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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Proud former city folks GARDEN & ORCHARD!

We moved to paradise (otherwise known as rural Virginia)
from an overcrowded and crime ridden Florida city in 2003.

We started with a few tomato plants the next summer, then
began planting fruit trees, adding a new one each year,
and this is what we are lucky to have today!

WARNING:  Very photo heavy, because how could I leave
anything out?

Mr. Retro has planted a little larger garden each year.
This year we have several types of tomatoes and peppers;
black & green zucchini, yellow and patty pan squash;
and corn, eggplant, cucumbers, string beans, celery, and herbs

The mini orchard has two pears, apples, peaches, cherries
and one nectarine tree.

Fortunately the corn is higher than the weeds,
so we think it will make it.

We will share with the deer for sure, and some bugs,
 but think we planted enough to get some to eat too!

All the squash family blossoms are gorgeous!

Yellow squash just starting to grow behind the blossoms.

Zucchini, yellow squash and patty pan.

Doyle helped me find the cucumbers ready for picking.

Lots of flowers, so many cucumbers to come.

If you lived nearby we would share!
Our neighbors without a garden get lucky.
We've already had an over abundance of zucchini
we've shared with neighbors, friends and co-workers.

We love peppers and use lots of them.  These are banana peppers.

Cubanelle Peppers

We also have green and yellow peppers, jalapenos, and pablanos.

Green Beans

We planted lots of tomato plants.

Look at all the blossoms.
I'm already dreaming of a sloppy tomato sandwich
with juice running down my chin.

Now for the orchard....which I am bold enough to call it.
How many trees do you have to have for it to be an orchard? 

Beautiful apples.

This tree is probably laden with too many pears,
we should have removed some.  Isn't it amazing?

Peaches!  The birds and bugs will get most of them.

The cherries are gone.  Sorry I missed the photo.
We didn't get very many this year, so I need to
do some research.

Cherry trees are gorgeous, look at that bark!

Thanks for viewing our garden & orchard.
Thank God for things that grow!

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  1. Lovely! Your garden is at least a month ahead of ours here in PA.

  2. Very beautiful garden. I have 2 tomato plants - not quite up to your standards yet. hehehe

  3. Oh I love love LOVE your garden miss pam! :) Be sure and post a photo of the patty pan squash. I love to eat it (and to SAY it!)

    xo P

    1. OK, check back I added the bucket of veggies photo, some patty pan right on top!

  4. PS: adding you to my list on my bloggie, duh! don't know how I missed that!! xo

  5. Yay! Isn't it fun? I so hope to have my own place again so that I can build up some gardens beds! I had 7 raised beds at one place we lived- added a couple each year. ♥

    1. Holly, You're gonna find that next home with a great space for a garden real soon!

  6. Wow, if I had ONE tree with that many apples, I would call it an orchard! :)

    1. Tht overladen one is the peart tree. The 2 apple trees are much younger, and only set fruit for the first time this year.

      I can send you some pears, LOL!

  7. Incredible garden.

    - The Tablescaper


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