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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Happy Mail & My Table

Happy Mail!  Just love this creative card I received from Sally
over at Sally Annie Magundy blog.  Yippee!
Sally loves receiving cards.  You know, real cards that come by snail mail. 
She invited the first 5 who signed up to do a Thanksgiving card exchange with her. 
 Such fun!  Now she is showing off the cards as she receives them,
so go take a look. 

She included this sweet package of fall goodies for paper crafting.
Thanks Sally, for your creativity & generosity!  Love this adorable card!

Showing off more Happy Mail...
A sweet friend sent me this gorgeous linen hankie.  She bought
it on her recent trip to Ireland.  I have it displayed where I can see
it's dainty beauty daily.  So lovely and so thoughtful. 

A good friend sent me this homemade jelly that she and her
daughters made.  Oh....the jar arrived full, but I had a large tiny bit 
on a dozen few crackers with a cup of my favorite tea.   
Mr. Retro loves jelly.  I'll be hiding this jar in the refrigerator for awhile,
or I'll never get another bite.  ;)
 Got this commuter mug and sweet hankie from The Vintage
Tablecloth Lovers Club, for helping them.  We are all vintage
tablecloth nuts, eeer, lovers. Come visit the public pages,
the link is on my sidebar.
 Yikes, I forgot I hadn't made Thanksgiving cards for my family, so whipped these up
to mail out this morning. 

& this one for an old friend who moved to California.
We have an enormous Pecan tree.  Mr. Retro came in the other
day with these. He said the ground is covered with them. 
Want to come over and gather some?  We have plenty to share! 
Ah, there might have to be some Pecan pie soon. 

Leaving this until Wednesday evening, when I will reset the table
for Thanksgiving.  Love this unusual vintage tablecloth.  It has the look
and feel of a CHP (California Hand Prints), but has no tag.

I usually wait until after Thanksgiving to bring out the Christmas décor,
but I couldn't resist doing just my tablecloth ladder. 

 Hoping you all have a wonderful holiday with family and/or friends,
safe travel, good food, and warm companionship. 

Doyle seconds that! 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

I'm Back...Hi Ho!

Hi Ho, Hi Ho... it's off to work I go tomorrow.  Settling in
back home.  I had a great trip, so good to spend time with family
and catch up with friends.  I even got a little thrifting in.
My latest is this wonderful vintage hankie, with "Frohe Weihnacht"
written on it.  Merry Christmas in German.  High quality, with rolled edges.
Made in Switzerland, probably 60's.  See the 99 cents tag? 
Luckily, I was able to remove the 2 staples without damaging it.
Dessin Dep printed on the hankie.  These go for $20-30 on Etsy.

Couldn't resist these 98 cent plates for a tablescape.
Might have to keep and use them, so pretty.  Made by
Churchill, Staffordshire, England

My Connecticut tablecloth find.  Very sweet, looks European.
Love the sweet pattern.

I haven't really started putting out Christmas, but
had these angels sitting in my craft space, because
I found them all  fairly recently.  I can't resist these
sweet angel girls, especially the handcrafted ones.
Are you smitten with ornaments like these?  I sure am!

Found the little set of Gurley pilgrims up in Connecticut also.
My first ones.  Sweet!  Fit right in with my Thanksgiving vignette.

 Doyle is loving this weather.  He is either stalking a bird
or a squirrel here.  Don't worry, he never catches them,
but chasing is a fun dog game.  I missed our play time.

Just a short post, glad to be back home.  Sure not looking forward 
to work tomorrow,  even though it is just a temporary job.
Are you ready for Thanksgiving?  I am so not ready, but am
getting my ideas together and starting my lists. 

Thanks for visiting.  I missed you! 

Joining in at THRIFTASAURUS 
@ Sir Thrift A Lot

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Show & Tell, & Hello!


Happy hump day friends!  Just a quick hello and some
"Show & Tell" today, as I am getting ready to get onboard....
for a long ride... to visit my family, and as a bonus, do a day trip with
my high school girlfriends.  Do you keep in touch with any old friends? 
It is really special!   So much to do before I leave, so let me get going on this post. 

I added some Thanksgiving décor to my buffet.
I just love this vintage fairy, festively covered with leaves.
The salt & peppers are another favorite, sold by Publix
grocery stores about 15 years ago...they're almost vintage!

The stuffed (ha ha) turkey I bought on an after Thanksgiving
clearance, along with a matching hanging banner. He's been around
for more than 10 years. 
 Honeycomb turkey was less than a buck
at an estate sale last year....irresistible! 
The turkey candleholders are sweet thrift store finds. 
 I found these sweet crafted clothespins while on our fall
vacation, at a booth in an antique mall.  Oh so
cute and cheap...25 cents.  Tell me what crafter is going to make
something that she sells for 25 cents?  I bought some of her
sweet Christmas items too. 
 I also wanted to share my latest thrifty art.  Another vintage
needle book that I framed and hung.  I think they are just
great, and you can't beat the graphics. 
Oh boy, please excuse the camera flash, I didn't realize it was so terrible.

Sharing my thrifted faux Joan Miro prints.  Spent $3 for each of them. 
Works for me since I can't afford a real one until we win the lottery. 
Positive thinking! 
 I've been working on my vintage pin board and gained
some space.  Space for more sweet pins that I covet  need  deserve...
Well okay, none of the above, but I do love & enjoy them, and
better still, I wear them. 
 Have a great week.  I'll be reading your entertaining posts
on my train trip....10 hours!  Yay for Amtrak WiFi!

That sweetie at the top of the post, is Josie, a 6 year old Bischon (I think)
that my sister recently rescued.  Cant wait to meet her. 
 I will be missing my Doyle... a whole lot!
See you next week!