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Monday, May 21, 2012

Weeks Cheapo Finds!

Found a few really cheap thrifty things this past week
at a couple of my fav thrift stores.

First I found this stack of 1950's Russel Wright
 Casual China by Iroquois

5 dinner, 4 luncheon & salad
Be still my heart!

Can you see those 99 cent stickers?

I went back a couple days later and found more, 3 dinner plates in blue. 
So are they hiding them in the back of the store, and bringing them
out a few at a time? 

Geesh, I'll just have to go back and keep checking!

Vintage sugar & creamer for a dollar.  They're going to
 look sweet on my pine cone design tablecloth next Christmas. 
Marked USA, the shape is very familiar.  Think they were
grocery store giveaway dishes, but can't remember the maker.
Stetson maybe?

Yes, they are Stetson, a grocery store premium. 
 Just found a set on eBay for $25 BIN.

How could I resist black candlesticks for my tablescapes,
for 50 cents each! 

I'm sure this can is a repro, but it was so cute and
matches the green in my kitchen.

OK for a dollar.  This was a great "thrifty find" week for me!

How did you do?

PS/ Is anyone else having problems with spacing on their blogs?  Sometimes no spaces, sometimes too many.  Go back to edit, but it looks fine in the compose area.   aaargh...

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  1. Great finds Pam. Love, love the tin. Such a fun color. I would have nabbed it up in a big hurry.

  2. Great buys and I love the tin!

    Have a wonderful week!

    Aledia @ Plum Perfect

  3. Love Russel Wright china...I collect Casual china in avocado yellow and ripe apricot. And, yes, the spacing issues with Blogger drive me nuts. I've just about worn the Remove Formatting button out!

  4. Love your finds - Russel Wright on the cheap?? Lucky you!!

  5. Definitely good finds for you. The can is such a pretty green.

  6. Hi, Pam! I love those pine dishes! I bought a little plate like that for my fall display this last year. I would say they were premium dishes, too. I've *always* had trouble with spacing on my blog but I've heard lots of ladies complaining about it lately.

  7. LOVE the dishes and your other finds. Really -- you would think since they have a confirmed sale in you, they'd just hand it all over!

  8. I *love* the pine cone dishes..and that little tin! Wonderful stuff :) I always have trouble with my posts and spacing and all - it's just a good thing I can't miss a thrift post or I'd give up ;)

  9. Ooh, I love the Russel Wright pieces! Amazing score!

  10. Pam, how are you feeling?? I also wanted to tell you that I received my towels!!! Thank you so very much! They are gorgeous. What beautiful stitching is done on them. xoxox
    p.s. I love your bargains!!

    1. Kitty, I hope you'll use them when you're whipping up your fantastic recipes! :-)

  11. I am SO not liking some of the problems popping up with spacing in the new blogger edition. And I'm having trouble loading photos, too. I keep thinking they'll work it out, but who knows.

    You had terrific finds -- I would have bought that tin, too.

    Hoping to find your email on your profile to send you a thank you for the kind comment on my blog. It meant so much.

  12. It's me again -- I couldn't link to contact you, so in more detail, I just wanted to thank you for the very kind comment you left on The Marmelade Gypsy about the loss of my boy, Mr. Gyps. You're right -- they leave indelible memories in our hearts -- and the hole that is there when they go away is huge. I know you understand this and I'm so very grateful you stopped by and shared comforting words. They help.

    1. Thanks for findng me here Jeanie, really appreciate it!

  13. I have a great passion far dishes. I do not even use the ones I have, but still want some of them.They are making them so pretty now days. Enjoy yours.

  14. Great finds! I adore the pine cone S&C, so darling.

    And yup! I'm having a terrible time with photos and this new blogger thingie. ARGH! There seems to be no rhyme or reason to it or at least, I can't figure it out!

    Happy VTT!

  15. Well, it looks like lot's of us are having problems with the spacing when composing blogs. Not that it makes it better to know it's not just me, but misery sure loves company...right? Hopefully they're working on it! Guess there are always problems to overcome whenever there are changes. Have a great week-end!


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