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Monday, May 25, 2015

Prayer Request

I am taking an unexpected trip to Connecticut to see my Mom.
Unfortunately she is having serious health issues at this time,
some of which came on suddenly.  Things are not looking positive.

If I could impose on you, my blogging friends, to send some prayers
her way, it would be most appreciated.  Just knowing good thoughts and
prayers are being sent would be heartwarming to me, and comforting for her.

A few of my favorite Mom photos....
Mom is always happiest with her family; children, grandchildren and
 great-grandchildren.  I love this particular photo of her. 
I think it may have been taken about 12 years ago.

If this photo looks retro, it is.  Mom took a trip to Greece with her
girlfriends in the 70's.  Love her stylish Greek ruins outfit! 
A more recent photo, again....lovingly enjoying the birth
of another great-grandchild.  
I hope to be able to do some blog visiting & commenting while I'm away.
Either way, I will see you in about a week. 
Thanks much.....Pam

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Memorial Day

Enjoy your Memorial Day holiday, while honoring...

Monday, May 18, 2015

Plaid Vintage Tablescape

I recently got this colorful vintage tablecloth for a steal.
Uh...probably because not everyone likes quite this much color.
 Bright wavy squares of blue, orange, yellow & green, black & white accents.
Right up my color alley!

When I got ready to do the tablescape, I already knew this table was screaming for
me to use my colorful Hazel Atlas - Platonite Ovide dishes.  I'm beginning to wonder
how I lived without them, I use them so often.
Here is my table inspiration.  I wanted to use my new hot pads with their
retro mid-century design.  Perfect! 

weird overhead view...

I love the striped glasses, also HA, which I have a story about.
I saw them at a yard sale - set of 6 for $2.  But when I went to grab them
was told they were already sold.  I saw the buyer was a dealer I know
and I unashamedly begged her to sell them to me.  She had just been
complaining to me that she already had too much merchandise.  I basically
told her to name her price.  She sold them to me for the same $2!
She made my day and I frequent her consignment store. 
Don't you love a happy buying story?

I've used the blue bowl  (MMA) before, as well as the vintage
Fenton jadeite bowl.  I just used the funky salad servers a couple
tablescapes ago.   Lots of repeats here, but the tablecloth is
always different, and gives each table it's unique look.

I think I have a dish for every color in the tablecloth.  

When I was taking the photos, I couldn't help but notice how the cabinet
 that holds my Hazel Atlas & the Calder print compliment this cool table!
(sorry about the glass glare)
Do you love bold colors?

Thanks for your visit.  Always happy to see you & love your comments!

Hope your week has started well.  I feel as though once we get through Monday,
 the rest of the week is a piece of cake.  :)

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