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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Vintage Christmas Ceramics & Linens!

I have been into vintage Christmas for a long time and have
accumulated lots of cute things.  I cleaned out and sold and
donated lots of stuff, but I still have lots of stuff, lol.
So...let me share some photos I hope you'll enjoy.

The large choir girl was surely part of a set,  She has the old blue & white
Japan label.  The 3-choir boys are a music box (not working) with a
Josef Originals label.  

The plastic Santa head is also a music box.  He doesn't work either,
but I think he is pretty old.  The Christmas girl head vase is from  the
50's and made by Napco.  I found her at a Goodwill years ago for $5.  Yay!

Ceramic smalls!  So cute.  The 3-Christmas trees are a set, the smaller 
two are S & P shakers.  The large tree also has holes.  Holiday
sugar shaker maybe?  Set is labeled Lefton. 
All the tiny figurines are also Napco, other than the two deer,
which are marked Josef & Korea.  

Some assorted kitsch here.  The stocking is a Kliban cat from the 1980's.

I was an avid S & P shaker collector many moons ago.  I sold most
of my sets but couldn't resist keeping some.  These Christmas sets
were keepers.  Santa & Mrs, Claus in the sleigh is by Lefton.
Snow babies, Holly girls set & boy and girl couple are Holt Howard.
The snowman couples are marked Japan and the Eskimo kids are unmarked.
I think they are very old by their look and feel.

Candlestick holders.  These are also Holt Howard ceramics.

This is an odds and ends group.  The 7 mice ornaments on the left are marked
1992-1994.  They are not in perfect condition, but still cute, in case you happen
 to collect them and are missing these.  I plan to donate them, so let me 
know and I'll send them to you instead.  Marked Enesco & Gilmore.

This runner belonged to my Mom.  I always loved it when she brought
it out at Christmas.  She knew how much I loved it and gave it to me
several years ago.  I treasure it! 

Keep watching because the Christmas linens are just starting
to come out.  Some sweet vintage tea towels here.  I'll have 
my tablecloths out by my next post...promise!

A couple years ago I joined in a "White Christmas Tag Swap".
I don't know if it is still around, but some crazy talented crafters
participated.  I love displaying them together in a big bowl.
Sorry to see so many of the craft swaps disappear.

That's it for now.   Unfortunately, I have an inner ear infection I am battling.
Let me tell you, it is no fun.  Poor timing on my part to get sick this time of year.
Whine, whine.   :)

Thanks for stopping by, I'll be showing some bright and festive Christmas
tablecloths from my collection in the next post.  Are you decorating yet?  

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving Week Decor, Morphing Into Christmas

Tis the busy season!  I am so overdue for a new post.
 I want to share my "minimal" Thanksgiving decor.
Though minimal it is just enough for us. 

Here is the decorated dining room table.
How about this honeycomb turkey I found at an estate sale a couple years ago? Cute!
The pilgrim salt & pepper shakers on the left are from PUBLIX grocery store, 
an offering from 2001.  So fun to bring out each year.  The turkey salt and 
pepper shakers are from Germany, a cherished gift from a blogging friend. 
The pilgrim candles are Gurley and were a little beat up when I found them, so I
 fixed a little display.  The candlestick holders are vintage Japan, and that's it! 

 Unless you want to count....
Pumpkin bread!  I have to make it every year from scratch.
 Filled with walnuts and raisins, it is so delicious.  

I started unpacking my vintage Christmas "smalls" and
will show you more later.

I want to share some of my vintage Christmas card stash.
I'm thinking I should actually send some of these out this year.
I love them, but they are living in a box most of the year.
What do you think?  Would you use vintage cards?

Can't help but enjoy the graphics on these.
Who doesn't love Santa? The large card is frame worthy.

 The ever popular candles, bells, wreaths and lantern designs.

Sweet religious themes

Old fashioned nature and home scenes, wisemen & shepherds. 

 This is the most unusual in my stash.  A large flag, with the word
PEACE embossed underneath it.

I would like to leave you with a Thanksgiving poem by 
Ralph Waldo Emerson.


for each new morning with its light
for rest and shelter of the night
for health and food
for friends and love
for everything
thy goodness sends

Have a Happy Thanksgiving my friends!  

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Vintage Tablescape, Vintage Post Cards

I wanted to show you my new thrift store tablecloth.
I haven't identified the maker, but think this may be 60's era
with its geometric pattern and Bohemian look.

The sun streaming in gave the whole table a kind of glow. 

A quick and simple fall table.  The colors in the tablecloth are perfect.
I used my Hazel Atlas platonite Moderntone dishes from the 40's, and
vintage glasses whose stripes just happened to match!  My very old Shawnee
corn S&P shakers fit right in.  Fenton jadeite 3-toed dish off in the corner.  
The coffeepot also a thrifting find, Tirschenreuth China, Bavaria.  

I also wanted to share these sweet vintage Thanksgiving post cards with you.  
I love the old graphics and sentiments.  Bonus if there is a hand
written message and postmark on the back.

This one is dated 1917, signed by Isabelle, who writes..
."I suppose you will have a big fat turkey on Thanksgiving".  

"When the apples are gathered, and the brown nuts fall, may
you find it the happiest time of all."

I'm adding a photo of my friend Joan's table that she shared with me.
This beautiful tablecloth is made by Leacock, pattern name is Oak Leaves.
Just love all the sweet little acorns on her table.

Getting my post cards out made me realize that Thanksgiving is only
2 1/2 weeks away!  We are at the throes of the busiest holiday season.
Are you ready...set...go...for the next couple months?

Have a great week!