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Thursday, July 12, 2018

HOT July Stuff

Whew, it has been such a hot summer!
I'll be happy again in the fall.  Just hate the heat 
of summer.  I think that's because I'm old now, lol.  

Sharing just a few things...
I spied this parking meter lamp at an Estate sale and just
couldn't walk away.  I grabbed hubby and he loved it too.  
Problem of the last lamp needed for living room solved!

City of Chicago plaque.  Did some research and the meter is a
Duncan Industries from the 1940's.  It actually works if you insert 
a nickel or dime.  Very cool!

I have too many sets and partial sets of dinnerware.  
I'm fighting with myself to let go of these Franciscan
"Trio" patterned mid century plates.  
Also very cool! 

So our friends save seeds from the veggies they grow and
gave us some from their "long beans".  We planted them,
but had no idea what we would actually end up with!

Now that is a long bean!  

I figured I might as well take advantage of the sun and heat and 
croft some tablecloths to get them ready for my shop.  The sun
is a wonderful brightener.  Just have to watch out for the neighbors
Beagles, who not only dirty them, but will even steal them, yikes!

How are you handling the hot weather?  Whew, suggestions 
appreciated.  I'll end by sharing some items for sale in
 my Etsy shop.  I've been working hard at restocking.

Thanks for visiting!

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Almost Independence Day...

Happy almost Independence Day!
Stopping in to share a few photos.

 Previous July 4th breakfast tablescape.

 Vintage this one!

 Vintage BBQ plate

 Top half of 1962 calendar towel, 
family backyard BBQ.  Wear your skirt!  

Enjoy a happy and safe 4th this week!

Ending with a recent vintage find, dancing
girl cocktail napkins.  These will need
many "soaks", but just too cute!

Happy week & Happy Birthday
to our country!  

Friday, June 8, 2018

Hummingbird Heaven! & a bear! UPDATED

Hummingbird Heaven!
That is what we must appear to be to these Hummingbirds.  
We have a feeder at the front of the house, and in the back.  

The front feeder is refilled 3 times daily....that's right, daily!

The back feeder, once daily.  Because there is one mean and
ornery bird who sits near and guards it and chases all the other
hummingbirds away.  

I've planted Bee Balm and other flowers for the birds to enjoy,
but these Hummingbirds are spoiled by this plastic feeder "flower".  

Enjoy this video!

I look forward to welcoming them each year!
Rather than buy expensive nectar, I buy a huge bag
of sugar and make my own.  

What is your Hummingbird situation?  

My cousin was picking flowers in her yard.   She spied this guy,
about 6 feet away.  As he made his way to the birdfeeder
she ran to her house and got inside to safety.  
 She sent  her local newspaper this photo,
 they put it on the front page.