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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Weekend Finds & Camping Time!

What a terrific weekend.  Beautiful weather, beautiful
campground, and even finds at the antique event!

Why yes, I always take along a vintage tablecloth.
But no, I don't bring along a vase.  It was one of our finds,
and  needed to be re-wrapped for the trip home. 

As a matter of fact, everything did, so I displayed our small haul
 on the picnic table first.  We tried to keep the buying light, since we
didn't have a lot of extra room in the pick-up. 

Love the green deco fan vase.  We're calling that my Anniversary gift. :)
Some old Workbasket books dated 1963, and Colony Glass
candlestick holders. 

Mr. Retro found this cool ice bucket & matching cups.
Love the graphics & drink recipes are printed on the bucket & cups.

Hazel Atlas!  Which is no easy find in the wild for me. 
Scored a  Moderntone sherbet & a pair of adorable clown glasses.
Mr. Retro found a pair of plastic flamingos and had them in the truck before
 I ever saw them!  OMG, not for home (whew, we would have gone
 head to head on that), but for the campsite.  They sure looked cute by
our little camper, but kind of strange atop the leaves. 
Just the perfect touch of camping tacky! Tee Hee.
Doyle never tires of squirrel and bird watching, and
checking out the other campers and their dogs.
I am always a little sad to break down camp and leave come Sunday
afternoon. The good thing is, camping season has just begun!
Do you ever go camping?  Would love to hear about it.
Have a good week! 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Anniversary Weekend & Vintage Tablecloth

There are lots of bees buzzing around our blooming
Cherry trees  A sure sign of spring!  We're looking forward to a
  little R&R this weekend to celebrate our anniversary on Sunday. 

So Mr. Retro is hooking up the little Aliner and we're off to
spend the weekend camping.  Of course Doyle is coming!  He
loves to camp as much as we do...lots of nature smells for him. 

There is a huge antique mall with lots of good dealers not too far from the
campground.  Saturday they are having a special event, a parking lot sale.
Mr. Retro loves to treasure hunt as much as I do, so we're both
 (if I dare use this expression) happy campers!  ;)

The rest of the time we'll be relaxing and enjoying nature at the campground,
at a place similar to this one.  Oh, and Mr. Retro will be cooking. 
Could that be another reason I love camping?
 It might weigh in just a little. 

Leaving you today with another vintage tablecloth, this one made by Startex.
  I think the bright potted plants & flowers are perfect for spring. 

Happy Weekend Friends!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Vintage Tablecloths for Think Pink!

My friend Tuula of Thrifty Vintage Rebel asked me if I would like to do
a guest post for "Think Pink" Monday.  I am overjoyed to do so!  I love her
blog; lots of creativity, finds and makeovers. 
You know how much I like showing off my vintage tablecloths,
and really....was there any question whether I own PINK tablecloths. 
Absolutely not!
Thanks for inviting me Tuula.  I am happy to be an official Pink Lady!