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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Who Likes "Vera"?

Vera Neumann: 1907-1993, American Artist
Known for her bold linen, scarf and bedding designs.

Designer of so many mod patterns of the 1960's and 1970's.  
No wonder her linen designs are being produced again today.   

Sharing some photos of vintage Vera.

Lovely blue tablecloth with abstract floral design.  

Vera signature and ladybug emblem

Sweet vintage napkins
Mod flower designs

Vera designs are both colorful and coveted.  

I have this towel I've been working on to restore, but have a way to go...
and think I may not get there!  Heavy grease stains,
set in for years don't want to budge.  
Worst case scenario, I'll use it in my kitchen as an
actual dish towel...imagine that. 😍

I know I have some vintage Vera scarves stashed away
that I can share next time.  Thanks for visiting!  

We're expecting more snow today!  
A good day for catching up on some chores and
starting a fire in the woodstove.  

Have a good week friends!  

Friday, January 5, 2018

Vintage Vogart Embroidery Cuties

Happy New Year!  
We survived the Bomb Cyclone!  A shock for us in coastal
Virginia, to have a winter storm like this so early, with
blizzard winds and bitter cold.  This storm was a shock
to many!  It even snowed in the Florida panhandle. 

We weathered it just fine, and I spent some time looking through 
 my vintage linens collection.  I found some very cute Vogart pieces
 that I've had stashed away for quite awhile.  

I believe these pieces our from the 1940's.  I got them at an estate
auction.  I can't resist "cute", and these are the cutest.  
Handmade/homemade pieces done by homemakers of the era.  

 Vogart had it's start in the 1930's for the stamped kits, and
the hot iron transfer patterns in the early 1940's.  There are many 
of these treasures too see if you just search online.  

Sweet dog and cat pillow cover.

The end of the case is still open, just waiting for the pillow form.
Adorable faces!

I think this was also meant to be a pillow cover, but all edges are sewn together.  
I looks like a beautiful quilt square.  

 Pretty flowers in a handled basket.  

Pot holder ladies, with headscarves that look to be made 
from feedsack fabric.  Used, obviously.  These items were
made to be useful, and had a job to do in the kitchen! 

I believe this is a version of He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not.

He do, he don't...I hope he do! 

Could these be any sweeter?  

I love all my vintage linens, and it isn't easy to part with them, but I
 must continue to downsize. It does make me happy that they go to 
 be enjoyed by another linen lover, yes!

Link to my shop above to see more cute goodies!
Thanks for visiting, and I truly hope this is a very good
year for all of you!

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Back to real life!

Christmas is a peaceful time, and ours was just
wonderful, spent with family.  Yesterday we made the 10 hour, heavy traffic
on crowded highways, trip home.  It was all worth it, but now I have
a house filled with piles of stuff....real life!  

I want to share a couple cute things with you.  
(Pardon my hasty photos.)
 How about this Howdy Doody  theme "Krispy Kan"?
Need to do some research here.  

 When my Mom passed away a couple years ago my Sister and I, and other
family, saved many of her things. However, my Sister had a stack in her
basement of the final things from Mom's storage. Time to go through and 
purge, donate or toss.

BUT...we definitely found some more keepers.  
Today I want to share just a couple things.  

Mom's angel girls.

From the Five & Dime: W.T. Grant & Co., 49 cents each.
These sweet angels also came home with me.  

She kept some of my school things, cards and letters I sent her.

She kept this, and wrote that I did in school when I was in 
2nd Grade!

We had to find a magazine photo to show what our father
 did for a living.  My absent father was out of the picture,
so I found a photo to use as my "working" Mom.

I'll translate this for you:

"My Mother Works"
"My mother works for the Railroad.  She sells tickets in a big office.
Sometimes she works in East Haven.  She works at night and days too."

I literally laughed out loud when I read it!  Lucky the Dept. of
Social Services folks didn't come knocking on our door!

Actually my Mom did work two jobs!  She was a ticket seller for 
the New Haven Railroad, and she did bookkeeping part-time
for a small business.  She was our only breadwinner so did
 what she had too...she was a pretty darn amazing woman!

Nana, her Mother, lived with us and helped bring us up.
She was like our "at home" Mom.  No need for Social
Services intervention.  😍

Hope something here made you smile, and that your 
special holiday time was wonderful also.
After I unpack I'll be back to share more goodies!