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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The little red wagon & the Farmers Market

Are you finding it more difficult to find time
to blog in the summer?  I think that is a given!
Remember I showed you this Radio Flyer Town & Country
wagon Mr. Retro nabbed for $10 at an estate sale?
Well here it is in all it's glory!  Mr. Retro took it apart, painted the wood,
 cleaned the metal, replaced the cracked bottom, and some other things
 I really can't explain.  ;)

Of course the Antiques Roadshow likes things in their original state,
but realistically, the value on this is probably $75-$100, so no
problem with a redo!

He even made the name legible again. My photo not so good.

Think how much fun I'll have filling this with goodies when we
take it along to an antique show or flea market.
Isn't it cute?

I've been meaning to share some photos from our trip to the Farmers Market.
The whole family enjoys this outing, meaning Doyle too.
We have to cross the bridge over the York River to get there.

The farmers market is along the water....what could be better.
Warning....heavy photos here!

Got a huge bag of green beans.

There is even entertainment!

This Mennonite woman let me take a photo of her stand full
of gluten free baked goodies.

Do you think I would leave without a baguette? 
It was scrumptious!
There are a lot of weddings and parties hosted here. 

and naturally, a couple restaurants
It is a great place to bring Doyle, as it is dog friendly & full of doggies!
 He gets to socialize with his furry pals and also got lots of attention and
pets from the folks.  Yes, they make sure plenty of water available for pets.

These German Shorthair Pointers were so handsome. 

Drool worthy peaches.
They tasted as good as they look! 

 When we returned to our parking spot we saw a photographer
taking photos of this is a popular spot for taking
engagement photos.

Thanks so much for coming along to the Farmers Market.

Next week....a tablescape.  Here is a peek!

Have a great week......thanks for putting up with so many photos!  :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Want to see my vintage tablecloth collection?

I really don't know what I would do without my DH & BF, Mr. Retro.
His last project was to build shelves on which to display my vintage tablecloths.
My sweet little cabinet was full and there was overflow all over the house, lol.
He decided I needed larger shelves, taller than the doorway.
The shelving unit didn't fit through the bedroom door! We couldn't maneuver
the turn in our small hallway.  OH NO!!!
 But like the old Beatles songs says, "She came in through the bathroom window",
but in this case it was the bedroom window.

 The bottom row houses my reference books.  I have several just on linens. 
Mr. Retro is quite the craftsman.  I'll do a post to show all
wonderful things he has made for our home over the years.

I need to straighten the tablecloths, but just filled the shelves for now.
 Of course I noticed I now have room to buy more! 
Heavenly ~ they are my true favorite vintage love.

I love the sideways views, and let me tell you...
the members of my Vintage Tablecloth Lovers Club can
identify most of them just by looking at the edges!
Yes, we're an addicted group. 

This whole stack below is Christmas.

 Don't they make a beautiful artistic display?

Well of course this isn't all of them, but it is MOST of them.  There are some on my
 tablecloth ladder, one on the dining table, one on the porch table,
a large tote filled, well you know! 

How do you like my display?  Do you enjoy vintage linens? 
Changing the subject, do you have hummingbirds?
We have so many I'm filling this feeder (their favorite of the 3)
three times a day!  They are just amazing and so much fun to watch.

They come and chirp at me when I'm filling it and flutter near my head.
It's a little scary but exhilarating. 

Here you can see 3 are feeding and the 4th is coming in for a landing.
They are eating us out of house & "sugar"!

Uh oh, I'm changing the subject again. 

Do you like cottage shabby white linens?
I'm getting ready to bring these sweet vintage
pillowcases to the shop to sell. 

Have a terrific rest of the week!  Thanks for stopping by
Your sweet comments make my day. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Church Sale~Estate Sale~Auction!

You know how you wait for a good sale? 
Then there are 3 on the same day!
The Catholic Church had their fantastic annual outdoor sale on the same day
as a small estate sale, and on the same day as a local auction!
What to do???  Go to all 3, of course!
We started at the Church Sale, which opened at 7:00 a.m.
Have to get there by 6:30 to even get in the parking lot.
Mr. Retro scored the little red wagon, which will be red again
once he repairs and paints it.  A $7 bargain. 
We both found and loved these lawn size
NOEL Santas.  Had to come home with us for $10! 
More finds by Mr. Retro, a large chalkboard for my craft space for $5,
and a vintage Yankee Clipper sled that he will fix up.  He splurged
on the sled, $10.  This is the second one he has found in a month,
so I dread think that a new collection has started, lol. 
Yahoo, an ugly coat-hat rack for the porch for $3, which I'll be spray painting. 
Mr. Retro found the large candle stand for 50 cents.

That was it, so we hit the Estate Sale that began at 8:00 a.m.
I can't resist these vintage train/travel cases. Needs cleaning, but $3 is good!
This one is marked Maximillian, New York, NY

A Vera Bradley bag for $4, Imperial vintage vase for $3, and
Christmas tins for 50 cents each. 
The snowman tin is marked Made in Hong Kong. 

Can never have too many Christmas tins. :)
Why is that?   
Sweet pottery bowl.  Know nothing about it other than I liked it for 75 cents.
It's not chipped, that is camera glare.
  Lastly, I found this large & heavy brass candelabra, which is totally not my style.
I'm not a fan of candleabras, but this one called to me. 
So did this cute vintage choir girl.
It was a one day estate sale, with promised bargains if you wanted to leave a bid.
I left bids on both of them and won them both for $9.
She is adorable! Made in Japan, with that 50's-60's look.
Look how cool it is on the table?  Surprised even me.
We finally moved on the auction, which was disappointing.
We did stay long enough for Mr. Retro to win this....I can't
remember what tool it is, but he was thrilled with it and spent
Sunday building shelves for my tablecloths, so whatever it is,
I LOVE it! 
 We were back home by 10:30 a.m.  Not bad for a morning's work!
A final photo, sorry about the glare, of my
finished vintage canning label display.  It is just
perfect for the kitchen wall.  I think I did a great job on it, lol. 
I want to show off one more thing.  Mr. Retro made these hand-held size
chalkboards.  Aren't they cute?
Doyle says a sleepy hello.  I left him in the bedroom when I went to
shower, and he made a bed/nest out of the bedspread.
Gotta love our spoiled dogs!!!
That's it for now.  Did you find any treasures last week end?
I'm a little late since it's Wednesday already, but have a great week!

I finally have a thrifty finds post to join in Melissa's Antiques Thrifty Things Friday
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