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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Thrift Store Finds & Clothespin Doll Witches!'s my favorite season!   It is also a LOT of bloggers
 favorite time for crafting, both fall & Halloween.

 It is also a favorite time to do some thrifting!  Sharing a few
weekend finds here. 
First, some linens.  I hardly ever find linens at the thrift store, but
I luckily found two tablecloths and some Vera napkins at the last
two thrifts I visited.  Yahoo!

Pretty ribbons, bows and flower bouquets.

Great geometric design in a pretty green.  Neither of these
 tablecloths were tagged or labeled, the makers are unknown to me. 

I also found this vase for 50 cents.
Gold crackle style paint over blue with a bow design.
I toyed with not buying it because I'm not sure I even like it,
but it is vintage and by Gonder, so I had to rescue it. 

Mr. Retro found the 2 demitasse cup and saucers.  So sweet! 
They are made by Syracuse.  Marked "Old Ivory
Syracuse China, Made in America".

I may have to brew some Cuban coffee as an excuse to use them.  

I've had such fun making the clothespin dolls.  These are 3-part.
A wooden clothespin, wooden ball for the head, and a base to
stand the clothespin in.  Paint in whatever colors you wish,
and paint some simple faces and hair styles. 
Then you are ready to glue & dress.  I had hoped to find witch hats at the
Dollar Store, but no luck so I made my own, kind of pathetic and cute at the
 same time.  The photo below from a different angle shows the paper brims. 

I couldn't let the good witches have all the attention, so I added an
 "I'll get you my pretty" witch and a pumpkin head doll. 
Have you done any fall decorating or crafting yet?

I went to a fun class last week.  We made whimsical house collages, using paper
products, Modge Podge and our imaginations.  It was such a fun and easy
class, and I like my finished product.  Here it is still unframed. 

Ending with a photo of wildflowers in the backyard.  We enjoy them each
year, and they are the last "bloomers" of the season. 

Looking forward to seeing lots of fall decorations and stealing using
some of the ideas.  Have a great FALL week!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Vintage Tea Towel Collection Part 2

As promised, I'm sharing more vintage tea towels. 
Both colorful and fun, who doesn't like them!

Warning ~ lots of photos!
The top two large towels with roses and fences are tagged Wonder-dri by Startex. 
Pink floral and a couple Southwest/Mexican designs.
Don't you love the mod looking birds on the bottom right?  Sweet!

Some food themes here. The top fruit stripe is by Startex, the next is a
Vera.   The two matching salad towels are tagged "A Golden Creation"
made in USA.  The 1962 is a calendar towel with a great backyard
barbecue theme.  Dad's all decked in his hat and apron and Mom
is wearing a skirt, of course! 

More food related towels.  The Vera on the left still has it's original label. 
Sweet blue and red pair of vases of fruit, and the apple towel has a lovely
crocheted edge. 

This group is mostly linen.  The mod pair on the left has an original price tag,
sold by Kaufmann's $1.50   The design looks 60's-70's to me.  The Spinning
Wheel towel is marked  Made In Ireland-Irish Linen Mills. 
The Apple & keys pair are Martex Dry-Me-Dry.

Warrington souvenir towel by Old Bleach.   The Calendar towel is 1978.
The Fondue by Bourguignonne, Made in Switzerland by KREIER.
These guest towels fall into the "naughty" category.  They were fun & popular.
 Naughty but not too naughty.  That generation knew how to laugh and have fun! 

These are both by Wilendur, and are either towels or table-toppers. 
The bottom pattern is named "Momentos" or Pin-ups".  

Faded pink dogwood by Wilendur on top left.  The bottom left is a swiss
embroidered huck towel.  Daffodil dish towel is by Cannon. 

Great colors here!
Mint condition Calories towel and New Jersey souvenir. 

Designer Tammis Keefe "Don't Forget" towel.  Prized & adorable,
 with elephants showing the grocery lists. 
The Bottles of Key West is not vintage, love the colors.

That naughty generation also enjoyed many many a few cocktails.

Love the towel on the right with cocktail names & a border of dressed pigs.
"Enjoy yourself, it's later than you think" towel faded badly when I washed it. 
Cocktail recipes, if you need them.  Made by Ulster.

These are my old stained dish towels that I use in the
kitchen everyday.  Old dish towel love!

The last photos don't really belong here but I found these cuties when I was
digging through my linens.  I believe the transfers are Vogart. 

Love her version of "He loves me, he loves me not."

He do - he don't
I hope he do!

& I hope something here made you smile. 

Friday, September 9, 2016

September Vintage Tablecloth - Tablescape and Some Fun Art

Time to share a tablescape!  
A simple table today, showing off another vintage tablecloth, and all set for brunch. 

The tablecloth shows off it's beautiful colors and flora, by Pedigree/Thomaston.
I used my Hazel Atlas platonite plates, sugar and creamer,  cup and saucers, and apple bowls. 
The center blue bowl is an oft used Russel Wright Casual.  The sweet salt & pepper
shakers are very old, and belonged to my great aunt.  Vintage Fenton
 purple candlestick holders, and a crystal vase from the 80's. 

The new item on my table? Thrift store glasses, which will be re-donated.  I knew
 when I saw the striped colors that I could find a matching tablecloth in my stash!

I kind of lost my blogging mojo, but think all bloggers go through that now and then, and
also blame it on the unrelenting heat.  High temps and 100 degree heat indexes into
September are no friends of mine!  We had a brief respite when tropical storm
Hermine came through, but the heat came back to slap us.  I can't really even thrift in
the heat, so I've enjoyed doing some acrylic painting, which I will now inflict on you.

abstract dancing girls

Impressionistic trees

And this one is still on the take on a Picasso entitled
"Death's mask and Leeks". 
Hubby loved the skull, I loved the leeks.

Oh, one more creation.  If you can't shop, bake!
I had two round cake pans I had never even used, so I made a chocolate cake. 
 My baking and decorating skills will never get me on the "British Baking Show",
ha ha ha ...(love that show for some reason).

That's it for now.  Hope there was something here you enjoyed.
Hope not to stay away so long til my next post.  Have a great week-end!