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Monday, April 21, 2014

Vintage Linens, Thrifty finds, Anniversary & a GIVEAWAY!

Mr. Retro and I celebrated an Anniversary this week-end.
He came home with this beautiful bouquet of flowers and we exchanged cards.
Yup, we bought each other the same card ~ too funny!

Sharing some finds from the last couple weeks...
Love vintage aprons almost as well as tablecloths.

Look how sweet this embroidered one is?
So small, possibly for a child.

Found come cute Kordite vintage clothespins to go with them,
from the 1940's-50's, $3.

Couldn't leave this vintage picnic basket that had melted masking tape
stuck to it, for a long while I think.  A treasure in disguise for $2.

I think a quick clean up & painting will fix it right up.

Found this 1940's  plastic or celluloid Pall Mall cigarette box....

surprisingly full of vintage hankies!

You know this had to come home with me. 

While I wasn't looking, my followers grew to 250!  I told Mr. Retro
this was something to celebrate, so I'm having a small giveaway!
I think this vintage tablecloth and apron duo fits the bill.

Funny homemade "I rule the rooster" bib apron, and

vintage Wilendur tablecloth in the Royal Rose pattern.

I found a small wear spot while ironing, but the tablecloth is gorgeous & vibrant with lots
 of life left.  If you are interested in a chance in winning a couple imperfect vintage linens,
 just be a follower & leave a comment on this post.  I may even throw something else in! 

Hope you are finally enjoying spring weather!
Had to share this photo I took Easter Sunday while visiting Colonial Williamsburg, VA.
Wish this lovely tulip garden was mine!

Wishing you a great "post-Easter" week! (& don't forget to leave a comment.)
I'll have Doyle pick the winner on Friday, Apr. 25th!
He's quite happy about it!
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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mixing it up~Tiffany tablecloth, Easter decor and few finds.

I don't usually post quite this often...think I have "blogging fever".
(Do you know that song "Boogie Fever" an old disco hit?  Yeah, it's in my head now too.)
Sharing the Tiffany tablecloth I showed you awhile ago.  I knew it would
be perfect on the table for Easter.  Used this beautiful blue lacy
Westmoreland glass bowl and my new Westmoreland milk glass
candlesticks.  So pretty! 

 Another view.
 Close up.  Haven't found much information on it, but the opinion seems to be
it was given by Tiffany & Co. as a gift; perhaps for a wedding registry,
 purchase of an engagement  ring or wedding party gifts. 
All I know for sure ~ it is just lovely on my table. 
Sharing some misplaced Easter décor photos I had for my last post.
Serving up a tray of Easter and Spring themed cloches.
Since I seem to spend so much time at the kitchen sink, I'm enjoying this sweet group.
Maybe now is the time for the bunny cloches to join them!
I spy things from my blogger friends Dorothy, Linda, Kim & Holly here! :)

I don't think my little tree is tipsy, think it was me, lol.  Blooming 
paper whites and Viburnum from our yard.  The Viburnum are snowing
on the table, but I'll let them stay awhile longer.  They smell so good!

Don't think I showed you this sweet basket I got while thrifting last week.   
Love sewing baskets even though I don't sew, so this came home with me.
I love to use these for storing crafting supplies. 
Speaking of crafting supplies... More junk.  The Bingo set is not that old (1995) but unopened
 for Bingo card stash!  Dept. 56 birch tree, couple bottle brush & hay bales for crafting,
and vintage MIJ Donald Duck ornament. Got all for $2, fine by me!
I made this for my craft space to help the creative juices flow.
  Took an old melmac plate, hot glued everything on.
 (Sorry about the glare)  I use the tiny clothespins to clip on little seasonal things.
For instance...Easter!  & hang it over my work table.
 That's it for now.  Happy almost Easter!  Enjoying seeing such creative
holiday décor out there in blogland!  :)

Doyle loves smelling moles Spring!
Joining in a few Easter week parties:

Monday, April 14, 2014

Easter Decor & Finds!

Hippity ~ Hoppity Easter's On Its Way...
I've been remiss in sharing Easter decor photos, so there are way too many here.
How sweet is this 40's pottery planter bunny as a centerpiece on my table?

Gorgeous tablecloth, beautiful springy colors with banner border and
nosegays. It would also be perfect for a bridal shower.

I decided my poor planter was lonely so some friends came to keep him company.
They even brought a bunch of newly blooming Forsythia along.

Most everything you see here is from blogger friends.

This shows the other side of the centerpiece. 

I've changed things around more than once. You get that, right? :)
 The mirrored back keeps me from getting a better photo from the front. 
The buffet is showing off birds & nests from my previous tablescape. 

I've had this vintage Made In Japan marked planter for a long time

Mr. Retro gave me this pair of Westmoreland milk glass swirl candlestick
 holders (that I've been coveting) for my birthday a couple weeks ago.
Aren't they fabulous?

We hit a few sales on Saturday.  Found this sweet vintage flower basket
(another Made In Japan),  vintage yellow chick, and these gorgeous eggs.

The seller told me they are Russian, from Ukraine and hand painted.
My friend Sally at Sally Annie Magundy blog recently did a post her Mother's postcards of
Pysanky eggs.  Do you think my finds can be the real deal? 

Probably just copies of the technique.  I'm going to ask Sally for her expertise,
since she has a real one.  Either way, they are gorgeous and I really love them!
I made this fun Easter nest for a friend.  Started with an aluminum tart pan and added vintage lace and buttons. The egg is hand painted from Portugal. 

I crafted lots of cards to send to family and friends. 

My favorites are the bunny shapes with the fuzzy tails. 

I'll be using the little dresses idea again. Cute!

I've misplaced the photos of my cloches and Easter tree.  Oh well,
there is time for another post later this week.

My snowball almond bush is blooming.  Spring makes me smile!
What made you smile this weekend?
 Happy almost Easter week!