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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Come see my Yard Sale!

We had a Yard & Porch Sale yesterday!
Where were you?
I needed some help from you yard sale junkies & thrifters!

Our sale was successful, but we didn't get as many buyers as we expected.
Too much other stuff going on in the area.  

We have lots of great vintage goodies left and more things to clean out. 

I meant to take some outdoor photos, but as soon as Mr. Retro started
bringing the stuff out to the lawn, the annoying fun early birds showed up.

We advertised to start at 8:00 a.m. instead of  9:00 a.m.,
to avoid the early bird dilemma.  How stupid silly are we? 
The first early bird showed up by 7:00 a.m.!

Mr. Retro was outside while I finished up on the porch.    
At 7:30 I caved in and agreed to open early for his safety sake.
(folks can get a little crazy at sales)

Our little county (population about 9,000) has it's own Longest Yard Sale each year.
It's is well advertised and attended, and continues to grow.
 Long story short, we'll be joining in to sell at the county sale next month!

I'm exhausted just thinking about it!
Having a sale is both exhilarating and exhausting, isn't it?

Would love to hear from you have yard sales?
Tell us about your experience?
Thanks for visiting!

Joining in:

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  1. Glad you had a successful day. You had lots of beautiful things to sell. I don't have garage sales often, but I tend to be a "changer." Every few years, I sell everything and completely redecorate. As a result, my sales are usually large and profitable. Several of my friends have almost completely decorated their homes over the years with my garage sale items...LOL

  2. It feels like the longest day ever when you have yard sale, doesn't it? The good thing is that no matter what, you get rid of things you don't use and someone else will take hom and love (or use!).

    Robin Flies South

  3. I havent' had a yard sale in many years. It is so much work for me now! I see lots of goodies I would have bought! Enjoy your next sale. Hugs, Linda

  4. Rummage sales are a lot of work! Hope you did well!

  5. Well you KNOW I would have been there had I been a teensy bit closer :) I love me a good yard sale :)!!

    PS: You've gotta come to the elephant's trunk * so fun! We can have a breakfast date after, okay?:!!! xo P

  6. I did one sale like that and people started arriving, while I was still in my pajamas! That was the last one. I certainly see a few things that I would have bought!!

  7. Wonderful items! I haven't held a sale in a couple of years, but desperately need to. I just dread all the work!

  8. My mom and I are planning a yard sale in a few weeks. I'm excited to get rid of stuff, but exhausted just thinking about it! I've done them before and they're one of the most tiring things ever. Looks like you had some AMAZING things in your sale!

  9. Yard sales are stressful for me and too much work. I give to goodwill and figure I will be repayed somehow. It's funny, usually I win something somewhere afterwards. Looks like you had some good stuff.


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