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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Linens, Ladybugs & Sunflowers

Just a quick post today, an homage to summer and sunflowers!
 I used this summery and colorful Startex vintage tablecloth on my table. 
Such a fun design with Sunflowers and houses. 

Just another view.  The candlestick holders are Westmoreland milk glass,
 estate sale find.   Love their swirl and use them often.  I use the pretty
cake plate often also, a Goodwill find. 

I am enjoying the Sunflowers each day, and watching the bees,
butterflies, insects and sweet goldfinches they attract.  But
they are sadly starting to fade. 

 I decided I needed to preserve my summer memory.
This painting is a quickie I did yesterday afternoon. 
Very imperfect yet colorful. 

Also on the artsy side, I had fun turning these rocks into ladybugs.
I'll be sitting these atop my potted plants outside. 
They were fun to paint and super easy.

On a completely unrelated note, we tried Thai cooking, with a recipe for
Pad See Ew, that I found on the RecipeTinEats website.  The chef, Nagi has
recipes for several of our favorite Thai dishes, including Pad Thai &
 Drunken Noodles.  The Pad See Ew below was delicious, so we'll be
trying her other recipes.   No, I have no connection to her or the website.
I just wanted to share it because the recipe was sooooo good!

Well, today is a busy one so time to get going.  What are you up to?
Have a good week! 

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Vintage Tea Towel Collection!

Tea Towels, Kitchen towels, Dish Towels, Guest Towels...
you know them by many different names.  Vintage towels are such fun because
of their wonderful graphics and colors, and they are great to use, they really do
their job and hold up so well.

 Today I'm sharing some of my collection.  There are a few unused with labels,
 but most have been used and have some stains.  Well, they're dish towels, right?
I love them all equally!  Warning~lots of photos.

These towels are tough, still around today to prove it. 

Floral designs always popular, along with fruit and pottery.  There are a few
here by Wilendur and Startex. 

Farm scenes, veggies and gardens are also very popular themes.
Chickens by Startex, Carrots & pea pods by Vera.
The peppers & asparagus is a Martex Dry-Me-Dry.
 Popular anthropomorphic theme.  You can also see it used on the towel
in the photo above this one, the anthropomorphic veggies with the chef. 

  SW or Mexican theme.  The bright primary colors are a favorite.
 The adorable senorita is by Broderie Creations.  Did you notice the boy above has his
duck on a leash? Interesting!  Someone lovingly crocheted the edges of the towel.  

Couples and food are also popular themes.  Hubby is not happy to be helping with the
dishes in the middle towel by Leacock.  The cookies towel is another Martex.
 Phrases or writing on towels is also common.  The sweet homemaker says,
"No matter where I serve my guests, they seem to like my kitchen best"

 I love this modern design (container of olives, salad and fish) so much,
I had to get it in each colorway I found.  These are also tagged Martex Dry-Me-Dry.
The other side of the tag says: 
The amazing 3 fibre towel

 These mod looking floral designs haven't been used, and still have their paper labels,  except for the Vera striped towel in the front. 

 A couple interesting finds here. 
 HOME is where the HEART is, by designer Tammis Keefe.
 The street scene towel is very old Made in Japan. 
Label says Ramie Towel, Grade B. 
Maybe 40's?  Check out the car on the street!
 Souvenir towels were also popular, easy to bring home from vacation.
"Busy as a Bee", so cute!  Did you see the "Ham and eggs" a few photos up?

Calendar Towel
 I am not a fan of calendar towels, but I couldn't resist this one from 1958,
depicting an item representing each month.  It is a little ragged and stained,
but what/who isn't after almost 60 years. 

Here is a better look at the Leacock towel.  Hubby sure is unhappy
about helping with dinner.  ;)

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my collection.  I'd like to share more of them
 with you, so will do a second towel post at another time.  Do you have any
vintage towels?  Do you use them?  I love buying imperfect towels because
 they do a great job in the kitchen and I enjoy just seeing them!

We're still having such hot weather and it will continue this week. 
 C'mon fall! Stay cool & enjoy your last weeks of summer fun. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Hot August Hodgepodge

It doesn't look like August is going to be any cooler than July,
so I guess I should quit whining and just accept it.

The garden is not looking good, it hates temps pushing 100 day after day.
What we didn't lose in the flooding rain, we mostly lost in the heat.
Fortunately we still have tomato and pepper plants in the barrels that
are producing.  Summer without garden fresh tomato sandwiches just
wouldn't be right!

The row of sunflowers on the side of the house are opening. 
Love them! 

We have a few different varieties.
Looking forward to more blooms soon.   

Not too much on the thrifting front. I did find a sweet little Christmas tablecloth
last week end.  Probably made in Germany, tagged Viskose 100%. 
(Rayon in German=Viskose)
Here is a close up of the design. Santa pulling sleds and carrying bags
filled with presents, and angels carrying candles, all among the trees.   

It's blueberry season so I just had to make some muffins.  I found an
extra simple recipe online, and I don't mind saying they are yummy. 

Last but not least....I got happy mail from a sweet blogging friend.
Debbie @ My Vintage Daydreams

 A homemade card, sweet note, and even the package was decorated.
She shared some wonderful paper with me.  I'm all set for card making! 
Such a nice unexpected surprise!  That's Debbie ~ a very
sweet & thoughtful friend.

Well, that's about all the hodgepodge I have in me for today. 
Don't you just love that word? 
How are you staying cool this week?