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Thursday, July 31, 2014

"Just My Style Swap"!

I participated in the "Just My Style Swap" hosted by Linda
The Current Swap
I only discovered this monthly swap last month, but so glad I did!
Each month her swap has a different theme and this month's was "Just My Style".
Create a card and tag in well...just my style!  Send a wee bit of destash as well.
 I think my "style" is all over the place, but that made it all the more fun.
My swap package was created for me by Deb from
Deb is a blogging friend who I've been lucky to have swapped with before. 
She is super creative and always generous to a fault with her packages. 
Here is the proof, lol!
 Everything came packaged so beautifully!
She even sent me a package of ME note cards....just love them!
I am gaga over this tag, it's fantastic!  & am in love with the sweet bird card!
I'll tell you right up front, I have no intention of using these...
they are staying in my collection so I can enjoy them whenever I like!
I'm not ashamed to selfishly say so either! :)

 Deb is known for her generosity...ask any blogger she has ever swapped with.
Look at all the fabulous destash she sent me! 
I couldn't BE more PLEASED with my package!
Thanks Deb for your creativity and generosity!  & punctuality, lol.
Deb usually is ready early and mails early, but I saved posting about it
until the mail out date, so the other swappers would not miss seeing my post.
I tend to be a little early myself.  I was assigned to create for Marie
of Spun By Me .  She is quite crafty and has a fun blog sharing her
sweet family and creations.  I love meeting new blogger friends!
I know she received her package from me, so I can show you the tag and card
I made for Marie.  Her blog was full of photos of her grandchildren so
I chose childrens paper dolls to craft with.

Here is the destash I included for Marie. 

I'm so glad she liked the package I created for her.
 Stop of by both Deb and Marie's blogs if you are not followers already.
 Also, if you are interested in fun swaps, check out a Swap for All Seasons.
 Here is the theme for her next swap...Signs up are August 1st...TOMORROW!
I know so many of you LOVE can't go wrong!
Happy Thursday y'all!
I'm feeling especially southern today, it must be the heat and humidity. 
Think I'll go swoon on the lounge chair.  :)

Monday, July 28, 2014

Estate Sale~Barkcloth Quilt & Vintage Labels

Happy new week!  Don't you hate when the weekend is over?
Can't do anything about it, so might as well enjoy the new week.
I'm excited to share this wonderful barkcloth quilt I bought at an
 estate sale last month.  I had heart palpatations when I found it!
Mr. Retro found the mid-century bed frame at the thrift store for
$10 a few months ago.  He refinished it and brought it inside this weekend.
I was excited to bring out the quilt I've been saving for this bed, now in our
guestroom.  So when are you coming to visit?  

I just have to share close ups of some of the fabric used.
Love oriental themes, and this one is beautiful!
 Even a horse & buggy winter scene is included, with snow!

Isn't it gorgeous?  I think the $15 price was an excellent bargain.
I just can't stop looking at it and "petting" all the wonderful fabrics.
Yeah, something is wrong with me, lol.
Here's a little project I'm working on for displaying some darling
vintage canning labels.  Just playing here & will show the finished project later.

I'm going to display them under glass in this frame, and bought a piece of
this burlap type fabric to back them.  Think it adds just the right homespun look.

The labels were purchased at an antique store in the Blue Ridge Mountains
of Virginia, where we spent a long weekend.  Of course we had to go antiquing! 
The graphics on these labels are fantastic, and they are in mint condition. 
A bit of information came with them...
That's it for today. Did you find any bargains?
This is from today's garden walk, so I'd better get busy!
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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Just some linen things

I am so overdue to post a tablescape, and today I
cleaned off my dining room table, the first step!
Here is some of what I cleaned off...

some lovely embroidered linens

colorful vintage aprons

fun vintage tablecloths

sweet vintage tea towels
All clean, fresh & ironed!  Some to be sold, some to be kept. 
Summer sure has crept in on blogging time.  The garden upkeep is
never-ending, but so worth the taste of fresh garden veggies.
We're even getting yummy red tomatoes now.
I made this eggplant pie, one of our favorites.
My baking is not pretty, but does taste good!  ;)
If the weather cooperates I'll be blueberry picking tomorrow morning,
and can finally make the blueberry pie we've been looking forward to.
Hope you are enjoying summer!  We got a break from the heat today,
with torrential rain and thunder....can't win!
 I thought the sink in the field looked especially beautiful this
morning, and worth a second look. 
Just have to share one more thing...
I was going through old photos and found this one of  puppy Doyle,
before he was old enough for us to take home yet, but just old enough
to walk and cuddle.  Hard to believe he was ever this little!