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Sunday, January 15, 2017

AUCTION wins! Do you bid?

Snow last weekend cancelled an estate auction we planned to attend. 

Happily it was  rescheduled.  Perfect activity for a cold and damp winter day. 
 Doyle agreed!

Do you ever attend auctions?  Do you bid and come home with treasures?
Or just go for the entertainment?   Because they surely are entertaining.
You get to see lots of stuff; good stuff, bad stuff, "what the heck is that?" stuff.   
Perfect for people watching too.  

So grab a coffee, take a comfortable seat, listen to the auctioneers chant, and fall
under the auction spell.  After checking out the goodies I decided there wasn't 
anything I had to have.  Good, no stress, just watch & be entertained! Turns out
I missed looking at the colored glass items on the front table, ready to be sold 1st. 
Gulp, I love colored glass!  Might as well fess up here, I bid on three items and 
won the three items.  Like I said, the "auction spell".  ;)

1st item won, Swung glass vase.  
Remember these from the 60's?  I have always wanted one.  This
beauty is a beautiful aqua, about 20 inches tall, so cool.  Oops, others
 wanted it also, but not as much as I.  I had to bid all the way up to $9.
Yup, a whole $9.  Definitely a bargain.  This was my priciest purchase.  

2nd item won: Amethyst water pitcher, by Cambridge Glass.
I have to do a little research to see if this is as old as I think it is,
but it is beautiful, in color and design.  Someone started out the
bidding at $5, I bid $6.....sold!  No one outbid me, sweet!

 Thought I was done bidding for sure, and then this happened.  
3rd item won:  Pair of  Fenton lotus candlestick holders
& 7 Anchor Hocking ruby red drinking glasses.
So the auctioneer starts the bidding with his chant...$ 20, 20, 20...
10, 10, 10.....8, 8, 8....okay 7, 7, 7.....c'mon 5, 5, 5......

My arm holding the bidding number just shot up of its own free will.
I swear it did!  I already own a pair of the candlestick holders,
 but c'mon it's $5, I can sell them, right? No one outbid me, my
$5 bid was the only bid, therefore the winning bid.  Sweeeet!

 After getting home, I took out my pair of candle holders to compare.
What?  How wrong I was, as my set is a whole different red.  I'm
wondering if they are amberina.   My new set is a deep ruby red.  
Guess I don't have to sell them after all! 

Lovely ruby red glasses by Anchor Hocking.  Don't you wonder how
drinking glasses survive so many years?  Luck, has to be the answer. 

I was tempted, but didn't do anymore bidding.  The most expensive sale of the day
was $3,000, and the lowest was $3.  Something for everyone.  My winnings
totaled $20.  Not bad for a day's entertainment and vintage treasures.  

Hubby was eyeing up an old pinball machine, but fortunately we left before
they auctioned it, lol.  We passed our favorite thrift on the way home and
made a quick stop.  Hubby was happy to find an old pressure cooker for $3,
(beef stew here we come!)  & a couple of  $1 collector books. 
 We both went home happy.  

Hope you have an auction experience to share here.
Winter has truly set in, stay warm & healthy my friends!  

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Tablecloths & Dishes~Thrifty Finds!

Snow Day!
We really don't get much snow in our area of Virginia, but today was
different.  We were in the path of that huge snowstorm and got ten inches.  

I figured the least I could do was update my blog and show you some
thrift finds.  I'm still in the "donate" phase of cleaning out, that
doesn't stop me from thrifting linens and dishes, two exempt items. ;)

 I found this wonderful tablecloth at an end of year sale.
The manufacturer is Marlene Linens, and the pattern is Jamaica.

Bold, colorful & modern...tablecloth love!

I always search the thrifts for odd dishes to use in my tablescapes.
After I do the tablesetting I usually re-donate.
 I haven't done a tablescape with these yet, but like them so much they are in the
cabinet and we are eating off them, lol.  Got at a local  thrift shop (75 cents each),
 not vintage, marked Home.  Is that Target?
Don't they look great with this blue border Wilendur vintage tablecloth?

 These blue floral by Theodore Haviland of New York (Goodwill $3.25 for 5) 
look so pretty on this Violets & Lily of the Valley design vintage tablecloth,
manufactured by Marlene Linens.  

Two dessert sized plates made in Hungary and nice quality (50 cents each), 
and a creamer-pitcher that I thought hoped was Russel Wright,
 but haven't found a photo, so probably not.  Anyone know?
Green apple design tablecloth manufactured by Marlene Linens.   

& lastly few books from our Friends of the Library thrift, $1 each.

Tag Sales/Flea Markets by Martha Stewart
Best Little Houses
The Not So Big House
We read them, and if not a keeper, donate them back for resale.
The price is right, cost way less than magazines, and support our library.

Look at those icicles!  It was windy and freezing, but made for a peaceful snow day.  

I forgot Doyle's photo.  He was helping hubby clean off the
cars. Here he is attacking a plant pot for some reason.  Dog play!

Thanks for visiting.  
Come back soon, I might actually do a tablescape! lol

Sunday, January 1, 2017

A New Treasure & A New Year!

Happy New Year!
I hope it is a happy, healthy & safe year for you!

Hooray, we made it to another new year.
 This year we are not only looking at a new year, but a new President
and new administration.  I admit I have worries, but I also have hope.
Praying for our new leaders to be thoughtful and act wisely.

(Yes, I did recently edit this post,  so as not to offend any readers.
 I usually keep politics off my blog.)

Doyle says:  Okay Mom, time to get off the soapbox.

Thanks Doyle!

Mr. Retro found us this fabulous turn-of-the-century phonograph.
We visited several antique stores/malls this past week, and the year end
sales were fabulous!  Hubby was enamored with this piece.  My brain
screamed "no more furniture".  He reminded me he had to find or build
a cabinet for our stereo system.  Oh it's a long and winding story.....
so let me sum it up.  Friends (who were moving away) gave us their collection
of LP albums and a turntable.  Instant new hobby!  We only needed speakers.
Oh, and a stereo cabinet.  Enter Victor...

He is a beauty, his Mahogany woodwork is in pristine condition,
He would serve our purpose beautifully, and the price was stupid cheap.

The Victor Talking Machine Co.  
These were manufactured between 1906-1914.
Each with a number on the plaque.  

An open view.  
Though they look like shelves, the wooden slats direct 
the sound from the speaker behind them.  

78 RPM records (that came with) actually played!

Hubby is going to remove most of the parts so he can refit for our turntable.
He also plans to add a CD player.  There is a market for the original parts,
 so those will get a new home.  The stately outer cabinet will remain intact.

Well, this was to be a very quick post just to say hello and Happy
New Year, but Victor was begging to show off, lol.
I do have some other finds I will share in my next post.
I have lots of blog reading to catch up see you soon!

Stay warm!  Stay hopeful!
Happy New Year!