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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Olio

Today I'm doing a blog olio! 
Olio = miscellaneous mixture, hodge podge
That sums up my post for today!

First, and most importantly I'm sharing a photo of the goodies
I recently received from Holly at Cutie Pie Cottage,
after winning her giveaway!
(Thanks again Holly)
A wonderfully generous package filled with crafting goodies.
Now I'm gonna need her help. 
I envy all the talented crafters, and
hope I can learn to follow in their footsteps! 

Click the link on my sidebar to visit her blog...
one of the cutest blogs out there!


Things I like, I seem to end up with multiples. 

Stretchy fun bracelets in lots of colors, check.

Antique S & P shakers that belonged to my great aunt,
sitting on the sweetest vintage hankie ~ sent to me by
my VTLC friend Joan

The cutest little MIJ cheese dish I found at a
local thrift shop last week for $1.

He's missing the little cheese knife,
but I've got one.

Canned & dried veggies from last years garden,
looking almost too pretty to eat.

Oh no!  the unseasonal warm  weather last week
made some of my daffodils spring up!
Too much winter still to come for that, poor daffs!


Because then I'll miss out on this!

I'll be blogging about these fun new finds from yesterday later!


Hope you enjoyed my Olio Sunday!
Thanks for stopping in!


  1. Hi!

    Thanks for coming over to The Marmelade Gypsy on Pink Saturday -- I just love your blog olio! What a great idea. And frankly, your blog "had me" at the banner! Oh! WONDERFUL!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. I love your banner too! It's so bright and cheerful...and such a perfect reminder of days past. We've had weather in the 70s here, and my iris have popped up. I fear that the ice we often get in February will damage them. :(

  3. Oh, look at all that vintage goodness! I love your sweet, little "mousey" cheese dish...just too cute!

    Thanks for visiting AND for becoming a following friend!

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  4. Love that "corny' valentine! When my boys were growing up, if someone would say something corny at the table, my oldest boy would say something like, "Please pass the CORN! or Do we have any CORN on the cob?" ;)

    Well, looks like someone has also been playing with photo editing and frames! I need to get on over to picnic and do the same!

    Glad you liked your give away goodies!

    How about making a mini dotty pendant banner? Cut out a little triangle out of cardboard for your template. Use it to make more triangles from your dotty paper and glue them to a string or ribbon and hang along your hutch or a shelf! Just an idea. :)

    1. Such a cute "corny" story. My photo editor came with the software for my Sanyo camera. I love it, I'm still finding out all the things it can do.

      OK, I like your banner suggestion. Thanks!

  5. Congrats on your blog win! What great goodies to play with.

    I love your aunt's salt and peppershakers! And your yummy canned veggies...Great post Pam!

  6. I enjoyed your olio Sunday! Oh, I am going to go on a diet but don't know about those calories either. Hope you had a good week end. Pat

  7. Well, I learned a new word today! I was unfamiliar with the term "olio." Thanks for sharing your fun medley of vintage cuteness. I love seeing all the thrifty treasures everyone bought over the weekend. Can't wait to read more about yours. Have a lovely day!

  8. Hey there! I found your blog through Pink Saturday and I just had to say Hey! I am a Virginian too :) I am in the southern part of the state (hampton roads area) I love your "corny" valentine and your veggies look yummy and you are right almost too nice to eat.
    It was great to "meet" ya.


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