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Sunday, June 26, 2016

4th of July Vintage Tablescape & Stuff

We have some time until Independence Day, but the table needs to be set early,
for some extra time to enjoy the holiday theme!

I used my Wilendur "Mountain Ash" tablecloth, with the gorgeous red
and blue berries.  Westmoreland Glass candlesticks, Hazel Atlas dessert cups.
I've been wanting to use the two Nikko cloud plates since I thrifted them.  
Perfect for this table.
I used some things I already had for the centerpiece.  I made the pinwheels a
few years ago.  I decorated the birdhouse on the right, and Patti of Paintin' Patti
blog decorated & sent me the one on the left in a bloggers swap.  My friend
Debbie of My Vintage Daydreams blog sent me the Virginia souvenir glass. 
Thanks for helping me set my holiday table bloggy friends! 
 I bought the flag pin right after 9/11.  It still makes me sad to look at it...
never forget.  
 We have so many, from our forefathers to the present, to thank for our freedom.

I used tags I also made a couple years ago to decorate the plates.

Whether you have a beach day, and a picnic or barbeque, and enjoy some
festive fireworks...take the time to think of all of those who fought for the
freedom of our country and continue to do so.
Happy Independence Day!

Other stuff..........
I love fresh Blueberries.  Better still is getting to pick them at a local farm.
That will start here mid-July, can't wait!  Fresh baked blueberry muffin anyone?

We have another wild group of territorial Hummingbirds summering
with us.  I captured 4 of them in this photo (descending on the feeder),
but there were actually 6 birds jockeying for 4 flowers.
Don't feel too badly for them, there are two more feeders in our backyard.
They zip back and forth between them. 

Don't know about your pets, but Doyle likes nothing better than drinking
from a running hose outside, second best is finding an unexpected
 bucket of fresh water. 

That is it for now.  I'm trying to do a post every couple weeks.  There are so
many outdoor activities that keep us busy in the summer.  Thanks for
taking the time to stop by! 
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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

June Gardens & Tablescape~Tablecloth

I hope you are enjoying sliding into summer.  Our yard looks the
prettiest this time of year.  I'll bore you with too many photos, but
I like to be able to look back and see which plants did well.

Tropical Hibiscus, one of my favorites.  We had a yard full when we lived
in Florida, but unfortunately this will just last the summer here.  Enjoying
it every single day we can. 

The day lilys remain short, probably stunted by living in this pot,
but this is the 4th year they have survived and returned to grow and bloom.

The small white flowers are a type of Zinnia and the green is oregano,
which also sprouts back up in this pot each year. 
The voles destroyed my Hostas a few years ago.  They love to eat the roots,
which kills the plants. Hostas are perfect for the semi-shady spot under the Ginko
 tree, so I decided to try them in pots. They also come back each year. 

The petunias haven't done as well this year, but I love
their continuing splash of color.  Yellow Marigolds share the pot.

Another type of tiny daisy like Zinnia shares a pot with the
returning purple Salvia.  More Marigolds share a pot with Coleus.

These pots of Zinnias are by the front door.
A lovely show of color. 
Each year I sacrifice at least one hanging plant to our bird friends.
The birds love to build nests in my hanging plants.  I didn't realize this
Begonia was occupied until I was watering it and a terrified Wren flew out.
There are 5 eggs and mama bird is still sitting on them so I'm glad all is okay. 
Does this happen to you? 
We live in the country and have numerous trees, so I'm wondering why
they choose my hanging plants.  Especially one on the patio, over a bench
that we sit on!   Now I will  let another plant die from lack of water to
save the sweet baby birds. 

The vegetable garden is doing pretty well.  The barrel plants are
doing the best.  They were better able to drain from the drenching
rain we had the whole month of May. 

You can see all the yellow blossoms on the summer squash,
but the peppers in the box in front of them are looking sickly.

Finally, a few photos of a small tablescape that I recently did. The sweet vintage
 tablecloth is made by Startex , with a plant design  It fit the plant theme of my post!

Doyle was enjoying being on the front porch when I saw this.  He usually looks
out the front screen door, but decided to hop up on the cedar chest for a better view. 
Dogs are so funny! 

I hope you are enjoying sliding into summer and keeping cool.
How is your garden doing? 

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On another note, I need to add a personal comment...
 I am deeply saddened by the horrifying tragedy that has taken place in Orlando.
 The hatred and ignorance needs to stop now. So does the sale of assault weapons.
Let us care, pray, understand and accept everyone without bias. 

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Community Yard Sale Finds!

I live in the small rural county of Mathews, Virginia.
We have 200 miles of shoreline, therefore lots of visitors
and second home owners.  We also have many events, with
this one being a favorite of mine....Community Yard Sale!

There were many sellers in the downtown area.  You could rent a space there,
or you could sell right from your own yard.  Free maps were provided by the
Visitors Center with directions to all the sales.

I've been proud of all the downsizing and donating I have done, but could I 
 really pass up shopping my own community sale?  Of course not! 
 I mostly enjoyed the fun & the comradery of shopping but did bring
home a few irresistible (to me) treasures.

I have used some of my fun vintage tea towels as a background for my photos. 
 Sweet vintage rhinestone pin and earring set by Camelot, in original box.

Vintage Fire King Delphite bowl.  It was scummy and someone had put an old
crock pot lid on it to look like a covered casserole.  I left the lid. 

It was a Fire King kind of day.  Vintage Oven Ware platter.  I've had this before
  with the modern sputnik edge design.  This one is a flower design. 

I can't resist candles for my tablescapes, and these were very cool.
Moss Waxworks, CA.   Probably originally pricey but 50 cents to me.

Vintage yellow flatware, stainless from Japan, for a dollar.
Another tablescaping item!

& finally this lampshade, which I needed for a bedroom lamp.
Have you priced lampshades lately?  Expensive!
I paid a dollar for this one. 

Oh yes, I did miss highlighting one of the items, because  I have no gumdrops!
See the clear plastic tree on the left?  My Mom had one of these when we
were growing up.  It got red & green gumdrops for Christmas, pastel for
Easter, and all colors for Birthday parties.  We loved it and she used it often.
I remember my Aunt even using hers for hors' doeuvres with olives on the branches.
Do you remember gumdrop trees?

That's it!  I enjoyed lots more looking than buying, but had a great time. 

On another note...most of our garden survived the 9 inches of rain we had in May,
but it is not looking great, and the tropical storm brought us a couple more days of
rain this week.  The plants don't look very good, but the weeds are doing great!

 Lastly I'll share a photo of another abstract I painted.  I thought my first
painting was lacking something...oh yes, a similar looking painting so I
could hang them as a pair. 

I know we are all busy this time of year, and notice I am not the
only blogger who is posting less.  I also need to do some catch up reading.
Hope you all are enjoying our spring transition to summer as much as I am!

Hit any good sales lately? 

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