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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday Decor

Spent some time on my Christmas decor for the dining room. 
 Photo above is the buffet. 
Vintage Christmas runner, milk glass center bowl and candleholders,
and Fenton ruby petal candleholders.
Sweet poinsettia hankie dresses up the bowl. 

Our handmade vintage stockings.
I've had my girl mitten stocking for as long as I can remember.
Harry's is also vintage, but fairly new to him.
The cute puppy paws one belongs to Doyle,
not vintage, but neither is he!

I treasure this vintage Christmas ornament, a gift from two favorite nieces,
nestled in a sweet vintage candy cane hankie.
Christmas runner was my Mom's, also treasured. 
She told me she gave it to me because I
 loved it when I was young. 

Must have been my early onset this crazy textilosis*
(*all consuming love of vintage linens, shared
with all my VTLC friends, LOL!)

This gorgeous Wilendur Poinsettia is definitely a favorite!  
The different colored poinsettias allow me to do several
different color themes from the same cloth!
Today I chose to highlight the pink and blue ~
 pink depression glass pitcher
(which I found yesterday while "thrifting" with a good friend) 
sitting on a pink crochet edged hankie,
  pink and gold depression glass candleholders,
 with powder blue candles. 

Really a sweet look, don't you think?

Close up of center below

Christmas tea towels draped over the china cabinet?
Why not!

Two mod looking angel girls
by Fallani & Cohn.  Recall they are by
designer Chuck Gruen.
The mod looking Christmas tree towel
is untagged.  

Our vintage aluminum tree with the original
color wheel is such a kick!

Thanks so much for visiting!

Hope to post my tablecloth ladder filled
with Christmas tablecloths soon.  


  1. Very pretty, Pam! Love your cut out ornament! those are my favs. I only have 2 but hoep to build up to a whole tree full some year.

    Oh boy, Christmas table cloths, I'll look forward to that! I don't have any of those yet. ♥

  2. Very Pretty. I love your aluminum tree. My parents used to have one and it brings back happy memories. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  3. Thanks you gals! I'm always thrilled to receive a comment.

  4. Didn't think I'd like a retro anything, but I love all your things! Your tree is adorable and the the table is just lovely. Thanks for expanding my horizon. Happy Holidays!

  5. So glad you enjoyed my post and like my things! Here's to expanded horizons!

  6. I love your blog it's so beautiful your banner photo is gorgeous! Your dog is a cutie too! Merry Christmas, Jennifer

  7. It is the little vintage hankie that touches my heart the most--mostly, I think, because it touched yours when you were young.


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    Something red when day is done.

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  8. It is all fantastic ! I love those ruby candle holders!


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