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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tis The Season? Not! & Other Stuff

I can hear you groaning if you are reading this post.
I know, I know....but I was asked to ONLY bring Christmas
linens into the store where I sell.  She is getting ready to turn
part of the store into a Christmas Shop.

After digging through a few boxes and totes,
I came up with some stuff.  So here goes....
Christmas stuff before Halloween, its almost un-American, lol.
I brought in this Mikasa Holy  Angel Trio set too.
Linens!  Vintage tablecloths and some guest towels,

more tablecloths, ME elf napkins, and some hankies

Lots of ironing going on yesterday, and some giggling, too bizarre.

Actually, they are so pretty, I'm just not ready.

The cutest elf faces on these Engelbreit napkins.  Why am I selling these???
Okay, that is it....I took it all in this  morning, so I promise to
keep Christmas off the blog until at least Thanksgiving.  ;)

stole found this at a yard sale.  Liquor pump decanter,
with hanging glasses.  I love it ~ very cool.
 I'm thinking 60's?

I finally got these 2 vintage needle books framed and hung.  I'm crazy
about these old graphics.  I have a couple more to frame up.

Before I end, while out with Doyle today, I couldn't help
but notice that the holly berries are turning red.
& the butterfly bush is still in bloom, though the butterflies
are few and far between. 
But what I love best is how the Knock Out Roses come back to
full bloom in the fall.  Gorgeous! 
Doyle likes chilling in his fancy pen after a walk and playtime. 
It is such a busy time, and I notice other bloggers seem to be blogging less often also.
Sometimes we just need to take that collective deep breath.
Have a great rest of the week! 

Monday, October 20, 2014

More Vintage Thrifty Finds!

Our huge county church sale, which included auction items,
 was held last Saturday.  All proceeds go to help the needy
of the county with winter fuel costs.  So we donate, but also
buy and bid freely.  Here is this year's loot!
There weren't many linens, but I did find a few. 
Two sweet embroidered bridge cloths, an apron,
 oriental scarf, embroidered tea towels, and a full apron.
Vintage dresser set, unused, still in the goodness.
Have to clean it up a little.
 Vintage Monterrey Ware enamel dishes.  Made in Mexico, circa 1960.
How cute are these with chuck wagon theme and brands border!

Sweet LEFTON impressed cow cookie jar.  Already atop my kitchen cabinets. 

Lots of assorted junk on the table here.  Sweet little bells,
folding wooden apple bowl, Vera Bradley purse, LuRay teapot sans lid,
Hall candlestick holder, Christmas topiaries.
 Josef Originals choir boys.  I can't resist old Christmas tins,
 nor a new Christmas pitcher, obviously.
I do believe Mr. Retro got the best bargain of the day.  I was shopping the flea
market section, but he wanted to do the auction.  He asked me if I wanted him to bid
on anything.  The dishes, of course, but I warned him no to go too high.
I need dishes like a hole in the head, but I am so addicted attracted to dishes.
I know dishes can be a tough sell, but he won the set for $5.00!  Crazy!!! 

I'm into fall, but feel the urge to do a pink rose tablescape soon. :)
 Aren't they pretty? 

Finally, a couple photos I just found from our camping vacation.
I can't resist vintage cards, etc. 

 Also found this modish Christmas tablecloth, sweet buttons
 & cool magic poster.
 Okay, that's it for today.  I'd better get pricing.  Oh yeah, some of this
stuff is for sale....notice I didn't say most of it, just some of it.  ;)

Have a terrific week! 
Hope you have the same beautiful fall weather that we are enjoying! 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sharing Thrifty Estate-Festival Finds!

Tis the season for the churches in our little county to hold their Fall Festivals. 
 I find the BEST treasures at these sales and look forward to them every year. 
The largest one will be held this coming Saturday.  Woo Hoo! 
Sharing some of my fun finds from last weekend.  
 I can't resist vintage jewelry and especially pins.  The moon is a Sarah Coventry, seems
I've been finding a lot of those lately.  The all gold flowers is a Coro with the
original paper label still attached.  Sweet old gravy pitcher, fall colors.

What is wrong with this Pyrex?  Yup, the top is not a match, but
for 50 cents at a church sale, who cares. :)

Sweet hankies, and the 2 rooster cocktail napkins.  Couldn't resist them!
                  I fell in love with this huge ironstone pitcher.  Vintage Meakin, Made in England.
This is an estate sale find I hit after the church sales.  A one day sale with
half price in the afternoon. :)

I've always liked these vintage serving trays. Many, many moons ago
Mr. Retro and I honeymooned in Atlantic City, NJ, so
this had to come home with me. 
Sweet vintage enamelware coffee and tea pots, designed by Georges Briard.
Sorry the photo isn't better, already had put them on a kitchen shelf, and
quickly pointed my camera up at them.
My BEST fun find in a long time, this Happy Hannah electric hair dryer.

Such great graphics, and still in the original retailer display box!
I'll let the rest photos do the talking.
Purchase price $13.95, which sounds a little steep to me, but it could also be
gotten with "sav-a-stamp" books.  Never heard of them, have you? 
Must have been like S&H green stamps though.

Proudly Made in Whitman, Massachusetts


I have no idea what I will do with it, it might be terrifying fun to plug
 it in and see if it still works.  That's my share for today.  See anything here you like?
I'll be back with more later.  Have a great week friends! 
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