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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Civil War Encampment

Memorial Day week-end we went to Yorktown VA National Battlefield.
They were hosting a Civil War historical encampment. 
If you've never experienced it, put it on your "must do" list,
so much interesting history.

Did you know that hot air balloons were used in the Civil War?
I sure didn't!  The balloons were left tethered, and sent up and out over the
York River in order to see and report which direction the
enemy troops were coming from.  

I'm a Connecticut Yankee, now living in historic Virginia.
What I've always known as the Civil War, is sometimes called
 "the war of northern aggression" here.  The wounds from the
Civil War are still healing for the descendants of these soldiers.

Living here for awhile, I've come to better understand why
 Virginians are so very entrenched in and proud of their history.
Virginia is the Birthplace of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and
James Madison!

On with the photos........

This family all decked out in their finest period garb
kindly let me take a photo.

The temperature that day hit 85, but all the participants
looked happy, even though many of them wore wool. 

A view of several of the tents, which the participants
actually slept in for the week-end.   Some had cots,
other roughed it and slept on the floor. 

The Provost tent.  The Provost was in charge of the camp,
and would organize and direct the troops.

The chuck wagon!
The plastic trash bag is there because the cook made a breakfast of bacon,
eggs and potatoes for 150 folks that morning.

The cook explained that each soldier was given 3 lbs. of meat to carry
with him into battle, which he was responsible for cooking himself. 
He noted that often the meat was spoiled when they received it,
 or before it could be cooked.  Soldiers also received a coffee ration
that would make one large tin cup.  .

Marching in formation demonstration,

and firing rounds

They pulled the cannon into place. 
We were warned to cover our ears if loud noises were a problem, then
The cannon was reloaded and they shot off a second round. 

It was a great event to attend on Memorial Day week-end! 
Hope you've enjoyed my post! 


  1. I have never seen the encampment, but I have visited Yorktown. My brother lives in Williamsburg. I love that whole area of VA. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I really appreciate who keep history alive. Always so interesting.


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