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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Cinco de Mayo Vintage Tablescape

Time for a tablescape, and since I love a holiday table
I decided to share a festive table for "Cinco de Mayo", a day for
celebrating Mexican heritage and named for winning a battle in 1862.

The vintage tablecloth was made by Springmaid, Plaza Line. So colorful and festive! 

The centerpiece of my table is this midcentury modern ceramic red bull.
The maker is unknown to me.  Such a cool & fun piece!  

Also on my table is a vintage Hull teapot, creamer & sugar set.  Unfortunately
it is damaged, but worthy of the table.

Once again I have paired a vintage tablecloth with vintage Hazel Atlas.  
The dishes really enhance the colorful designs of printed tablecloths.
Celluloid or Bakelite handled spoon & knife even match.
Most here is vintage, but not everything.  The striped glasses and the
flatware are new and from the dollar store.  Cool surprise to me!
The colorful S&P shakers are not Mexican theme, confirmed
by their name - Montego Bay, but they are too colorful
not to use here.  Made by Clay Art 1990s.

Hope you have enjoyed my Cinco de Mayo table.  I plan on making a
Mexican dinner on the 5th, and will enjoy leaving my dining table set for the week.

Thanks for stopping by!  Enjoy your weekend, as they pass was too quickly! 
Planting the rest of my flowers and vegetables is first on my list.  How about you? 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Fairy Gardens Rock!

 Have you made a fairy garden yet?
My fairy garden! I had a couple changes to make, and things to add, once I got it home. 
Are you enamored with fairy gardens?  It seems that many folks are.  You can
even buy kits with everything included to make your own. Pricey?  Yes!

I am lucky that we have an art school that offers classes for the
average person as well as the artist.  When I saw they were offering
 a container fairy garden class I signed right up, because the
classes are small and fill quickly.

That is my green garden base, the bottom of an old plastic pail that was
sprayed painted and had a couple holes drilled for drainage. 
We lined the bottom with weed fabric so our dirt would stay put.
The instructor taught us how to make our garden fun and creative, yet thrifty. 
You can pay a lot for all the little miniature items.  She said her class
 was "making a fairy garden on the cheap". We laughed, but it was true.
For our houses we used the wooden houses you can find at your
local craft store.  First we used tacky glue and attached tiny stones,
which she told us were fish aquarium stones.  After the glue set we
 grouted over the stones, and wiped away some of the grout with a wet
sponge.  We were left with the desired look of an old stone cottage
I opted to paint my roof, but moss or sticks can also be used.
We made our own fences from cut twigs that we wrapped with jewelry wire.
 The walkway made from tiny tiles available at the home stores.  The
 gazing ball is simply a marble which I glued onto a small thread spool. 

She supplied us with enough smalls plants so we could each use 8,
which seemed to be the perfect amount. 

I love my fairy garden!  I painted my shell pond blue, added a few
toadstools,  and the gazing ball, and a little birdie even came to visit. 
I managed to get a few photos of the other creations.
This woman opted to leave her house ungrouted (is that a word?)
She made her fairy garden in a huge ceramic bowl. 
This one was done in a galvanized pail, cute idea.  She told me
she planned to paint the roof and pond at me. 

I loved the cheese box that this person used, it was really big.
Her twig roof is great!

Two friends came together who used empty wine boxes, but filled the bottoms
 with Styrofoam, so they would not be too heavy after adding the dirt. Our smart
instructor had warned us not to bring anything that would be too heavy to carry. 

 I hope you enjoyed my bringing you along to class and showing
you the finished gardens. 

On a final note, Mr. Retro and I celebrated an Anniversary this week.
We opted to stay home and cook our own meal, which was sinfully delicious.
Fresh shrimp & scallops from the seafood market (which Mr. Retro expertly
 fried), oven onion rings, and broccoli cheese casserole. Oops, forgot the lemon.

Looking forward to the weekend, so much to do in the garden since
Spring temperatures are finally here!  What are your weekend plans?

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Teacup Exchange & Beautiful Old Quilts

Tea Cup Exchange!

But first...
The local library had these beautiful old quilts on display the
last time I visited.  I wanted to share them with you. All were
made by local women.  So lovely, so filled with memories
and made by loving hands.  Hope you Enjoy!

Happy to share again what I received in Stephanie's Tea Cup/Mug Exchange.
Our hostess, who blogs at The Enchanting Rose Tea Cup Exchange has the most
wonderful exchanges a couple times a year.  Please use the link to
the reveal to view the gorgeous exchange packages.  Beautiful eye candy!
I received my delightful package from Barbara, who lives in
Fort Worth, Texas.  She wrapped the gifts in pretty fabric, how sweet!

Such a thoughtful package.  A gorgeous teacup which will be treasured!
She included a Laura Childs teashop mystery, notecards, shortbread,
teacup doilies, a spoon, and an amazing teabag wallet.

She made the wallet from vintage tablecloths & fabrics.
I just love it, am amazed at her skill and thoughtful
generosity.  Thanks so much to Barbara, who made this
exchange a superlative one for me!
& Thanks so much to Stephanie, our fabulous hostess!

I am rushing off to an art class this morning, which reminds me I had
something else I wanted to show you.   How cute is this peg doll scene? 
A talented local artist I know used the peg doll she made to create this 
diorama using a cigar box. Cuteness factor off the charts!
So sweet! 
Enjoy a beautiful week...spring has definitely sprung here with
temperatures going into the 80's!  Spring planting time!