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Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Generosity of Bloggers & Giveaways!

Ah, the giveaway! 

The dictionary definition of generous is,

Generous = liberal in giving or sharing

I'm always surprised when browsing to see so many bloggers hosting giveaways.
Wonderful gifts waiting to be won by the luck of the draw!

This leads me to the following conclusion:
Generous = Bloggers

Normally I am not lucky when it comes to "winning",
but my luck must be changing...
 I recently won not one, but two wonderful giveaways!


Naturally, I thanked Suzanne and Fran, but also wanted
to share this experience with my fellow bloggers.

Fran of, Hey Mom! What's for Dinner?,
gave away 3 gorgeous pillows she made, as she opened her new Etsy shop,


Yes, 3 pillows!

She even made the precious tag!
Oh, I'm a lover of "cute"!

We got to choose which pillow we would like if we won,
of course I chose this one.
The center fabric is from a vintage tablecloth, only my very favorite thing,
(You saw my header, right?)
and such lovely colors perfect for our guest room.

Here's a close up so you can examine her perfect workmanship!
Obviously, I can't thank Fran enough.

Please visit her blog...your can look back and see the other 2 pillows,
and right now she has a recipe for
Almond Cake with Fresh Berries
with photos to make you drool!


I received a generous box with multiple goodies from
Suzanne of,  The Colorado Lady

You may be familiar with her "Vintage Thingie Thursday"
and if not, go visit, such fun stuff!

(and don't miss her 3 adorable daschunds~reason enough to visit!)

I should explain I actually wasn't the winner, but Suzanne was feeling
so generous, that after the winner was selected, she decided, what
the heck, I think I want to giveaway more...let's draw a 2nd winner,
and I am!

First I saw  precious little note cards.  Then,

five quilt blocks!  The fabric is just beautiful, feels so nice to the touch. 
Fortunately I have a friend who will help me make something fabulous. 

Also, a wonderful book, filled with essays and charity projects.

Quilting For
Make the World a Better Place One Stitch at a Time
Katherine Bell

Again, I can't thank Suzanne enough for her generosity.


& if you'll let me revisit here...

A few months ago, I won Holly's giveaway at,  
Cutie Pie Cottage

I showed this in a January post, but for those who didn't see,

a fun and generous gift of crafty paper and ribbons, 
lots of fun stuff!   Thanks again Holly!

I've only been blogging about six months,
and just can't say enough good things about the blogs I browse and read.
I've learned so much, gotten terrific ideas, lip smacking recipes,
and especially enjoyed your wonderful senses of humor!
I thought this would be a quick, short post...but the "blogger love"
just got me carried away, LOL!
Thanks Fran, Suzanne, Holly & all you Bloggers!!!

Always love to have you visit and comment!  

I'm joining Seasonal Sunday
at The Tablescaper


  1. I love your conclusion, "generous=bloggers!" So true, I am just awed by the support and friendship within the blogging community.

  2. Wow! You really have been blessed with some generous blog give aways! So pretty, I do love the pillow! Are you a quilter, as well? Your friend is going to quilt with you? Sorry, I guess I confuse easily? Ha ha! I wish I had a friend that could help me quilt.
    I am happy for you!


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