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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Been MIA! Vintage Aprons & Train Case

I have been missing in action here in blogland,
partly due to my internet plan, partly due to life being a little
crazy right now, and okay...fessing up, partly from blog laziness. 
I think next month I'll be taking a little blog break, but not today. 
Today I'm sharing a couple cute vintage finds. 
I found this vintage leather train case at an estate sale about a month ago.
It was hidden on a shelf in their garage; filthy dirty and greasy, but it cleaned up nicely.

It is a little imperfect, showing some age bruises, but that surely is
what I love about it.

Next, I found these vintage inspired travel stickers for sale at the antique
shop where I consign.  A little karma was working there. 

I'm loving the finished about you?
Now the fun of deciding what to use it for, or maybe even
take it on a train trip!  Oh, and I paid the lowly sum of $1.00 for it.
Super find! 
No tablecloths today, but a few vintage apron finds.
This sweetie is an Alaskan souvenir apron.  Gotta love the graphics.

A colorful Mexican-Southwest theme here. 

& these two are just so vintage cute!  Do you like vintage aprons?
Ever use them?  I have a few imperfect aprons in my kitchen which
I do grab for cooking because I am a messy one.  It makes me feel like that 1950's
TV housewife, even without the accompanying dress and heels.  ;) 

I love this book!  Are you familiar with it?
The Apron Book by EllynAnne Geisel. 
She is a vintage linen collector and aprons are her specialty. 

The book is filled with sweet apron stories and photos. 

 and even patterns for making new retro aprons.  I don't sew, but love to get lost in this book.
Could you resist that look? Doyle has claimed his position at the
back door so it's time for us to go out and get our exercise. 
Really.....could you resist that glare stare?  I sure can't!
Thanks for reading bloggy friends.  XXX OOO
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Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday Medley~Swap, garden stuff, & vintage tablecloth starring Miss Tina!

Happy New Week!  Sharing a swap and couple other things today.
I was fortunate to join in at A Swap for All Seasons hosted by Linda.
The September Halloween swap is the last of her monthly swaps for
the year.  I've joined in the last few months and only wish I had found
her sooner.  The September theme was Halloween~ create card, tag
and send some orange destash to your receiver.
I was assigned to create for was  Sherry who blogs at Creatology. 
She is an artist and has a great blog, so give her a visit.
I always like to send fun wrapped packages.
 Here is the destash I sent: buttons, yo yos, lace, cards, paper,
and even feathers.  Lots to create with.
Here is the card and tag I made Sherry.  She loves Halloween stuff, but not gory or
really scary, so I went for cute and fun.   Luckily she likes everything
 I sent to her...isn't that the purpose and outcome we strive for? :)

Here is the fun package I recently received from Marie of Spun by Me,
who was assigned to create for me.  I received this great card, I just love
that photo!  & the sweet tag.
 & this fun orange destash. Thanks so much Marie!
I'll definitely be missing this swap and can't thank Linda enough for hosting.
Our garden is still producing, though winding down.
We had such an abundance of tomatoes (even after sharing) that
we decided to try dehydrating some.  A friend had given us some
Maui Onion salt from Hawaii, so we sprinkled some on the slices.
We're talking heavenly here ~ so delicious!
Have you ever tried any dehydrating yet?  Do it!
Next I sliced up some apples.  Aren't they beautiful?
I'm sure you can use the oven, but Mr. Retro picked up this NESCO dehydrator at
Wal-Mart last year for less than $20.  Nothing fancy but does the trick. 
Here is the yummy result.
I used the green vintage style Ball jars I bought last spring, that I
never did use for canning.  They keep everything crisp and fresh.
Thinking about what I can do next.  I'm thinking those chewy
Kieffer pears from our tree, when they are ripe.
 What do you dehydrate?  I'm open to all suggestions!
Last, but certainly not least, is a photo of sweet Miss Tina, claiming another favorite
vintage tablecloth.  She belongs to my vintage tablecloth loving friend Joan, and was
lucky enough to be rescued by Joan & her hubby many years ago. 
She loves to sit on the table, putting her paw "stamp of approval" on Joan's tablecloths.
 Joan keeps a piece of clear plastic over her tablecloths for this very reason. 
Check out the fun vintage ceramics too.  Love this table and of
course sweet Miss Tina!  Thanks for sharing this photo with me Joan!

Thanks so much for visiting.  Love hearing your comments!
Have a good week my friends. 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Vintage Tablecloth & Halloween Crafting

Just showing off a favorite tablecloth and a
little Halloween crafting.
Warning~Lots of photos!
I am adding a lot of photos of this prized tablecloth so you can enjoy
the gorgeous detail.  The tablecloth was made by Leron Linen Company,
which has been around since 1930.  They make high quality linens, and
are still in business today selling bed and bath linens online.

My research has shown this tablecloth to be from the 1950's, and is a difficult one to find.
I happened upon this one at an antique market show in South Florida.
I love how the dolphin candlestick holders (Metropolitan Museum of Art reproduction
 from1984) look on this cloth, like they were made for it! 
The center bowl is Carnival glass Iris design.
Some close ups of the design.

The graphics made me swoon.  I had to have it!  Did a little bargaining,
but paid more than I had previously paid for any tablecloth. 
So glad I splurged.  I have been enjoying it's beauty for about 20 years now. 
Isn't it gorgeous?

Changing tracks completely, I've been on a crafting binge.
Ever since I joined two Halloween swaps, I've had orange and black
all over my craft table, thinking and playing.

Here are a few things I came up with.

 None of these were for my swap partners, so can show them. :)
I'll be selling at the little consignment shop and maybe a
craft bazaar ~ fun!
This decorated cookie cutter is not for the swap either.

Added a yo yo to the back. 

 I got a little carried away with all the stuff I put on the cards, but I was having such fun
that I couldn't stop myself.  I think I could hear Jim Carrey in the Masque saying ~
Have you started any fall crafting? 

On another note, we are getting less tomatoes.  The little sweet Cherry and Juliet
tomatoes are still producing. That could be because the temps are still in the 90's. 
Since last week-end.  YUCK!

C'mon Mom, turn off that laptop and let me out to play!
Okay Doyle, you know I can't resist that face. 

Sharing a few photos of what Doyle enjoyed last week-end
before I close. Swimming and retrieving his fake duck.
Happy "Friday Eve" Day & Have a great week-end!