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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Good weekend

August is slipping away quickly.  I'm tired of being hot, and
 almost ready for summer to be over.  But it was a good weekend.

A friend came to visit for the weekend.  That means eating,
drinking, shopping and other words fun!

We didn't buy much at the thrifts, but I did pick up this interesting
wildlife tablecloth.  Centered by the elephant, the corners host
lions and cape buffalo,
rhino and a leopard.
It has a 70's vibe to me, but I have no information on it.  It caught my eye at
the thrift and I think I'll have fun creating a tablescape with it. 
We also stopped at an antique mall, where I spotted this fab luggage.
No, it didn't come home with me, even though I was tempted.

After a fun day of thrifting and antiquing, we came home to enjoy
 a great summer meal of corn on the cob, grilled hot dogs,
and steamed crabs!  Yeah, we love crabs around here and it
sure is fun to sit and talk and crack them...delicious too.
Getting the picnic table ready here.
(That's Doyle in the grass way back on the left.)

Bring on those steamed crabs and pass me a hammer please!

My friend brought fresh peaches and made us a scrumptious peach cobbler
for dessert.  Oh yeah, and vanilla ice cream to go with it. 
We had to eat it to be polite.  ;-)

Doyle loves company, but doesn't like to be left at home.
I was getting dressed when he swooped in and stole my socks.

Bet I know what he was thinking:
Maybe if I steal Mom's socks she can't leave me.  Aw!
Soon Doyle. 
Soon it will be fall ~ ride along season ~ his favorite!

Happy mid-week, hope it is a good one for you. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

vintage feedsacks & tablecloths

Imagine my surprise when I walked into the library and saw this display on
vintage feed sacks.  Right up my vintage fabric loving alley! 
Sweet childs apron.

Such soft colors and pretty patterns.

Just had to share.

Also sharing a new tablecloth.  I love the mix of flowers, diagonal stripes
and the modern looking circle design together. 

Closer look.  

The garden is still producing peppers galore.
I love a bowl of fresh garden veggies. 

What could be better than Chesapeake Bay steamed blue crabs
with an icy mug of beer (or two) for a summer dinner?
Especially when Mr. Retro catches and cooks the crabs for us!
Enjoy the rest of summer.  It sure is flying by! 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

"Touch-N-Tear" & Vintage Tablecloths

A quick share of a fun find!
I went to a church sale a couple weeks ago and was tickled to see
this on the table.  "Touch-n-Tear", automatic dispenser for plastic wrap,
wax paper, or aluminum foil. 
Imagine not only keeping this, but keeping the original box.  The woman's hairdo
and green color of the dispenser makes me think late 60's or early 70's.

Since I spent a whole dollar for it, I should use it, right?
 I think I'll hang it in my craft space to hold wax paper.
It's sort of retro cute.
I had just cleaned these fresh green beans, delicious...
and delectable in my new blue Pyrex bowl. 
Sure I'm going to show off the tablecloth peeking out under the bowl.
This is a well used, but well loved, vintage Simtex tablecloth.
It has seen many tables, dining to porch to picnic.
No worries about staining when we eat on this one, since it already
has stains, and a couple patches. 
 I thought these thrifted blue bowed candlestick holders looked sweet, and again
 the Pyrex bowl, with some yummy peaches this time.

I do love my vintage tablecloths!
I borrowed this cute image from the VTLC (Vintage Tablecloth Lovers Club).
I can relate!  :)
Doyle is enjoying summer with a cool swim in the lake.
He loves swimming & here he is fetching his toy duck.
Hard to believe it is almost mid August.  Enjoying your summer?