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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Feelin' Crabby!


It's rare for me to buy anything like this that's not vintage!

I found them in a gift shop that was going out of business
and just had to bring them home with me.

Yup, these guys were just too cute to leave behind!

I couldn't resist sitting them on  the cute polka dot plates
I recently used for a Valentine table blog.
Just my opinion!

Can't wait til summer when I'll use them in a
seafood themed tablescape.

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  1. What big eyes they have. I am sure you will use them in a nice setting.

  2. Oh my gosh!! Those little guys are great!! They look so cute on the plates!! Happy Rednesday!! xx ~Deanna

  3. Those are so cute! They make me think of The Little Mermaid. I can hear them singing "Under De Sea"!!

    Happy Rednesday!!

  4. HaPpY ReDnEsDaY!
    Thanks for visiting my blog~my Chrsitmas tree is all decked out in hearts. If you click the picture, it should enlarge but maybe it still isn't large enough.
    Love your little lobsters-you and I could do damage shopping. I love a bargain that calls to me!
    Have a great day!


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