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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Fall Fair! Flea Market Auction

Indoor sales, outside auction, plant sale, home baked goods
 table, and their famous hearty Brunswick stew for lunch.
This annual fair is always well attended.

Check out the newspaper ad and you will see why!

The fall fair is sponsored & organized by the many churches
of our county.
"Monies raised after expenses are given back to the community."
Families in need are helped with things like paying
 electric bills or buying heating oil in the winter.
  I donate heavily for the sales, then have fun buying
 and bidding too.  Such a good community spirit here!

(sneek peak)

 This cottage building offered clothes, shoes, hats, purses, linens,
and toys & games.  It is an empty house on church property, but for
the fall fair, when every room is filled with items for sale.
Mr. Retro managed to find some manly things, and even won us a
brand new in the box breadmaker for $5 at the auction.

The line at the rectory building starts to queue long before the sale opens.

Holiday shop

homemade jams & jellies, and take home meals.

Silent auction area, 4 tables of goodies

I was so excited to see this Fenton compote to match my
candlestick holders that I quickly made the first bid.
Luckily, I won it!

EtcEtc  had thrift store type items.
Ceramics, Christmas, household, jewelry, just a little
bit of everything, at cheap cheap prices!

See that white planter at the bottom.  Haeger, I grabbed it for 50 cents.

I'll share some close-ups of my new found treasures.
My new Fenton marble hobnail compote, paired with the
 candlestick holders I already had in my collection.  Beautiful!

I fell hard for this gorgeous antique covered dish.  Davenport Stone China.
They had several different backstamps through the years.  I did some research and 
 this piece's backstamp dates it to between 1819-1864.  Love love love!    
I am a lover of oriental themes and patterns.  This is gorgeous!

Here is the Haeger planter, & handpainted lidded mug with tea strainer.

The lovely mug was painted by Ansa Lane of Sweetwater, Texas.
It's a small world, if you know the Lane family let me know.

This looks vintage, but I find no identifying marks.  The glass is very
thick and heavy and sits on a heavy metal base.  I am picturing it
 filled with small gourds for fall, then later some pine cones or
shiny brite Christmas bulbs  Perfect centerpiece for the holidays!

Not as many linens as I usually find at this sale, but enough to satisfy.
First I found this vintage toweling, yard goods with unfinished ends.
It is 56" long.  I might use it as a table runner.  

I found a few other things. Striped vintage dish towel, nautical small
tablecloth, sweet cocktail napkins with various countries flags and
the equivalent of "Cheers" in their languages.  Sweet rooster embroidered
cocktail napkins. and a red crocheted doily, Christmas is coming! 

Lastly, two gorgeous Madeira napkins with the original tags still attached.  
Why they chose to price them 25 cents, and why they were still there when I
got to them is beyond me, but I nearly squealed with delight.  

I also found this duck pin made of Hematite, and Cloisonne heart pendant.

Thanks for coming with me to the sale.  I left happy and satisfied.
Even though I've been in the donating mode, I exempted myself for
this sale, knowing how much good it does for our little community.

Did you find any fall festivals this weekend?
Have a great week!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Fall & Halloween Goodies!

A quick post to show some of my Halloween goodies.
I've done a little editing here because I published this post before the
hurricane.  It seems the worst was avoided, but we are still sending
prayers out to those affected.

Each year I enjoy getting out my box of small size Halloween goodies.
I crafted most of these goodies and got a few from swaps.

These are Mr. Retro's favs.


Love the pumpkin nesting dolls, somewhat vintage and 
are a Lillian Vernon product.  Cute or what?
The pumpkin made from canning lids was a swap gift.  

These three were all gifts.  The adorable fall apple tag a swap gift
from Sue, who used to blog at "Sue Loves Cherries".  We miss her!

Three of my favs.  I love using tart molds for ornaments. 
The pumpkin shaped tea light holders are Princess House. 

Mr. Retro loves this best, the infamous Bates Motel.
This one is a spoolie.  

Adorable vintage image!

I'll end with the "honesty" pumpkin stand.  Just put your money in
the box and choose your pumpkin.  This works in rural Virginia.  
(I've showed this previously, but worth a repeat.)
Once when camping in rural Delaware we happened upon a pumpkin
 stand similar to this one...BUT the box wasn't even attached to the stand.
No lock, sitting loose, just put your money in the unlocked box.  
In today's world it is heartwarming to know some folks live this way. 

Are you all decorated for Fall and/or Halloween?
Happy Autumn!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Thrift Store Finds & Clothespin Doll Witches!'s my favorite season!   It is also a LOT of bloggers
 favorite time for crafting, both fall & Halloween.

 It is also a favorite time to do some thrifting!  Sharing a few
weekend finds here. 
First, some linens.  I hardly ever find linens at the thrift store, but
I luckily found two tablecloths and some Vera napkins at the last
two thrifts I visited.  Yahoo!

Pretty ribbons, bows and flower bouquets.

Great geometric design in a pretty green.  Neither of these
 tablecloths were tagged or labeled, the makers are unknown to me. 

I also found this vase for 50 cents.
Gold crackle style paint over blue with a bow design.
I toyed with not buying it because I'm not sure I even like it,
but it is vintage and by Gonder, so I had to rescue it. 

Mr. Retro found the 2 demitasse cup and saucers.  So sweet! 
They are made by Syracuse.  Marked "Old Ivory
Syracuse China, Made in America".

I may have to brew some Cuban coffee as an excuse to use them.  

I've had such fun making the clothespin dolls.  These are 3-part.
A wooden clothespin, wooden ball for the head, and a base to
stand the clothespin in.  Paint in whatever colors you wish,
and paint some simple faces and hair styles. 
Then you are ready to glue & dress.  I had hoped to find witch hats at the
Dollar Store, but no luck so I made my own, kind of pathetic and cute at the
 same time.  The photo below from a different angle shows the paper brims. 

I couldn't let the good witches have all the attention, so I added an
 "I'll get you my pretty" witch and a pumpkin head doll. 
Have you done any fall decorating or crafting yet?

I went to a fun class last week.  We made whimsical house collages, using paper
products, Modge Podge and our imaginations.  It was such a fun and easy
class, and I like my finished product.  Here it is still unframed. 

Ending with a photo of wildflowers in the backyard.  We enjoy them each
year, and they are the last "bloomers" of the season. 

Looking forward to seeing lots of fall decorations and stealing using
some of the ideas.  Have a great FALL week!