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Friday, June 8, 2018

Hummingbird Heaven! & a bear! UPDATED

Hummingbird Heaven!
That is what we must appear to be to these Hummingbirds.  
We have a feeder at the front of the house, and in the back.  

The front feeder is refilled 3 times daily....that's right, daily!

The back feeder, once daily.  Because there is one mean and
ornery bird who sits near and guards it and chases all the other
hummingbirds away.  

I've planted Bee Balm and other flowers for the birds to enjoy,
but these Hummingbirds are spoiled by this plastic feeder "flower".  

Enjoy this video!

I look forward to welcoming them each year!
Rather than buy expensive nectar, I buy a huge bag
of sugar and make my own.  

What is your Hummingbird situation?  

My cousin was picking flowers in her yard.   She spied this guy,
about 6 feet away.  As he made his way to the birdfeeder
she ran to her house and got inside to safety.  
 She sent  her local newspaper this photo,
 they put it on the front page.


Friday, May 25, 2018

Getting on with Gardening, Knitting and Stuff

May...soon to be June...a busy time of year for
outdoor activities.  We finally got all our flowers and
vegetables planted.  We had lots of rain after planting,
but luckily the plants are looking great!  

Hubby found this cute plant hanger at a yard sale and
hung it on the back of our house where the patio is. 

Right under the thermometer, like we need to be reminded
of the hot temperatures.....whew! 

Here are some of my potted plants and flowers.

I love Hostas, but need to plant them all in pots due to
the dreaded "Voles".  They are a real problem here.  They
feast on the roots of plants and zap, the the plant is dead.
Hostas are one of their favorite foods.  See the "Mouse Ears" 
Hosta on the right?  Love that name!

We have a couple Cherry trees, which are producing, but the
insects and birds get most of the crop.  That goes along
with country life!

I signed up for a beginner's knitting class at our local art school.
There were only six students, which was great because we
 all needed lots of help.

This is what I accomplished by the end of the first class.
It was ripped out and re-started a few times.
Then we had "knitting" homework.  Ha! 
We were knitting a key hole scarf.

We spent the last class joining the two pieces
together and blocking, and this is what I ended up with.
(Yes there were mistakes, you just can't see them.)

I was quite pleased and surprised myself that I could do it.
My "Learn How Book" from the 1950's helped me at home
when I got stuck, & on the opposite end of the  spectrum, 
so did You Tube knitting videos. 😍

Do you knit or Crochet? 
I thought it would be relaxing, but I was anxious and frustrated 
when I didn't understand how to do something or made a mistake. 
 My next project will be a few square dishcloths so I can
 get some simple practice in...and relax!

This is also the season to be "sunning" my vintage
linens, so I've been adding to my Etsy shop. 
Look at this comical BBQ apron from the 1950's?  
Gotta love this stuff!

Virginia Retro Etsy Shop

What has been keeping you busy this Spring?  
Next time I want to show some photos of our veggie garden.
Thanks for visiting my blog & see you next time!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Tea Cup Exchange #12, at The Enchanting Rose

I joined in the Tea Cup Exchange hosted by
blogger Stephanie of 
The Enchanting Rose blog

It was her 12th exchange!

Her exchanges are wonderful!  So many folks sign up,
I really don't know how she manages it all, but it is always 
successful and such fun to meet new friends.

I received my generously wonderful package from my new
friend Lauren, who lives in Illinois.   She loves vintage too, 
we seem to have lots in common.  

Wow, it was too pretty to open...but I did!  
I took everything out...there was a lot, and enjoyed the
beauty of it all, like a kid at Christmas!  

Eventually I did open everything.  I love it all, right down to 
the flower blooms she decorated the package with.

I received a large ball jar filled with Homemade Hand Scrub.  I've been planting 
this week, so these were perfect.  She sent me lavender from her garden
 to steep for tea.  She used a vintage Hellman's mayo jar for that, sweet!

I also received a bag of  yummy Sangria Serenade tea, a beautiful spoon,
garden gloves, Godiva chocolate, Wildflower seed mix, and a
squeaky toy for Doyle!  He loves those toys and comes running 
whenever he hears that "squeak" sound.  How did Lauren
know that?  She included a beautiful handmade card with a 
lovely note.  Everything was so thoughtful, just perfect!  

Wait, I did not forget the star of the show, this gorgeous tea cup!  
Crown Trent China, Staffordshire, England

I really can't thank Lauren or Stephanie enough for their
generosity.  Lauren's generous package and Stephanie's 
generous giving of her time and all the work that goes into
hosting her exchanges.

Be sure to visit her blog on May 17th, when she will be posting
 photos of the teacups and mugs received, and links to the
posts by bloggers that joined in.  Eye candy for sure!

I sent a package to Janice in Washington, but in my haste
forgot to take photos!  Janice doesn't have a blog, but
I'm sure it will be posted in the Enchanting Rose reveal.  

Thanks for visiting my friends!