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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Finds, Friends, Fun & Fret: Olio

Hello!  I haven't posted in a couple weeks, so I have a
olio here...some fun, some causing me to fret. 

First fun.  Our town Historical Society was selling Peonies for a
$10 donation.  Yes please!  One of their members has over 100 Peony
bushes in her yard.  Do you grow Peonies?

I don't have any bushes, but next year I will!
So gorgeous.

I went to the local art school for a fun "art break" class.
We painted a sweet owl.  Do you like him? 
I am pleased with how he turned out.

I looked online for an abstract to sketch and paint.  Yes, it is
strange, but isn't it fun?  I am also happy with how this turned out. 
 (Sorry I can't share a tablecloth today, but the dining room is
doubling as my studio right now.  Smiles.)

Okay, time for a little fretting.  I hadn't realized that Virginia had a
monsoon season, but it has been raining for weeks.  Finally today we
will see some sun, but is it too late for our garden?

All this water might be good for a rice paddy, but will likely rot our plants. 
We're hoping for good sun and some heat so the saturated ground can dry up.

So much work and expense has gone into this, Mr. Retro's fun project.
Praying at least some of it will survive. 

Back to fun with an interesting find.  This vintage piece is made by
Stanfordware, Sebring, Ohio.  The factory existed from 1945 until
1961 when it was destroyed by fire.  A fun thing about this piece is that
it still has the paper label stuck to the edge.  It is an unusual shiny silver,
giving it a dramatic flair.  Don't know if it is a planter or a centerpiece,
maybe for a console set.  Need to do some more research. 

Fun gifts from friends!
This State of Virginia souvenir towel is great!  It is a reproduction, have
never seen a vintage one.  Gift from a friend who came for the weekend.

Beautiful vintage linen napkins with a southwest theme.
Sweet gift from a linen-loving friend.  Love the vibrant colors.
 I will be using these for a southwest themed tablescape for sure!

I'm still cleaning out - keeping less and donating more.  I came across
this salt and pepper set I've had since 1997.   Honest.  I used to collect
S & P sets, but only have about a dozen now.  Still have the original
box, made by Treasure Craft. 

What do you think, keep or sell?  I love kitsch so it might be
difficult to part with Marge & Homer.

Mr. Retro is working on restoring a vintage camper, one of those cute
 egg shaped Casita campers.  I just had to buy this vintage postcard when I
spied it at the flea market.  It will hang in the camper one day.

I hope something here made you smile, there was more fun than fret. fret....
I'm having a little procedure tomorrow involving anesthesia, which
always frightens me....send me a good thought if you would.
 UPDATE:  My procedure went well and I am doing fine.
I really do appreciate & thank you for the prayers & thoughts.
Hugs, Pam


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Garden Stuff & Vintage Tablecloth

It is all about the garden this time of year.

I've planted all the flowers in our patio pots, and the perennials
seem to be sprouting back up as planned.  Love this large Hibiscus.
Doyle can never be too comfortable, can he?
How often do you see a dog on a patio lounger? 
He is a character! 
Oh we use lots of mulch every year. 

This years garden is quite large.  

 After a week of rain our garden turned into a pond.   It seems to be
coming back (luckily) and growing.  The bad news is rain is predicted
for later today, tomorrow....
barrel and ground plantings
Mr. Retro fenced the garden this year, so we won't be sharing as much
with the deer, groundhogs and bunnies.  I may sneak some to the bunnies.
We have planted lots of tomatoes and peppers, also beans, squash,
cucumbers, cauliflower, radishes and herbs. 
Crossing fingers for a good harvest! 

Before I leave I'll show you a tablecloth I found when we were
visiting Virginia Beach.  Maker unknown.  I love the use of these
colors together, and the tulips are large and beautiful.

This is a busy time of year with the yard and garden, so I might not
be posting as much as usual.  Hope you are enjoying being outdoors
as much as I am.
& me too!  Can we go out again???  

Are you gardening?  Flowers? Veggies?  Would love to hear.
Have a great week! 

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Cinco de Mayo Vintage Tablescape

Time for a tablescape, and since I love a holiday table
I decided to share a festive table for "Cinco de Mayo", a day for
celebrating Mexican heritage and named for winning a battle in 1862.

The vintage tablecloth was made by Springmaid, Plaza Line. So colorful and festive! 

The centerpiece of my table is this midcentury modern ceramic red bull.
The maker is unknown to me.  Such a cool & fun piece!  

Also on my table is a vintage Hull teapot, creamer & sugar set.  Unfortunately
it is damaged, but worthy of the table.

Once again I have paired a vintage tablecloth with vintage Hazel Atlas.  
The dishes really enhance the colorful designs of printed tablecloths.
Celluloid or Bakelite handled spoon & knife even match.
Most here is vintage, but not everything.  The striped glasses and the
flatware are new and from the dollar store.  Cool surprise to me!
The colorful S&P shakers are not Mexican theme, confirmed
by their name - Montego Bay, but they are too colorful
not to use here.  Made by Clay Art 1990s.

Hope you have enjoyed my Cinco de Mayo table.  I plan on making a
Mexican dinner on the 5th, and will enjoy leaving my dining table set for the week.

Thanks for stopping by!  Enjoy your weekend, as they pass was too quickly! 
Planting the rest of my flowers and vegetables is first on my list.  How about you?