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Monday, July 25, 2016

Painted Turtles "Rock"!

Whew, it is almost too hot to do anything.  It is morning and already 90 something
with a heat index of 100, which will climb to 110 today.  A good day to stay
inside and catch up on blog reading and posting. 

I wanted to share these photos with you today.  I went to a very fun
rock painting class.  We turned these large rocks into turtles.  No Picasso's
here, but lots of laughing and creating our turtle friend.

This one was especially cute with blue swirls instead of the
design we were shown to paint.  Yay for creative souls.

This one has the sweetest little face and his legs make him look
a little like a crab, don't they?

This was a very lumpy odd shaped rock, so the turtle
is quite an original! 

My rock wasn't smooth either, which made it harder to paint, but I
think it gives him great character.  Isn't he sweet?
He is enjoying life on the patio now, next to some potted plants. 
I have some smaller rocks I think I will turn into cute ladybugs. 

Mr. Retro always has projects going.  We picked up this Lane cedar chest
last year for $10.  The finish was in very sorry shape, so we elected to
paint it.  It looks very mid-century modern with gloss black and green paint.
(Excuse the light reflections.  It is curing on the porch.)

I kind of cheated here.  I used the same bowl and candlestick holders
on this weeks table.  I couldn't resist when I spied this tablecloth
with the red and purple teapots & teacups. 

How cute is this design?  I cut some Crepe Myrtle for the center.

Speaking of Crepe Myrtle (or Crape Myrtle - both are acceptable)
You can tell by looking at the chairs underneath, the size and scope of this
gorgeous tree.  It will bloom into September.  We have two others in the yard,
all a slightly different shade of pink.  I will share the other two, which are
smaller, in another post. 

Try your best to stay cool!  This heat is so unhealthy.  Take extra care of
your pets too.  Gosh we still have August to get through!

I'm joining in:

Sunday, July 17, 2016

New Thrift Finds!

This is the time of year to get out and snap up the thrifty finds!

I've been donating and cleaning out, but this week Mr. Retro and I hit some thrifts.
 "Just browsing" can't help but turn into a little buying at the thrifts.

The colorful serving, fruit, pasta, whatever bowl ~ pretty & useful!
Mr. Retro found it for 50 cents.  What?   He loves to show me up.

It looks great on this vintage tablecloth with purple accents.  I just
happened to have candles with the same colors as the bowl.  I know!
One  little lonely fish plate, made by Syracuse, pattern "Driftwood".
Couldn't resist this cutie, wish there had been more of them.  

Fell in love with this mod looking pot.  My score for $1.50!
Marked Tirschenreuth, Bavaria. Wonderful quality.

Mr. Retro found this gingerbread house mold, two sided for making all the house
 pieces.  Guess I'll be making a Gingerbread House this coming Christmas!

 I found two beautiful teacups that were both Made in Japan.
A lovely Lavender with gold accents,
and this lovely floral, still in original packaging.

With gas prices like this and still dropping, its a great time
for some road trips to go treasure hunting, isn't it? 

Mr. Retro framed the two abstract paintings I finished a couple months ago.
We thought they helped to make this a nice grouping.  The large fish is a chalk
 painting  by Bolivian artist Mamanimamani.  The hoop chair is indeed
mid-century modern, and my pottery collection sits on a wall shelf above. 

That's it for now.  Have you done any treasure hunting?  Wishing you a
 "cool" week, it has been hot-hot-hot here with no relief in sight, whew. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Flea Market & More!

I spied an ad seeking vendors for a community FLEA MARKET to
be held in a retail parking lot.  Perfect!  We had already sorted a few bins of stuff
 we wanted to get rid of, so we gathered more stuff and started pricing.  All vendor
fees went to  the local humane society animal shelter as donations.  More perfect!
We borrowed a friend's trailer so we could bring more than the truck would hold.
 Lots more stuff not in these photos.  Mr. Retro set us up early and we were ready
 before the starting time of 8:00 a.m.
Woo Hoo! 
One small problem, where were the customers?
I was a little concerned when I saw they hadn't advertised it in our local once-a-week
newspaper...hmmm.  I looked for big poster board signs at the road to let folks know
there was a Flea Market in the set back shopping center....nothing.

I had even packed up several bags of craft supplies for $1 each,
full of irresistible goodies.  I sold 2.
I think we mostly attracted folks who came to shop at Tractor Supply, Ollies, etc.,
and just happened upon us in surprise.  Foot traffic was so disappointing.
We managed to get rid of some stuff, but brought way too much home. 
 Ready to try it again in the fall when the weather gets cooler. 
Have you been doing any outdoor selling lately?
No, these are not for sale.  This is my collection of vintage pottery, getting their
summer cleaning.  Years ago my Mom gave me her Roseville Peony vase.
 It was my Nana's.  Pottery love ensued, and a new collection was born.
 I promise to do a proper post on them soon.

I'll close with a few summer shots from our house. 
Mr. Retro is working on the Casita camper.  Here he blocked it up to remove
 the frame so he can put on the new axle.  Whew, luckily that went well.
We bought a Windsor rocker about 30 years ago.  So sturdy and comfy.
I spied the Boston rocker (left side) at the thrift store this weekend.
 Furniture was 30% off, so it came home with us.  The same manufacturer
as ours, Nichols & Stone of MA, maker of quality rockers.
So happy with this find, and no more doing the dash to see who gets to sit in
the rocker, we each have our own for porch sitting!  :)
Doyle is happy on his fuzzy mat. 

No tablescapes today, but will share this Simtex tablecloth on the porch table.
 Hope you all have a great week, and thanks for your visit. 
What summer fun have you been up to?