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Monday, February 1, 2016

Vintage Candleholders & Happy Mail!

Just in case you thought my only collection was tablecloths, I am
sharing another.  The two really are related.  Vintage candle holders
 just belong on vintage tablecloths.  Warning: long and wordy with lots of photos!
 What do you call them ~ candle holders? or candlestick holders?
I call them beautiful & addictive.
 I thought my entire collection was on this table, but then I found a few more I will
share at the end.  Also, I have about 6 console sets - center bowls with pair of
candle holders - which I will show you in a forthcoming post. 
 My pride and joy, Dolphin candle holders.  Several companies made them.
The true antique in canary yellow can sell for more than a thousand dollars.
My yellow and clear crystal are made by Imperial Glass for the
Metropolitan Museum of Art, and were sold as reproductions in the 80's and 90's.
 They are marked MMA.  Fabulous and well made, and so glad to have them. 
The milk glass have not been positively identified yet.

 The black glass twisted style by  USA Glass/Tiffin. 
The modern looking pair are newer studio style. Very cool.
The orange glass may be Cambridge, and the tall amber Paden City,
Tiffin or Cambridge.  Take your pick! 

 The fabulous yellow with black are Cambridge or maybe Indiana,
the middle painted ceramic are Andrea by Sadek (1980's), and the
beautiful blue are Jeanette Glass Co.

The white swirl made by Westmoreland, the green Moon & Stars design
by L.E. Smith, and the pink & white are Anchor Hocking "Oyster and
Pearl" design.  They also made these in green...on my list.  
Clear glass, no less beautiful.  The large double holders are L.E. Smith,
as are the small square, named Manhattan, a very popular art deco design.
Left front is Berwick by Anchor Hocking, though over time they have
come to be known as boopie or ball edge.  

 Difficult to see, but the pink on the left have a gold edge.  These are by
 Central Glass Works of Wheeling, WV.  The blue are by Fenton, known
 as hobnail swirl.  The sweet green are Florentine by Hazel Atlas Co.

First, Fiesta. These are coveted by collectors.  Mine are not antique,
but from the 1990's when Homer Laughlin reissued them in green.  Next a
mid century modern pair that I'm sure were part of a console set.
Someday I'll find the matching center bowl.  Lastly, sweet
yellow McCoy, which I showed as a recent find. 

The 3-toed lotus yellow and 3-toed petal red are both by Fenton Glass. 
The gorgeous cobalt blue with silver accent were a gift, and are a
favorite, maker unknown. 

 The crystal on the left are used as wax catchers and can
enhance the look of the candleholders they are used with.
The squat green beauties are Blenko Glass Co. I done?

I thought I was until I was putting them away and found I had missed
these!  The front set are amber by Cambridge.  The pink ruffled are Anchor
Hocking from the 30's, and the green lotus stems style is by Westmoreland
Glass.  I am blanking on the crystal pair, and only know that the metal
pair are made in Spain.

  THANKS for sticking with me through so many photos. 
I hope along the way you saw something you have and wondered about.  
 Remember that sometimes more than one company used the same mold.  My ID's
 are not written in stone, just information I have obtained from collector books, online
or from the sellers.  Take them as you may!  Offer info if you have it!

Saved the best for last!   Not ending before I share some Happy Mail,
Sweet Debbie of My Vintage Daydreams blog sent me Valentine goodies. 
We met as swap partners a couple years ago, and became blogging friends. 
Debbie is very generous and has sent me lots of happy mail. 

Remember this gorgeous tablecloth?  A gift from Debbie last spring!

Here is my fun happy mail.....
I think I need to frame the "Orange you..."  Too cute!  Debbie does
 the best posts on holiday home d├ęcor, so give her a visit if you are not
a follower already.  Thanks so much for the Valentine "love" Debbie!

 My Valentine tablescape will be ready for my next post.
What are you up to?  Whatever it is, have a great week!

(PS/ I am working on an Etsy shop.  Part of my
downsizing resolution.  More later on this.)


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Bedroom Redo & Messy Vintage Tablecloths!

I'll start with the cute Valentine photo. 
Because the next few photos are NOT pretty!

We have lived in our ranch style house almost 12 years.  It was a "fixer upper".
We are still fixing it up.  Will it ever end?  I'm sure some of you can relate. 
You know those blogs whose photos make their homes look like they
should be in House Beautiful magazine?  Yeah...this isn't one of them. 

I'm going to share some photos of our bedroom renovation.  Years of
paint and ugly wallpaper had to come off.  No easy trick.  There were lots
of layers since the house was built in 1961.  We had already replaced the
windows.  Mr. Retro decided we needed new window trim & baseboards,
as well as paint. 
We moved our bed and night stands out and he covered our dressers with plastic.
It was going to get messy.

We are lucky to have beautiful hardwood floors throughout the house.
Look at my poor floors now!  This is what sanding did, and even
though we kept the door closed, that white dust was all over the house.

The new window trim still had to be installed, but hubby hung the
Levolor bamboo shade for me to make sure they were keepers.
I'm not a lover of blinds or curtains, but I do like these shades and
how they look.  They are also room darkening, which really works!

Whoops, I caught the ceiling fan light in this photo. 
 A view of the shades when they are down.  Yup, they're keepers. 

Coming least no plastic covering my dresser!
Yes, we love mid-century modern.
Yes, this is Heywood Wakefield ~ Kohinoor.

 We still have a few little things to do, but are mostly there.  The green
on the walls looks different in each photo, but the photo below is the truest. 
Such a soothing & serene color.  Now the challenge is to try and not bring
 too much junk back into the bedroom, and keep a minimalist look.
 (Oops, I left Doyle's Kong on the nightstand.)

My next small project is to straighten out my tablecloth cabinet.  It is not easy to
keep them stacked neatly when I am always dragging them out. 

I would tell you this is all of my tablecloths, but that would be a lie. 


Most of our snow from the big storm was washed away.  Our snow changed
to sleet, then to rain when it warmed up during the night, then froze on the snow
when the temperature dropped again.  Doyle liked it anyway.

I should be planning my Valentine tablescape for my next post. 
Have a good rest of the week! 

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Vintage Find & Valentines!

I was very excited over my latest vintage find!
It is a vintage runner & placemat set ~
Pride of Flanders ~ exceptional quality linen ~
Made by Weil & Durse ~  who eventually became known as Wilendur.

I'm not a placemat lover usually, but this set was so beautiful.
I found it at a new consignment store.  A member of the VTLC
was kind enough to identify it for me as Pride of Flanders.
This was probably made in the 1940's.

She told me she inherited a set of these same placemats and
runner from her grandmother, who gave them to her when she was in
high school.  It started her loving and collecting linens.  I love to
hear how collections got started!

So pretty, I had to set my table for brunch!

I haven't finished my Valentine crafting, but I'll share a few things
I made and a few things from last year.

The sweet girl is sitting atop a tart pan, all decked out for Valentine's Day.
She will be flying through the mail soon to a friend.
I love spoolies so had to make a new one. 

Finished a few cards. 

Pulled these cuties from my stash!  I made the 1st and 3rd, and the other 2 were made for me
in Valentine swaps.  I am ready to finish crafting and Valentine decorating.

 We may be getting 6 inches of snow tomorrow, or more, but I
am thankful not to be in the area of Virginia that is expecting blizzard
conditions and 2+ feet of snow!  I'll send out a prayer for them.

Are you crafting for Valentine's Day?  
Or finding goodies? 
 Have fun doing whatever you enjoy!

Doyle is!  Our snow is almost melted, so he will be
excited after the snow storm hits us tomorrow. 

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