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Friday, May 19, 2017

Quick Friday Hodge Podge

Hooray Friday!  
We have a weekend house guest coming, and I haven't
 posted in a bit, so a quick hodge podge to share!

A beautiful spring vintage tablecloth, of course.  
Fenton cobalt bowl and candlestick holders.
The 3-piece Fenton set a steal at $14.

I really need to redo my tablecloth shelves, so maybe if I show this
somewhat messy photo, I will be inspired.  💖
 You can see all my collector books on the middle shelf.  

Another view.  My tablecloths live in the guest room/office.
It's pretty cute, want to come visit.  Like the vintage Heywood
Wakefield club chair in the corner?

Heywood Wakefield student desk & chair. 
Love this room, small but both cute & useful.  

Mr. Retro is doing great, and the doctor finally released him from 
wearing the neck collar last week.  Also, he is returning to
work light duty.  He is very pleased, we both are.  It has been
difficult to be without his salary for three months, on top of 
paying his portion of the humongous medical bills.  But I digress...

He decided to try and bake a cake outdoors in our
dutch oven, a  preview before we try it camping.  

Doesn't it look beautiful? gets better!

It is a Pineapple Upside Down cake, and here it is 
right side up!  Mr. Retro gets an A+.

Wish I could linger, but are we really ever ready for house guests?

Thanks for the visit & have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Vintage Tablescape - California Hand Prints

Sharing a favorite thing again this week, a vintage tablescape. 
 Which of course starts with my very favorite thing, 
a vintage tablecloth.
This modish beauty is made by California Hand Prints, also known
as CHP.  Chafing dish, fish, cheese, asparagus, wine... so many
 interesting kitchen items and food on this colorful tablecloth.

Though the theme of the tablecloth favors mid-century modern,
I couldn't help but add some things from the "cute" category.

I used a mixed bag of odd dishes, and some chartreuse Hazel Atlas Ovide.  
I couldn't resist the crying onion dish with the two chef towels.  It looks like 
the crying onion knows what is coming!  

Did you spy George & Judy from  "The Jetsons"?
Too fab salt & pepper shaker set!

Vintage Smith glass Moon & Star candlestick holders, Indiana Colony 
drinking glasses, and Anchor Hocking water pitcher.  Love all the greens.

Center lattice bowl is an MMA reproduction, which I use often.
Colorful non-matching Vera napkins help the colors "pop".

I do hope you've enjoyed my latest tablescape.  

And thank you for viewing my "too many" photos.  

I plan to join up with Tablescape Thursday again this week.  
So many beautiful tablescapes to visit!

On a personal note, Mr. Retro has his 2-month post-op visit
tomorrow.  He should be able to stop wearing the cervical collar and
hopefully be able to drive again.  It's been a long two months, but
we've both learned some things along the way. 👫  Please send 
 positive thoughts that he receives a good report from the doctor.  

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Cinco de Mayo Tablescape

(Fab Clay Art S & P's)

According to Wikipedia, Cinco de Mayo
 is a celebration held to commemorate the Mexican army's 
victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla. 

 In the United States, Cinco de Mayo has  become 
associated with the celebration of Mexican-American culture.

The adorable Senorita tea towel is a vintage Broderie. 
Fabulous candlestick holders are USA Glass/Tiffin.

My tablescape started with a MWT (Mint with Tag) Startex
Starline tablecloth, rich with bold colors.  

Set with my often used Hazel Atlas Ovide Platonite plates & red
rimmed white dessert cups.  Green vintage pottery marked USA 5006, 
maker is unknown to me.  

Colorful striped glasses are from the dollar store, juice
glasses are vintage Anchor Hocking Ruby Red, and the
sweet creamer & sugar are vintage Japan.

I have several Southwestern/Mexican themed vintage
tablecloths, which were very popular in the 50's.  Doing this
post reminds me I need to share them with you.  

Doyle is staring down a rabbit here, who made it
safely into the scrub with nary a chase!  👍

The garden has been keeping us busy lately.  I've planted flowers and
 herbs, while Mr. Retro has planted a variety of veggies.  I hope to share 
those next time.  What has been keeping you busy this spring?

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