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Monday, January 2, 2012

Heywood Wakefield 1950's buffet restore!

I am fortunately married to a talented guy. I found this
Heywood Wakefield buffet at a local antique flea market, snapped
a photo with my phone to show him, and soon it was ours!

How someone could do this to a classic piece of furniture is beyond me,
but lucky for us  they did.  As you can see, it was an ugly yellow sponge painted mess!
 Some kind of varnish added to the sponging made it worse.

We already had the matching china cabinet to this Wakefield
piece in our dining room, so finding the buffet to finish the decor was kismet! 
 It's a quality 100%  solid wood (birch) piece,  as are all their 40's & 50's mid-century
 modern pieces.  We've been decorating with Wakefield in this modern theme since
 we found, fell in love with, and purchased our bedroom set in the early 1990's. 

Enough back story....on with the makeover!

It was no easy task removing all that varnish and paint,
but he worked diligently on it.

Then came all  the sanding...
and the refinishing...

after many, many hours of his work and effort....
our gorgeous "new" old buffet!

Who doesn't love restoring a classic piece to it's original beauty?

& YES... I do know how lucky I am to have  such a talented hubby! 
Thanks for stopping in to see the restoration!

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  1. I so like the transformation. Happy New Year!

  2. OMG! I thought the light was fuzzy not the buffet. Obviously, someone didn't know what they had. Luckily, it found a new home with you! Really spectacular! Looks just like it did the day it was manufactured. Beautiful!

  3. Lucky follower 13 here. You did Wakefield well. My gosh what were the previous owners thinking. I paint furniture sometimes but not Wakefield. Can't wait to see your future post.

  4. Why oh why does anyone sponge paint a lovely piece of furniture?!! It boggles my mind! Y'all made it beautiful again! Great job!
    Thanks for visiting with me and the sweet comments! I'm one of your newest friends!!

  5. OMG! Thank goodness you could see the beauty beneath all that gunk! It looks so proud now! I am sure it appreciates you rescuing it!


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