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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Finally, Tablescape for Cinco de Mayo!

Obviously I need to do more Mexican themed tablescapes
with my plethora of tablecloths!

I finally chose this Startex vintage tablecloth,
which has great colors and graphics.

So many colors on this table, it's almost dizzying!

Isn't is funny how the man on the burro has no face?
Thrifted tea lights for a little ambiance.

This sweet Senorita vintage tea towel was made by Broderie,
a quality brand coveted by vintage linen collectors. 

You can see why, she is "muy bonita"!

I used black dollar store plates, topped by Hazel Atlas glass plates.

The striped glasses are vintage Anchor Hocking, recent yard sale find,
$2 for a set of 6!

Mr. Retro found the pepper dishes at a thrift store near his workplace. 
Am I so jealous happy he gets to stop there after work. 
Also, jar of dried peppers from last years garden.

Chiquita banana Salt & Pepper shakers!
Made by Clay Art of CA.  A gift from Mr. Retro years ago. 

We were having  dinner a new retro themed restaurant and they were part of their decor. 
I was really coveting admiring them.  He went back to the the restaurant
the next day  and talked them into selling them to him! 

 So cute & retro, and surely will be in future tablescapes.

Sangria anyone?
(with thrift store glasses)

Thanks for visiting me and my" muy bonita" Cinco de Mayo table!

Always enjoy your comments!  

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  1. Wow, your tablescape is gorgeous! I like the tablecloth you picked, the banana salt and pepper shakers and thoses striped glasses were a great find, too!!

  2. So colorful and cute - love it! You really concentrated on all of the little details - great job!

  3. I think you could have a TV show on HGTV, you're so talented with all your table settings! It's just beautiful! :)
    Erica :)

    1. WOW, what a compliment! My tablescapes are very amateur with poor photography compared to most blogs I've seen...but they're always fun! :-)

      Thanks so much! Pam

  4. I adore your vintage Cinco de Mayo tablescape, so much fun! And you reminded me that I inherited a Mexican themed vintage tablecloth from my mother and I can bring it out and enjoy it this weekend. :)

    Happy Rednesday and Cinco de Mayo!

    1. Oh, have fun enjoying your Mom's vintage tablecloth!

  5. Love your vintage linens! Gosh you have some gorgeous mexican themed one's!! Lots of color indeed and I love it! The S&P are the cutest thing!!! I need something like that for sure. Hugs, Linda

    1. Yes, those S&P's are the cutest, aren't they? Had to have them! Thanks, Pam

  6. This is so fun, I love the happy colourful theme. It's so nice when hubbies take an interest too. xx

    1. Yes, my hubby is a stuff "enabler". Don't know if that's good or not, LOL!

  7. Bring on the tacos!!!! Love the festive table :) On a side note I had to giggle when I saw your lovely Britney is named Doyle as I have a huge cat named Doyle. You don't hear that name very often!

  8. What a beautiful and cheerful tablescape. I love your tablecloth, so colorful. This table is really very festive, just perfect for cinco de Mayo...christine

  9. Hi Pam, hi Doyle. You have a great collection, so colorful. Hi, I'm Connie at, your new GFC friend. I would love it if you stop by and be mine, too.
    Thank you for sharing your awesome table setting.

  10. Pam, this is so great! It is muy bonita! I love it, I was just telling my Momma about your vintage Mexican themed table cloths! So happy to see your table scape!
    It is full of wonderful color. Your hubby is a real gem!

  11. Too cute! Great tablescape - just in time for Cinco de Mayo.

  12. Love the salt and pepper shakers! Retro fun!

  13. Now this says "Fiesta" to me! I LOVE the tablecloth. All your accessories, just a perfect table for Cinco de Mayo. Visiting from Let's Dish! xo

  14. Looks like you are all ready for some celebrating...awesome tablecloth.


  15. This is great! What a wonderful tablecloth for Cinco! And those s and p's are fabulous and fun!
    Thanks so much for linking to Let's Dish!
    Mother's Day Challenge this Wed at 7! :)

  16. This table makes me want to get up and dance. The S&P shakers are too fun! I was at a quilt retreat for the past 3 days. They threw a mean Cinco de Mayo party! Your table would have fit in perfectly. Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup!


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