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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Vintage Pins Anyone?

Loving all things vintage, of course I love vintage jewelry.
I found myself being drawn to pins/brooches.

Check out my pin board! 

As my collection grew it was harder to find places to stash them,
and to find a particular one when I wanted to wear it.

Here's the simple idea I came up with:
cover a piece of wood with some fabric you can stick the
pins through, frame it and hang it.

I chose a black terry hand towel.  Hubby made the frame and
painted it black, and put it all together for me.  I think it
looks striking against the green painted wall.
It's the perfect solution for you jewelry mavens ~
unique artwork for your bedroom wall!

My pins are mostly vintage (from various decades) but do include some newer pins too.
This section holds some fab metal enameled, a favorite style!

Love any kind of flower pins, and
 those old rhinestone brooches.

Yes, I have a fondness for anything turquoise

So many different design circle pins to be found!

Birds, fish, cats, leaves, butterflies, bows, owls, umbrellas....
you can find just about anything you can think of!

Uh oh, this isn't all of them...I tend to leave them pinned
to my jacket lapels, sweaters, coats, etc.

Do yourself a favor the next time you're out thrifting-antiquing,
treat yourself to a vintage pin and WEAR it! 
~ Sure to make you smile~

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  1. Wow! What a collection and a nice way to display it, too! My mother always wore a pin to work and now I wish I had her collection. I like to decorate with them but now wear them. Maybe that's why I only have 2! :)

  2. Nice collection. I have always liked he big fifty style ones.

  3. What great pins Pam! My favorite are the enameled flowers!!


  4. A great collection! I have a few special ones that I love to wear!

  5. Oh, I love vintage brooches and pins! What an amazing collection. I love the enameled flower pins from the 60s. I'm your newest follower and I hope you can pop over to Cottage and Creek and follow back. Have a great week and thanks for sharing your treasures.

    1. Thanks Lynn! I popped over & am following you too!

  6. Wow, how neat is that? I have never seen such a large collection. You and your husband came up with a great way to display them! Do you have any Cameos?

    1. I do have a cameo, not on the board, but safely tucked into a velvet jewelry bag. Special anniversary gift, with 3-ladies dancing motif. Promise to show it later, it's gorgeous!

  7. It's funny as I have always loved brooches but as I don't wear them often have had to stop myself from buying them. This is a great idea, looks gorgeous. Sherry :)

  8. Ummm OH EM GEE!! I need your stash!!!! My crafty side is drooling with art projects those could get turned into!

  9. I love vintage enamel flower pins and have a pretty good size collection.I just found your blog and it looks like we have a kindred collector spirit as I also have a ton of vintage tablecloths and linens. Please stop over to

  10. Oh what beautiful pins! I cant say enough about vintage can do all kinds of things with them!
    Thank you for sharing!


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