napkins with similar flowers go very well.

Russel Wright covered bowl ($5 at an estate sale),
which is filled with a dogwood Wilendur tea towel.

Sweet blue glasses, same thrift store clearance,
 45 cents each, so I grabbed all four. 

Not actually a patriotic theme, but certainly is


Hope yor enjoyed a terrific Independence Day!

Is anything more gorgeous than our flag?

Joined/joining in all these
great parties!


Let's Dish at Cuisine Kathleen


I've missed you! 


  1. What a beautiful tablecloth! Hard to believe how well the plates go with it. How awful to be without air with this horrible heat wave.

  2. Pam it's a great red, white and blue table!! Love that tablecloth! Hope you stay cool for the 4th!

  3. Fabulous tablecloth and a great setting! Glad you have power again; Happy 4th!!!

  4. Pam, I think your table is perfect for the 4th and all summer long. Glad you are up and running again. This crazy weather is scary to me. xo

  5. Glad that your power is back! Poor Doyle, what a trouper! I never tire of looking at your tablescapes, and this one is just fabulous. Happy 4th! --Fran :)

  6. So happy you are all well and now air conditioned! I love the table cloth and table setting. I will stop by VTLC.
    Thanks for the info. Enjoy the Holiday!

  7. What could be more American than all those beautiful flowers? I am in love with the tablecloth and the plates! Lucky win for you! Do try to stay cool! I'm never one to wish the warmth away (I am NOT a winter person) but enough is enough already lol! I'd take a couple of days in the 80's :-) Thanks so much for sharing at the party each week! And congrats again for being the most viewed last week!

  8. Oh wow! I can't believe all that you have had to endure with that storm! I'm so glad that things are back to normal. Your table scape is super cute and summery! :)
    Happy 4th!

  9. Beautiful!!!

    Glad u got the power back! Xxoo

  10. Love you table cloth header. You are using them very ell too. I have so many vintage ones.

  11. Nothing is more gorgeous than the flag! Happy Independence day and happy Rednesday!

  12. Well, I don't know why I haven't found you either! lol But, now that I have, I'm following!!!!!!

  13. Just being red, white, and blue makes it patriotic in my mind. ;-)
    Glad you have electricity again. Not fun living without our power. LOL

  14. Hi Pam, It may not be Americana, but you did Red, White, and Blue up proud. Love the tablecloth and I got a good laugh out of the name of the plate, three flowers. I think I could've came up with that one. lol! Any who it's cute and looks great on the tablecloth. so sorry that you were without power and had no A.C. Looks like you did a good job of finding ways to stay cool. Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.

  15. Thanks everyone for your fun comments! I love this table, works for a holiday or everyday. So glad you enjoyed seeing it too! I've been browsing for Marimekko tablecloths...but way out of my league in price, so I'll just enjoy the dishes. Staying as cool as possible....stay cool & safe yourselves!

  16. Love the colors on that tablecloth. Glad you found a way to stay cool in heated circumstances and that you are okay. Haven't visited my old pals at the VTLC in forever, thanks for the reminder. Have a good weekend.

  17. Thank you honey for the lovely comment on my salmon in bamboo steamer. I'm sure you'll find one at any Chinese kind of store, they're in their $20's here, I don't remember exactly. I'm in love with your retro tabletopper, it sure is gorgeous and yes, perfect for R,W and B.! Have a happy weekend.

  18. Pam, this is so pretty! I am sorry you been without electricity and in the bad heat. I have been without electricity )and also on a well) during the winter deep freeze and blizzard, not fun either! Glad you are safe. I love the way those napkins match the table cloth. The table looks great! I had just found your club last week! I was looking for a place with treatment for stains on old table clothes! They had lots of answers!

  19. Pam,
    I am so sorry to hear that you had to be with out air and electricity!! It is so miserably hot here as well.

    I love this beautiful tablecloth and napkins, what a great gift! Those plates are so pretty and such a deal! Everything looks wonderful together.

    I hope you are having a great day!
    Aledia @ Plum Perfect

  20. Well, you know I love that tablecloth! So pretty. I can relate to no electricity. However, at least we do have water. I sure hope these crazy weather stops soon! Take care of yourself. Thank you for sharing at TTF and have a great day!

  21. I love that tablecloth and yes, the napkins blend very well!
    Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful collection at Let's Dish!


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