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Monday, October 29, 2018

Fall Stuff!

I am happy to say that Fall, or Autumn if you prefer,
has arrived in earnest!  Virginia is an enigma state...
we're considered the South but the weather can be hot
like in Florida (lived there) and cold like in Connecticut 
(born there).  Like everyone, we take the good with the bad. 
Hope to drive out to the mountains soon to enjoy some fall beauty.  

 I want to show your something I got.
How adorable are these coasters, aka mug rugs?

I found them on Etsy and they reminded me of vintage tablecloths!
Cherries are a favorite on those 1950's tablecloths.  I just had
to order some. So adorable!  Got a few other designs too, so I'm
giving a "shout out" to my new friend Tricia, and a link to her shop
so you can enjoy her talents.  She has LOTS of  handmade goodies! 
Tricias Quilts Etsy Shop

Went to a small local auction on a rainy Saturday, vowing not
to buy anything.  Ha!  I couldn't resist these puzzle games. 
Made by R. Journet & Co., London, England
 From the 1940's and sold at Abercrombie & Fitch.  

Those old graphics are the cutest!

Could I leave Vera napkins behind?  Of course not!
Beautiful designs in fall colors.  In my Etsy shop.

And leave it to Mr. Retro to find this
1974 limited edition print for a few dollars.

It's a keeper and looks great in our living room.  
Wish I could read the artist's name.  Any guesses?    

Leave you with a couple sweet vintage vases, 
Roseville and Hull, also in my Etsy shop!

Roseville Snowberry Vase

Hull Water Lily Vase

Have a great rest of the week!

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Autumn at Last & Vintage Market Booth!

Autumn has finally arrived in Virginia!
Today is 10 degrees below average, rather than the 10-20
degrees above average we were having.   Tropical storm 
Michael (by the time it arrived here) came through and
we lost electric, water, and of course internet for 3 days.  
Many trees were uprooted, which took  electric poles and wires 
with them.  There were also a couple tornadoes in the next town.
So, I'm a little behind with my blog and everything else.

Thought I would start by showing you some photos of the
Vintage Market.  My booth!  We had a great spot in front of
the library wing, and next to the Visitors Center.  

Hard to believe, but we brought the rocker ($20) and the sled home with us.

I brought part of my Roseville collection, priced it to sell, but it didn't.  😦
The vase with roses is a 1980 Lenox, and the pink flowered
dish and platter are Stangl.  They didn't sell either.  

I brought lots of Hazel Atlas platonite pieces, and 
priced them individually.  My collection generated lots 
of lookers, only a few sales.  Etsy here we come!

The biggest sellers were the two laundry baskets full of vintage linens
(tablecloths, runners, napkins, aprons) and a box of ephemera;
greeting cards, booklets, postcards and the like. Also, the little
vintage tchotchkes.  

(Worlds Fair NY 1962 map)

 There was usually a wait to get to the ephemera box.
It may not sound like it, but we still sold lots of stuff, and
donated some to our community upcoming charity auction.

View of vendors on one side of Main Street.

I chatted with this seller for awhile and found myself
pawing through her vintage linens.  Sigh...can't help myself.
Love her mannequin, which drew lots of attention.  

My favorite find of the day was this sweet Brittany puppy,
who was not for sale, ha ha!  He was so happy to visit and get
pats from everyone.  It is hard to remember when our 
Doyle was this small.  
The Farmers Market was open with a Bluegrass Band
for entertainment.  The Visitors Center had a clown painting kids
faces. They offered free coffee and "pumpkin" muffins to start the day.  

It was the first year of this event, and had some real competition 
with other venues, but all-in-all, I think it went quite well.  

Thanks for stopping by!  How is your fall going? 

Friday, October 5, 2018

Saturday, October 6th
Main Street, Mathews, VA

in our little town.

I'm a participating vendor.  The weather looks good,
maybe a tad warm, but no rain.  Wish me luck!

I will try not to buy....but I'll post new treasures next
week if I have any to share.  

In the meantime...lots of fall goodies in my Etsy shop!  

See you next week!